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Summary: He doesn't know what it is, but the way Gabriela smiles at him as she walks away tells him this is the beginning of something special.


"And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings." ― Meister Eckhart

The day Peter Mills walks into Fire House 51 he knows that his life is going to be impacted forever by this place. How he talks his mom into letting him become a firefighter after his dad's death, he has no idea, but he's so glad she's allowing him to do so. Anyway, he meets Chief Boden first and they talk about his duties as a Candidate . The first thing Boden says is along the lines of "you must focus one hundred percent on your job Peter Mills. No distractions." Mills isn't exactly sure what he means by that. Peter knows he won't have any distractions at work. Maybe Elise and his mother occasionally bugging him about the restaurant but not much else could possibly interfere with his focus. He meets Lieutenants Severide and Casey next, they both seem very driven and caring. And he senses that there's way more then just a co-worker bond between the two by the way they keep gazing at one another. Severide steps forward to shake his hand. "Peter Mills", he says. "It'll be an honor for you to serve under my command. You're dad was one hell of a firefighter and man."

Mills grips his hand and returns the shake. "Thank you, sir." He pauses to shake Matt's hand now. "I look forward to serving for both of you". He says and continues to follow Boden around the House. Next, he meets Hermann, Mouch, Otis, and Vargas. They all seem like nice guys. They tease him about being the "youngin" and soon he feels right at home. Boden takes him to the lockers next, and lets him put masking tape on his own locker and write his name on it with a black Sharpie. It may seem lame, but damn if that doesn't make him smile. The equipment room is next, and Peter is fascinated by it all. Everything he's ever wanted is now at his fingertips. They visit the Lieutenant's office next. Mills is so swelled up with excitement, he can barely stand it. "Your dad would be proud, Mills." Boden says, turning towards him. "I bet he's looking down here with a smile just as bright as yours on his face". They walk of the office and Chief Boden leads them back to the Floor. (A/N: I'm not particularly sure if that's what that room is called out front, but that's what Shay calls it so that's what it shall be.) Mills sees the ambulance pull in. A skinny, attractive blonde woman jumps out of the driver seat and walks up to them. "Ooh fresh meat", she coos. Then Peter sees a gorgeous brunette walk up to stand by the blonde. "Peter", Chief says, knocking him out of his dreamy stare. "These are our paramedics", he says, gesturing to the women in blue. "Leslie Shay", he points to the blonde. She giggles noticing that his eyes are glued to the women beside her. "And Gabriela Dawson", he continues, pointing at the brunette. "Ladies", says Chief "This is Peter Mills, our new Candidate." Leslie leans forward and whispers "Cat got your tongue, Peter Mills?" She asks, giggling. He blushes. "Um, sorry", he says. "Nice to meet you both". Gabriela smiles, "You too." She says, before turning away, smiling back at him. He doesn't know what it is, but the way Gabriela smiles at him as she walks away tells him this is the beginning of something special.


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