"I-Izaya-kun said he had a game for u-us to play when we get home, I w-wonder what it is." Tsukishima said, a small smile on his face as the four of them neared closer and closer to their shared apartment. He flinched in fear at the sudden low growl that came from his cousin, he quickly moved between Delic and Tsugaru for protection incase Shizuo was getting ready to go into one of his rages.

"Don't get your hopes up Tsukishima, whatever game the flea set up is probably not going to be a fun one." Shizuo said through clenched teeth; even though he had been dating the informant for a while now and was even living together with him Izaya still played his wicked little tricks on him every now and then. A nervous look crossed the younger blonde's face as he buried his face deeper in his scarf, something he usually did when he was nervous or scared about something.

Delic looked down at his younger brother and laughed before giving him a good slap on the back. "Don't look so frightened Tsuki, try to toughen up a little." The pink-eyed man laughed as the timid male tried to hold his head up high and look tough like his older brothers and cousin. Once they got to the apartment Shizuo hesitated before turning the doorknob and opening the door to whatever mystery game the informant had set up for them.

"Flea we're ho-"The bodyguard stopped midsentence when he saw the four hardly clothed men that stood before him. The four brunets were each wearing a white towel that hardly made it past their thighs, a pair of dark sunglasses, and a number written on their chests in some sort of sugary substance.

"Oh~ I'm already enjoying this game." Delic said happily when he got a good look at the four men, each with one hand behind their backs and another on their hips. He was too busy gawking at them to notice the harsh slap he got on the back of his head from Tsugaru and Shizuo.

"What the hell is all this?" Shizuo asked, slamming the front door closed as he glared at the four smirking brunets.

"Don't be so impatient Shizu-chan; we just wanted to do a little test with the four of you, to see if you could tell us apart without our clothes and seeing our eye color." The brunet with a number three written on his chest answered.

"Each of you can tell us to do one thing only to help aid you in figuring out who we are." The raven with the number one on his chest said.

"If you answer correctly, you'll be allowed to lick the number of your prize." The male with the number two said, licking his lips in a seductive manor at the four men.

"So…who will go…first?" The last man said slowly, the number four written sloppily on his bare chest with whatever secret substance they had used. The four brutes were quiet for a while, exchanging nervous glances between them before all eyes fell on the youngest blonde. Tsuki gasped in surprise as he was pushed forward by his brother's and cousin towards the four barley clothed males.

"Tsukishima is going first." The three said in unison; the young blonde swallowed thickly as he took a step closer to the shorter men. His face seemed to start to disappear in his scarf as he got more and more nervous on upsetting his lover by not being able to tell him apart from the others.

"C-could you all hold o-out your wrists, p-please?" Tsuki stuttered, remembering something that would help him figure out which one was his Roppi-san. The four ravens exchanged confused looks before doing as they were told; still keeping one hand behind their back to keep what they had in their hand's hidden. Tsukishima examined each one of their wrists until he got down the forth brunet, a large smile spreading across his face before looking up at the confused male.

"Roppi-san! I missed you." Tsukishima said happily, taking off the man's sunglasses to reveal his wide glowing red eyes. He reached out and patted his lover's head gently, his smile seeming to widen when he saw that he was correct.

"How on earth did you figure it out just by looking at our wrists?" The first brunet asked, staring at the blonde with a look of shock and confusion. Tsukishima simply shrugged as he let his fingers trace over the slightly faded scars on his lover's wrists; Roppi stared at the taller male for a moment before tilting his head up and planting a kiss on the blonde's cheek.

"Good job…Tsuki…let's go up to our room now." Hachimenroppi said, a small smile spread across his face as he pulled the blushing blonde to their bedroom.

"I'll go next." Delic said, seemingly confident with himself as he stepped forward in front of the three remaining men.

"So I can ask you all to do one thing right? Why don't you all get on your knees and-"His mouth quickly shut when he was met with three blades pointing at his throat, he smiled nervously as the three men slowly lowered their weapons.

"This is what we'll use if you get your guess wrong, or if you try to get us to do something like that Delic." Number two said as they moved their switchblades back behind their backs.

"Can't take a joke, eh?" Delic laughed as he stared at the three in thought; he was silent for a while before an idea popped into that perverted mind of his.

"You know, I'm really impressed that you all actually convinced Hibiya to do this with you. He's such a spoiled brat I bet you all had to pay him or agree to be his servants for a week just to get him to strip, right? He's even more selfish in bed you kn-"Delic was suddenly interrupted by a harsh slap across his face.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING A SPOILED BRAT YOU PERVERTED BASTARD! I'm selfish in bed? You're the one who attacks me like some horny dog in the middle of the freakin' day all the time, excuse me for not always being 'in the mood' for your sexual antics!" Number one yelled angrily at the tall blonde; Delic just laughed and rubbed the spot on his face where he had been slapped.

"Found you Hibi-chan." Delic said happily, taking off the small brunet's glasses to reveal his golden colored eyes. Just as the raven was about to start yelling again he felt an arm wrap around his waist and his body being picked up and hoisted over Delic's shoulder.

"Unhand me you filthy pet! I'm not done yelling at you!" Hibiya screamed angrily as he was carried up the stairs to his shared bedroom.

"Save your voice now Hibi-chan, you'll be yelling all night tonight." Delic laughed, already thinking of ways he could get his spoiled lover to yell out his name in pleasure.

"I suppose I'll go next." Tsugaru offered, stepping forward to examine the two very similar looking men. He placed his hand under his chin in thought as he looked side to side between the two of them; a smile soon spread across his face as he stepped forward in front of number three.

"You might be my Psyche; I'll have to test it." Number three's eyes widened as he felt his head being tilted up and warm lips quickly being pressed against his own. A light blush came across his face as he felt the taller male's lips start massaging against his velvet ones; the kiss didn't last long before they felt another skinny body squeeze between them.

"Stop!" Number two yelped, pushing the two males away from each other before snuggling his half naked body close to Tsugaru.

"I'm sorry Psyche, I know how jealous you get so that was the only way I could figure out if it was you." Tsugaru said, gently taking off number two's sunglasses to reveal those pink orbs of his. Psyche just smiled and hugged the tall blonde tightly, happy that his lover knew him so well. Once the two had left for their bedroom Shizuo just stood there in silence, staring at the last brunet there.

"I'm surprised Shizu-chan, I thought for sure you'd be able to tell it was me from the very beginning." Izaya said, placing his switchblade on the couch before strutting over to the blonde.

"How the hell was I supposed to know it was you? You and your cousins all look exactly the same." Shizuo retorted as he let his arms snaked around the informant's thin frame, Izaya just smirked as he leaned his body against the muscle clad one in front of him.

"In the beginning I called you 'Shizu-chan', the only person who calls you that is me. I thought for sure that you'd be able to figure it out just by me saying that." Izaya said, staring up at his lover with that usual wicked smirk of his.

"I suppose it's my fault for thinking your small brain would be capable of realizing it." Izaya laughed; he gasped as he was suddenly grabbed roughly by the waist and hoisted over the monstrous blonde's shoulder.

"Small brain, eh? Just for that, I'm going to make sure you won't be able to walk straight for a week." Shizuo said fiercely as he started rushing up the stairs and down the hall to their bedroom, Izaya couldn't help but burst out laughing again as he was thrown down roughly on the bed.

"I'm fine with that~"

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