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Chapter One

"Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life."
- Bob Marley.

Chapter Quote: "Now you mean that you want to get rid of me, and that it won't be good till I move off."

After consuming a big breakfast, Bilbo Baggins stood at his door smoking on an enormous long wooden pipe that reached nearly down to his woolly toes, minding his own business when an old man with a staff approached him, who in fact was The Gandalf, but of course Bilbo had no clue. He had a tall pointed grey hat, a long grey cloak, a silver scarf over which his long white beard hung down below his waist, and immense black boots.

"Good morning!" Said Bilbo cheerfully upon seeing the old man, meaning what he said. But Gandalf merely looked at him from under his long bushy eyebrows that stuck out further that the brim of his shady hat.

"What do you mean?" He asked. "Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a good morning to be good on?"

"All of them at once," said Bilbo while looking at the old man strangely. "And a very fine morning for a pipe of tobacco out of doors, into the bargain. If you have a pipe about you, sit down and have a fill of mine! There's no hurry we have all day before us." The Bilbo sat down on a seat by his door, crossed his legs, and blew out a beautiful ring of smoke that sailed up into the air without breaking and floated away over The Hill.

"Very pretty!" Said Gandalf. "But I have no time to blow smoke-rings this morning. I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it's very difficult to find anyone."

"I should think so – in these parts!" Bilbo chuckled. "We are plain quiet folk and I have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner, they do! I can't think what anybody sees in them," Said Bilbo, and stuck one thumb behind his braces, and blew out another even bigger smoke-ring. Then he took out his morning letters, and began to read, pretending to take no more notice of the old man before him.

Bilbo decided that he was not quite his sort, and desperately wanted him to go away, but the old man did not make a move, he just continued to stand there, leaning on his stick and gazing at the hobbit without saying anything. Well that was until Bilbo got quite uncomfortable and annoyed.

"Good morning! We don't want any adventures here, thank you! You might try over The Hill or across The Water." Bilbo managed in one breath, clearly stating that this was the end of their ridiculous conversation.

"What a lot of thing you do use Good morning for!" Said Gandalf, with a hint of a smile creeping up on his lips. "Now you mean that you want to get rid of me, and that it won't be good till I move off."

"Not at all, not at all, my dear sir! Let me see, I don't think I know your name?" Bilbo rushed out, not wanting to come across as rude.

"Well I do know your name, Mr Bilbo Baggins. And you do know my name, though you don't remember that I belong to it. I am Gandalf, and Gandalf means me! To think that I should have lived to be good morninged by Belladonna Tooks son, as if I was selling button at the door!"

"G-Gandalf, Gandalf! Good gracious me! Not the wandering wizard the used to make such particularly excellent fireworks! I remember those! Old Took used to have them on midsummer's eve. Splendid! They used to go up like great lilies and snapdragons and laburnums of fire and hang in the twilight all evening!"

"I am pleased to find that you still remember me something about me. Indeed your old grandfather Took's sake, and for the sake of poor Belladonn, I will give you what you asked for."

"I beg your pardon, I haven't asked for anything!"

"Yes, you have. Twice now. My pardon. I give it to you. In fact I will go so far to send you to this adventure. Very amusing for me, very good for you – and profitable too, very likely, if you ever get over it." Gandalf rambled, knowing that the little hobbit hadn't the faintest idea what was happening.

"Sorry! I don't want adventures, thank you. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever! Good morning! But please some for tea – any time you like! Goodbye!" With that the hobbit turned and scuttled inside his round green door, and shut it firmly behind him.

"What on earth did I ask him to tea for?" Bilbo scolded himself as he went to the pantry looking for something to eat to take the fright away.

Gandalf in the meantime was still standing outside the door laughing long and quietly. After a while he stepped up and with the spike of his staff scratched in a queer sign on Bilbo's beautiful green front-door, and strode away.

Hours later Bilbo had completely forgotten his encounter with the old wizard and went about his day like he normally would. Around tea time he had sat himself down and was just about to tuck into his dinner, when the doorbell rang. With a heavy sigh, and not wanting his food to get cold, he rushed over to the door and pulled it open.

There, standing before him was in fact a dwarf with a blue beard and the top of his head bald. The dwarf pushed Bilbo aside and marched in, as if he were expected, and casually hung up his dark green cloak.

"Dwalin at your service!" He said in a deep voice while bowing lowly.

"Bilbo Baggins at yours!" Said the hobbit, upon realising what he said, he clamped his mouth shut and stared wide eyed as the dwarf marched about, and finally placed himself in Bilbo's seat and consuming his food. He was too astounded to ask the dwarf as to what in God's name was he doing in hi house and eating his food!

Just as the hobbit was about to speak the bell rang once more. Upon opening the door, Bilbo found an old dwarf on the step with a white beard and a scarlet hood; he too hopped inside as soon as the door was open, just as if he were invited.

"I see they have begun to arrive already," The dwarf said when he caught sight of Dawlin's green hood. He hung his red one next to it and with a deep bow, and fist against his chest, "Balin at your service!"

"Thank you!" Bilbo squeaked. It wasn't the right thing to say, but what the dwarf had said had Bilbo immensely flustered. Don't get him wrong, Bilbo liked having visitors, but he liked to know them before they arrived, and he preferred to ask them himself!

Bilbo gave up and started to make his way to his pantry to fetch some more food for his uninvited guests. He was halfway down the hall when the doorbell rang yet again. Muttering under his breath he walked up to it and opened it up to find two dwarfs, looking very similar to each other aside from the fact that one had blond hair and beard, with the other having brown hair and not much of a beard.

"What can I do for you dwarfs?" Bilbo said rather sarcastically.

"Fili," The blond spoke first.

"And Kili,"

"At your service!" They said in unison.

"Dwalin and Balin are already here I see." Fili said as he took off his dark blue cloak and tossing it to Bilbo, while his brother, Kili, did the same. Bilbo silently fumed as he hung them up.


"Someone at the door!" Shouted both Fili and Kili from their seats.

Bilbo had just sat down and placed his head in his hand when Fili and Kili had shouted, and was now making his way to the door once again. Bilbo had hardly turned the knob, before they were all inside, bowing and saying "at your service" one after the other.

Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, and Gloin were their names; and very soon two purple hoods, a grey hood, a brown hood, and an off white hood were hanging on the pegs, and off they marched with their broad hands stuffed in their pockets, and wandered off to join the others.

Some called Bilbo for ale, and some for porter, and one for coffee, and all of them for cakes; so the hobbit was kept very busy for a while.

A big jug of coffee had just been set in the hearth, the seed-cakes were gone, and the dwarfs were starting on a round of buttered scones, when there came – a loud knock on the door. Not a ring, no, it was a knock. Somebody was banging on his freshly painted door with a stick!

This time, frustrated as ever, Bilbo marched along the passage, very angry, and stormed up to his door while muttering things about not wanting anymore dwarfs in his clean home and that no more would be welcome. He pulled open the door with a jerk, and they all fell in, one on top of the other. More dwarfs, four more to be exact! And then there was Gandalf behind, leaning on his staff and laughing.

"It's not like you, Bilbo, to keep friends waiting on the mat, and then open the door like a pop-gun! Let me introduce Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, and especially Thorin!"

"At your service!" Said Bifur, Bombur, and Bifur standing in a row. Then they hung up two yellow hoods and a pale green one; and also a black one with a long silver tassel. This last one belonged to Thorin, an enormously important dwarf, in fact Thorin Oakenshield himself, who was not at all pleased at falling flat on Bilbo's mat with Bifur, Bofur, and Bombur on top of him. For one thing Bombur was immensely fat and heavy. Thorin indeed was very haughty, and said nothing about service.

Gandalf looked about the room and began to count the heads of every dwarf. "Only one more to go." He muttered before turning to Bilbo. "Bilbo, my dear boy, why not put on a pot of tea?"

"One more? Pray tell who the other is? And it better not be another hobbit." Thorin all but order the wizard, but Gandalf merely waved him off and sat with the dwarfs who had pulled a whole heap of tables and chairs to sit at.

The hooded figure peered up at The Hill that a large perfectly circular door, painted green, was planted in the side of the hill, which one would know that it was obviously in fact a hobbit-hole and within said hobbit-hole held the home of the hobbit. The hobbit of which the figure was fond of, was considered very respectable by the people of The Shire, not only because the family of which this hobbit came from were rich, but because this family was known for not doing unexpected things. And this was the reason why this confused hooded being frowned; it did not comprehend why the old, yet friendly, wizard would seek out this particular hobbit.

Anyhoo, the figure was late, of course, and would most likely get scolded by the old wizard for it, but that didn't bother the petite stranger and therefore it continued up the path that had an assortment of flowers growing on either side of it, and towards the cosy looking home that held a great deal of beings within it for all the figure could hear were roars of laughter and loud bellowing.

Once in front of the circular door that had obviously been freshly painted, which also had the queer familiar symbol carved into the door. The figure knew that the hobbit would have an enormous fit once he found out about it.

A small hand with the skin of that similar to snow reached out from underneath the startling white elven made cloak and knocked upon the door, softly, but not unnoticeable. The figure waited a little impatiently, tapping its foot with arms crossed underneath the cloak as footsteps and banging was heard.

"And who might you be?" One of the thirteen dwarfs threw open the door and looked at the figure suspiciously as he could not see its face. He was a tall dwarf, almost a head taller than the small being that was shrouded in mystery. His blue beard was tucked within the gold coloured belt around his waist, and his bald head covered in swirling, sharp tattoos.

But before the figure could utter a word to the expecting dwarf, the old wizard rounded the corner and let a large grin adorn his face as he regarded the petite hooded being that stood in the door way.

"Ah, finally!" The old wizard bellowed; he was bent awkwardly as his body couldn't quite fit into the home. Though his voice was friendly his eyes clearly said that he wasn't impressed, but still glad to see that the being made it here safely. All the figure could do was shrug at the wizard and with a sigh Gandalf the Grey nodded to Dwalin to let the little hooded person inside, leading the way through the home and to the usually clean dining area that was now crowded with a hoard of dwarfs.

"I was wondering where you ran off to, my dear." Gandalf smiled brightly down at the figure as it let out a soft, bell like chuckle.

"Gentlemen, may I introduce you to the last member of our company, Bilbo's cousin, and a dear friend of mine, Ariella Lordessa Took." Gandalf called as they came to a stop in front of the dwarfs who were happily devouring the hobbits food and alcohol. Gandalf gestured towards the hooded figure who had finally revealed itself to be a petite young woman who had hidden beneath the pristine white cloak.

"Ari?" The sound of her cousin's voice brought her attention to the presence that had suddenly appeared behind her. As she turned, her plump blood kissed lips pulled back into a smile as she beamed at her slightly confused cousin. As soon as she laid eyes on Bilbo Baggins she pounced on him and pulled him towards her into a bone crashing hug that most likely knocked the air out of his lungs.

"Cannot . . . breath!" Bilbo managed to gasp out and greedily gulped in oxygen as she let him go.

"Whoopsie . . ." Ariella held her beloved cousin by the shoulders at arm's length and studied his features. He still had the same light brown shaggy hair and the cinnamon brown eyes that ran in the family. "Look at you! It has been five years and you still look the same as I left you!" She beamed at him.

"As do you cousin." Bilbo frowned as he gazed at his cousin. Ariella was still as bubbly and happy as ever. Her bright platinum blonde thick curly mass of hair was still untameable, yet perfectly curled, and was also exactly the same length as the last time he saw her; which just brushed against her backside. Her piercing electric blue eyes were wide and still full of the childhood innocence that she refused to give up. Bilbo was glad to see that she was well and unharmed, even though she would repeatedly tell him so in her letters, it was just more reassuring to have her standing in front of him and seeing with his own eyes that she was safe.

"Bilbo, did you notice that there is a carving on your door?" Ariella asked while she tilted her head to the side and watched as random emotions shifted across Bilbo's face.

"Mark? There is no mark upon that door! I just had it painted last week!" Bilbo half shouted-half squeaked.

"There is a mark, for I have put it there myself." Gandalf winked over at Ariella who tried not to laugh, but couldn't quite manage as a giggle had escaped through her lips.

But before Bilbo could speak, someone interrupted him with his deep voice.

"I could deal with a hobbit, but a woman?" A hot-headed looking dwarf stepped forward from the group of the brawny bunch with his thick muscled arms crossed and a stern look upon his face. Ariella had to admit he was handsome; in a roguish 'I'm going to kill you' kind of way. He was tall, even for a dwarf (he was sure to stand a head and a half over her), and had steel grey eyes that were currently staring her down as if judging her and giving her a low mark out of ten. His nose sharp and straight, unlike the most of the company around him, with his long dark chocolate hair and beard (though it was cut shorter than most) framing his face that held braids randomly throughout it; clasped with what looked like metal beads.

And then it hit her! The grumpy dwarf was in fact Thorin Oakenshield!

What a grumpy little man he was.

"Gandalf, please, may I now know what I am doing here? Your letter was extremely cryptic." Ariella completely ignored the dwarf and gave her undivided attention to the old wizard who led her towards the comfy looking chair beside him.

"You, my dear, are an exceptionally skilled warrior and huntress. Not to mention far too intelligent and wise beyond your years. This is why I have chosen you to aid Thorin on his journey." Ariella felt her cheeks burn red and looked over at the company of dwarfs who had returned to their seats. Gandalf had told her of Thorin and his company of dwarfs and somewhat of their journey, but he never mentioned that she would be going along with him, just that he might acquire her assistance . . . sneaky no good wizard. Though she could understand why they would need her. Yes, they would certainly need her help, she could just imagine them eating the wrong berries and slowly dying from the poisonous fruit.

"What are you?" The grumpy handsome dwarf that was Thorin asked her somewhat rudely, but she wouldn't expect any less from the grumpy little man. He stared down at her with the look of distrust clearly written on his face.

Ariella stared up at him with her wide clear blue eyes, "I am both elf and hobbit, is that a problem?" She tilted her head to the side while quirking her brow, obviously daring him to insult her.

"An elf?" Thorin scoffed, and had now turned on Gandalf and regarded the calm old wizard with a furious expression upon his face. The thought 'If looks could kill' ran through Ariella's head as she watched the scene play out in interest.

"By half . . ." Gandalf trailed off and sipped from a goblet that was too small to hold even what was equivalent to a mouth full to him.

"We do not need nor want aid from any elves!" He fumed while slamming his goblet upon the nicely carved oak table as several of the dwarfs nodded in agreement.

"Well excuse me, mister high and mighty," Abruptly, Ariella stood up and glared up at the raging dwarf as she scolded him in her soft yet equally as threatening voice. "But while you are within my cousin's home you will treat his belongings with the utmost care otherwise I will throw you out myself. Understood, Mister Oakenshield?"

Oh yes, Ariella knew quite well who this short tempered dwarf was, he was in fact the future ruler of Erebor; Son of Thrain. But being that, it gave him absolutely no right to act this way while he has been given the luxuries from her dear cousin. She would happily smack the up side of his head should he do something disrespectful to Bilbo once more.

"I do not take orders from elves." Thorin said lowly, while his eyes glared down at the small being that held her head high and glared right back at the dwarf.

"You dare to discriminate against me and an entire race on the actions of a single being?" Ariella spoke calmly, she would not let this dwarf get underneath her skin, she refused to do so. Ariella also knew how the infamous dwarf felt about elves, rather irrational it was.

"Thorin, you asked me to find the fourteenth member for this expedition, but better yet I have found you a fifteenth member and I stand by my decision. Just let anyone say chose wrong, and you can stop at thirteen and have all the bad luck and have all you like, or go back to digging coal. You can take them or suffer the consequences."

Thorin said no more as he sat down and quietly mulled this over. Looking from all sides of the argument he realised that what Gandalf said was true. He would surely need the hobbit and half-breed at some point during this journey.

He gave a sharp nod to the wizard while finishing the rest of his mead. Though he didn't miss the small smile Gandalf threw the half-breeds way.

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