"I'm not surprised you wanted to be number one in this little game, my sweet prince." Delic laughed as he closed and locked their bedroom door before tossing his lover onto the bed; his tongue moved across his lips seductively as his eyes locked on the number one written in some sort of sweet substance on his prince's bare front.

"Shut up you oaf, I'm still angry with you." The brunet hissed before moving up on the bed and curling up in a ball so Delic couldn't get to any of his sweet spots, not that Delic really minded this since he could now see perfectly up Hibiya's towel at that sweet round ass of his.

A primal growl resonated from the blonde's chest as he got on the bed on all fours and started crawling towards his lover; Hibiya tried not to notice this and continue with an uninterested expression even though his heart was starting to pick up its pace with each dip of the bed he felt. He felt the hair on the back of his neck start to stand up as Delic hovered over him and breathed his hot breath on the nape of his neck.

"Don't be mad Hibi-chan, I only said those things because I wanted to find out which one was you." Delic said, that smile mixed with sweetness and deviousness never leaving his expression. He bent his head down and kissed Hibi lightly on the back of his neck. "You're my prince and I'll always love everything about you..." He whispered, his lips just barley pressing against Hibi's ear, making the smaller male have to bite his bottom lip to keep from letting out a high moan. "There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you baby, and I don't think you're selfish in bed…" Delic moved his hand up and gripped the brunet's face lightly, feeling the soft skin under his fingertips as he tilted the smaller male's face up to look at him. "Actually, I think those sounds and moans you make when I pound into you are adorable." Pink eyes met golden as Delic quickly leaned down and locked his lips together with his lover's; there was a moment when it seemed as if Hibi was going to protest but it didn't take long for the blonde to dominate him.

Hibiya rolled over onto his back and allowed Delic to slip between his legs as they continued their passionate kiss, both of them starting to turn red since neither wanted to break their connection. "Wai-wait Delic.." Hibiya panted as he tried to finally break their heated kiss for air, he placed a hand on his lover's forehead and pushed him roughly away as he tried to catch his breath.

"I said wait, you imbecile!" Hibiya hissed as he laid his head on the pillow behind him and put his arm dramatically over his eyes as quick pants escaped from between his velvet lips. Delic could only grin at this as he moved forward again, not being able to wait for his prince to catch his breath.

"I'm sorry my prince, but I can't wait when you're spread out like this." The pink eyed blonde whispered as he stared seductively at Hibi's bare chest and spread legs, quickly removing his white jacket and unbuttoning his pink shirt to throw in some unknown corner of the room. Once his shirt was removed he started unbuckling his belt, feeling his hard member wanting to be released. Hibiya's own muscle started to become hard at hearing the larger male start to unbuckle his pants; the entire time Delic was undressing he couldn't help but stare between the raven's legs, only thinking of holding his lover close and burying himself deep inside him.

"You're so sexy Hibiya." Delic panted as he moved himself back between the prince's legs and started grinding against him after he had removed the rest of his clothes; Hibi gasped at the sudden friction and immediately start to arch his back at the pleasure he was feeling. He moved his arm from across his eyes down to his mouth and started biting hard enough to draw blood as he tried not to give the other the satisfaction of hearing him moan just from a little grinding.

"Oh no, I want to hear you scream for me." The blonde said as he grabbed both the prince's wrist and held them above his head, once he did this Hibi started to lose control of himself and started letting high pitched moans escape his lips.

"Unhand me…y-you peasant." Hibya panted, his eyes fluttering closed as he instinctively started spreading his legs to receive more pleasure in his lower half from the other male. The little breath he was able to breathe in was taken from him when Delic leaned his head down and started on their passionate kiss again. The brunet thought about protesting for only a moment before opening his mouth wider and allowing Delic's tongue to slip deep into his mouth, tasting every cavern of him and continuing to grind, more roughly this time, against his sensitive muscle.

"I can't wait anymore." The larger male gasped after pulling away from kissing his lover, he stopped his grinding and reached on top of their nightstand to grab the almost empty bottle of lube to prep himself and Hibi with. As he slathered the pink liquid onto his fingers he bent his head down and slowly let his tongue start to lick up the sweet tasting substance on the smaller male's chest; he had released Hibiya's arms before and now the raven was nearly ripping the sheets as he started to feel his lover's tongue all over his body. It didn't take long for Delic to lick and suck up all the sweet substance off of Hibi's chest, after he had finished he started to let his tongue wander lower towards the brunet's painful looking member.

"Go f-faster…Delic." Hibi breathed as he felt Delic start to nip and suck on his inner thigh, they had been very active the past couple of nights so Hibi didn't need any preparation. Delic pulled off the towel Hibi was wearing and quickly engulfed his throbbing member into his mouth, lathering the pink lubrication on his own heated erection as he did so. Hibiya gripped the sheets tighter and started moaning out Delic's name as he felt himself being deep-throated by the pink eyed male.

"I don't…I don't want to cum yet…" The raven panted, he wanted them to release together even though he didn't want to lose Delic's skillful mouth on his sensitive muscle. Hibiya whimpered when he felt the larger male remove his mouth and lift his legs up on his shoulders.

"I love you so much Hibiya." The blonde said as he leaned over the other and slowly started to push himself into the raven's throbbing entrance; Hibiya's eyes rolled back and a strangled moan escaped his lips as he felt his lover become fully seated inside him.

"I l-love you too Delic…" Hibiya said as he reached his arms up and wrapped them tightly around the blonde's neck, it didn't take long for him to get used to Delic's size and soon enough he started to feel the larger male start to move.

"Hnnn Delic….ohhnnn m-move faster." The raven cried out as he tightened his grip around Delic's neck; of course the blonde didn't need to be told twice, he gripped the brunet's thighs and quickly started pounding hard against the smaller male's prostate. Hibi started leaving cherry red marks on the man's back and Delic started leaving marks on his prince's thighs as he continued to pound himself into his lover, making their beds headboard start to slam against the wall. Hibiya became a pleasure struck mess as his lover thrusted roughly against his pleasure spot, he could hear Delic grunt his name each time he thrusted back into his warm body.

"Ohhh my god, I-I'm going to c-cummnn" Hibi cried as he started to feel his sexual high coming on, Delic grunted in response as he also started to feel himself coming close.

"Hibi..together.." The blonde groaned, thrusting deeply a few more times before releasing his liquid love inside the smaller male, moaning out his name. Hibi tilted his head back and screamed out Delic's name as he also released his seed all over both their stomachs and chests. After they came down from their high Delic pulled out of the smaller male and rolled over onto his back.

"Mmm you're always so amazing Hibi-chan." Delic sighed happily as he reached over and pulled the skinny frame close against his side; the brunet grumbled something under his breath as he wrapped his arms around his lover's waist.

"You too, peasant…don't think I'm going to be doing anything like this again." Hibi mumbled as he curled up comfortably in the blonde's side, a light blush started to appear on his face as he felt Delic lean down and plant a sweet kiss on his cheek.

"Then I should get my fill of it now, shouldn't I?" The blonde whispered in his prince's ear before unwrapping his arms and moving back on top of his body.

"I love you, my beautiful prince." Delic said, a large smile spread across his face as he leaned down and placed a kiss on his lover's velvet lips.

"Yea…I love you too, moron." Hibi mumbled back, the blush on his cheeks starting to get darker as he felt Delic start to spread his legs again.

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