Part six of AS the Bikini turns

The story thus far: See Charlene's bikini story. Bart and Kon overhear something accidentally broadcast on Oracle's channels.

Distance Learning

His arms folded over his chest, Bart Allen listened intently to the
sounds emitting from the large computer in the Young Justice data
center. "Should I be afraid, or intrigued?" he asked Superboy, who
was standing next to him, listening in shock.

"You don't even know what that word MEANS," Kon El pointed out
absently. "So… is Oracle the guy or the girl. Or maybe Oracle's
watching porn."

"I'm not allowed to watch porn. Max said I'm not allowed to know it
exists," Bart pointed out, still staring at the computer's speakers.
He listened to the heavy breathing and moaning, then heard a large
grunt. "Eeugs." He supposed they COULD just turn it off. They should.
If Robin knew they were listening in… they'd be dead. Deader than
dead. But it was kind of like a train wreck. You couldn't stop

/Oh yeah. That's what I…/ The girl let out a sharp cry.

Kon scratched his ear. He wondered if he could claim this was
instructional learning?

/Who's your bat-daddy?/ the guy demanded, then there was the sound of
a hand slapping flesh. /Who's your daddy?/

/YOU ARE!/ The woman cried out again as Bart and Kon's jaws dropped
to the floor.

"I've been scarred for life," Kon finally muttered.

Bart nodded numb ascent.