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This is set in NM. Probably a two shot.

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Battle For Your Heart

Bella POV

If the Volturi have not already killed fucking Edward, then I will the moment I see him.

I can't believe I actually agreed to come save the douche from his pathetic attempt to prove his everlasting love for me, when in fact, it is all just a ploy for his narcissistic ass to gain the sympathies of others for his apparent unselfish devotion. He would love nothing more than to go down in history as the strong-willed vampire who was able to cast aside his own happiness so that his "mate" may live a normal and safe life. What a stupid, fucking selfish, dickhead. God, I have no idea how I could have ever been attracted to such a bastard. Even worse, I had been in love with the bitch.

Well, that's just going to have to go in the books as a colossal error in judgement. Oh how time reveals all the mistakes of youth.

"Bella. You must run. Edward will be under the clock tower. You must get to him before he steps into the sunlight."

I turned to Alice and really wanted to tell her to shove it, but just nodded my understanding. We were speeding through the streets of Volterra at a rate I did not think possible. It's a miracle we have not been arrested for excessive speeding.

Alice turned a corner and jerked to a stop. "Go Bella! Now!" Alice yelled.

I jumped out of the car and ran in the general direction everyone seemed to be heading. Seriously? Alice could not have driven me any closer? What the fuck! I have no idea where I'm going, I don't have a map, and I'm not all that sure how much I actually want to save Edward, so you would think with something so time-sensitive as this, you would drive me a little fucking closer.

I finally break into what appears to be the central square of the city and what do you know, the clock tower just has to be on the other side of the square. Wonderful. I start sprinting to the tower and as I reach the fountain my eyes lock on the pale figure of Edward. If time wasn't of the essence, I might throw up from having to see this fucker again.

I run through the fountain since fucking clueless humans can't seem to fucking comprehend that I am a girl on the move. I tried yelling for Edward to notice me, but the fool must be high on something since he isn't responding.

I'm charging Edward just as he takes his first step into the sunlight and crash into him. Only, I forgot that vampires are rock solid. Next think I know I am on the ground in pain. The sudden crash and my pain filled cries must have jolted Edward back into reality because he is looking at me with such a lovesick expression he doesn't even realize I am cursing his ass.

"Bella?" Edward asks softly.

"Get out of the sun, dumbass. Or do you want my pain and suffering over here to be for nothing?" I snap.

Edward rushes forward out of the sunlight and lifts me into a hug. "I can't believe it's you. You're alive. How can this be possible?" He lifts both his hands to caress my cheeks, but I bat them away and step back.

"It's possible because I never fucking died, you idiot. If you weren't so impulsive maybe you would have realized that" I growled.

"It was meant to be. You have now saved me as I have saved you. Our love is too pure and strong. We can finally be together now." He grabs me around the waist and pulls me tight against his body.

"Don't touch me, mother fucker!" I twist myself out of his grip.

"Why? Are you hurt from your fall? You know you really shouldn't have been running so out of control. It's not safe" he says sternly.

"What the fuck? Are you fucking kidding me? I just flew here from Forks to save your suicidal ass, and you're going to lecture me!? Fuck you, you fucking fucker! And I don't know if you can really count it as saving me when you are the reason I was attacked by James in the first place!" I shouted, giving him the most hateful glare I could manage.

Edward crosses his arms and takes his I-am-holier-than-thou stance and I want to punch him so bad. "Bella, please. I know you are upset, but that language is uncalled for and unbecoming."

"Shut up, you prick! God, I never should have come to save your sorry ass. This was a-"


I froze. Fuck this can't be good. Slowly I turned down the dark alley and see three cloaked figures. Their hoods were down and it was obvious that they were vampires.

Edward pushes me behind him, which I did not make easy, despite being in greater danger with these unknown vampires who must be part of the Volturi.

"You're services are no longer required. Thank you for your time. We will be on our way now" Edward quickly states and starts trying to pull me out of the alley.

"Um, hello! Fuckward, you can't leave the alley without stepping into the sun. Is your vampire memory really that pitiful? If you go out there now, you will only make things worse" I sneer.

"What did you call him?" the vampire that looks like he ate an Emmett he is so huge asked incredulously.

"Uhhh...Fuckward. It's one of the many names I have for him" I state casually. The big vampire bursts out laughing and I smile broadly. I was very proud of that nickname and I am glad to see someone else is appreciating it. I glance at the other two cloaked vampires and notice that they are both smirking, trying to hold in their laughter.

"Bella, how can you say such things. I love you. I would never say such rude things about you" Edward says reproachfully.

"Oh, so are we just going to forget that you said I was not good enough for you before you left me to die on the forest floor" I utter with full disdain.

"I did that to protect you" he says pleadingly.

"Whatever" I scoff.

"Enough!" the shorter, female vampire shouts. "Come."

"Bella, why don't you go enjoy the parade" Edward tries to push me out into the square.

"The girl comes with us" the third male states, leaving little room for negotiation.

Alice pops out of no where and whispers something to Edward that gets him to follow the Volturi members. All three of us following silently as the Volturi lead us to our likely doom.

Stupid fucking Edward. All his fault.

After a long walk, with more turns than I could possibly remember, we find ourselves in the most beautifully constructed building I have ever seen. Despite knowing that I was likely to die in the next few minutes, I could not help but let my eyes slide over every detail of the architecture, furnishings, and paintings I could see.

As we moved closer to what seemed to be our final destination, Edward wrapped his arm around my waist. I angrily stepped out of his reach and shouted, "How many fucking times do I have to tell you not to touch me, you son of a bitch?"

Edward was about to get all preacher-y, but before he could the female Volturi vampire, who I still didn't know the name of by the way, had reached the giant wooded doors that most assuredly lead to my ultimate demise. The two male Volturi members dropped back to walk in behind us to make sure we entered. As if I would stand a chance of making a run for it.

I took one last breath before stepping through the now open doorway with my head held high. If I was going down, then I wasn't going down without a fight.