Hi, I'm Matthew (Matt) and I'm the youngest Grey at 18 years old. Grace and Carrick were my Godparents, Grace had been friends with my mommy since 2nd grade and we lived in the same street. I remember visiting and playing in the back yard especially with Mia, Elliot and Christian were that bit older but still made a fuss of me. Sometimes I threw a tantrum when it was time to go because I never wanted to leave.

I'd just turned 5 and started pre-K, mommy and daddy dropped me off for only my 3rd day but they never got to collect me because they were killed in a car crash on their way to work. Grace was the one that collected me that day. I moved in with the family straight away and became a Grey officially on my 6th birthday.

When I was adopted Elliot was 18 so didn't spend too much time at home, he was always out with his friends or working on construction sites. Mom did expect him to be there for family meals at least once a week and he would always be the one to have me in fits of giggles. On those days he would spend hours with me building wonderful creations from Lego. Christian was almost 16 and he disappeared out occasionally but I never knew where he went, he never brought friends home so I don't know if he had any. When he was around he was very patient with me most of the time though he did get angry with me as well, especially if I went in his room without asking. I went through good and bad times with him, he took good care of me when I first moved in but when he had an angry moment I would be scared and frightened of him. I'm quite similar to Christian in as much that I'm clever, sporty and good at most things I do, I think I looked up to Christian most as a role model and wanted to be better than him at everything. Mia is only 4 years older than me so is the one I'm closet to in age but also the one who I have least in common with, don't get me wrong, she is lovely but so typically girly and therefore annoying. There's always giggling girls hanging round the house with nothing better to do with their time than annoy me by telling me how cute I am.

Luckily Mia has been away in Paris the last 6 months; she's due back at the weekend. Mom's expecting us all to have a family meal on Saturday evening and there's no getting out of it. It will be good to all be round the same table again, even if I'm the one who everyone teases as I'm the youngest. I was also a bit jealous of the fact that Elliot and Christian spent the past weekend in Portland, whilst Mia has been away the three of us have spent a few weekends together but they took off whilst I was still at school. I know I had parties and the like planned with it being the end of year but would still have preferred spending the time with my brothers. Though next week I'll probably see more of Christian as he's letting me work at GEH for the summer.

Mom's calling now; she's got a long list of chores for me to do whilst she's working at the hospital today. I don't mind, I'll do anything for her and dad for giving me a wonderful family life after my mommy and daddy were taken from me. And what a list it is, tidying the back yard, washing and polishing the cars, cleaning out the garage and preparing dinner for tonight. They could employ people to do this but I'm doing as much as I can at the moment as I'm saving all he pocket money earned from work so I can go surfing in California with my friends before school starts again for our final year.

Friday evening Christian calls round, we threw the ball around for an hour or so but he seemed preoccupied with something. He's gone back to his home at Escala now as he's collecting Mia from Sea-Tac early in the morning. Elliot has stayed in Portland but will be back by tomorrow evening. I'm escaping by playing the piano as tomorrow the house will feel different again as the calmness disappears and the whirlwind returns.