Some lemony goodness. :) I'll put in some plot next time, I promise.


The Tiger Beneath the Sakura Tree

Chapter 4

"So it's teaching techniques today, huh?" Sanji asked, dully.

"So they say," Zoro grunted.

"Oh. Here," Sanji said, and passed him a small box.

Zoro took it gratefully. "Wow, so they really let you use the kitchen?"

Sanji shrugged in a self-satisfied way. "A few choice words here and there. A little charm, you know. There wasn't much to work with, but they turned out well. So enjoy your snack ala Kuroashi no Sanji."

"You just made it gross."

Byakuyas eyes were closed, his arms folded. Someone who didn't know him would say he looked thoughtful. Renji was watching with great tension, knowing that Kuchiki Taichou was near to erupting in anger. And since he, as always, refused to show emotion, that would be manifested in someone losing a body part, for sure.

"Hey, you listening?" Sanji asked of Renji, drawing him away from his dark premonitions.

"Uh…yes. Sorry, show me again?"

Zoro was gazing at Byakuya, merely tapping Shuusui against his shoulder and waiting for the captain to have some kind of reaction.

"Your explanation is insufficient," Byakuya finally said, darkly.

Zoro sighed. They were in the 6th division training ground, in a somewhat mountainous area on the outskirts of Seireitei. Kuchiki had insisted that they demonstrate their techniques and explain the physical processes involved. Zoro, as it turned out, was a terrible teacher.

"Like I said, you visualize all the 36 passions in Buddhism, then you go like this." Zoro slowly moved his arm in the motion of his 36-pound cannon.

A vein popped in Byakuya's forehead. "I have said your explanation was insufficient. Saying it again in exactly the same manner is hardly going to make it any more clear." He finally opened his eyes to stare at Zoro. "There is no way someone following your instructions could possibly master that technique."

"Well," Zoro said, casually, gazing off into the distance. "You sound awfully certain, considering you haven't even tried it."

Byakuya turned his head away, proudly. "I have no intention of 'trying it'. I merely intend to record your techniques so that they may be studied in further."

Zoro sighed again. "I may not have made this clear, but it's not something you can master by reading about it." Zoro made a quick glance at the other two, where Sanji was holding an impossibly high kicking stance for Renji's benefit, and he could see where that was going. He glanced around a bit. "Hey, I'd like to show you the complete 108-pound cannon."

Byakuya considered. "That might be helpful. Presumably you use all three swords at once, so there will be three angles to observe."

"Yeah. But I think we should move away from here, just in case."

There was a trace of suspicion in the captain's eyes, but then he nodded. "Very well."

They passed into an area around a small hill, where it was unlikely they would be seen or heard by the others. Or indeed anyone at all.

"This should be far enough," Kuchiki murmured, and Zoro did not miss the subtle dulcet notes in his voice, very different from when others were present.

Zoro swallowed. "Yeah, I think you're right."

The next moment, he slammed Kuchiki up against the rock of the hill. True to his personality, Kuchiki barely reacted; however, Zoro knew he was not imagining redness in his cheeks. "What is the meaning of this?"

Zoro came closer and murmured, "Sorry. I don't know what it is with you, but I get a shot of electricity up my spine every time I see you." Kuchiki's blush became stronger. "We can think about the complicated stuff later. I can't hold out anymore. Are you going to fight me?"

Kuchiki scoffed lightly. "Fight? Over something as insignificant as this? You overestimate your…"

But his speech slowed as Zoro came so close they shared each other's breath. "My what?" Zoro murmured softly.

Kuchiki almost imperceptibly gritted his teeth. "You are too arrogant," Kuchiki murmured. "You assume I would…"

Zoro tilted Kuchiki's jaw backward in one hand, opened his mouth wide and forced his tongue deep in Kuchiki's mouth. Kuchiki grasped his wrists in mild protest. Zoro kissed him to his heart's content, then ran his tongue along the top of Kuchiki's mouth.

Then the softest of noises against his lips, "Ah…"

Zoro's cheeks flushed. That would be nothing, coming from an ordinary person. But coming from this guy, Zoro knew he was doing something right. And damned if that didn't make him hotter than he could stand.

He grabbed Kuchiki's face with both hands, deepening the kiss until they could barely breathe. Kuchiki's body started restlessly moving, and his grip on Zoro's wrists softened. Zoro thrust his leg between Kuchiki's, causing them both to gasp. While still lightly kissing him, Zoro reached his hand around to the small of Kuchiki's back, and skillfully rolled their hips against one another.

Though Kuchiki's grip on his arms was still weak, now his nails began to dig into Zoro's skin. Zoro shivered. That was a real turn-on for him. He moved from kissing Kuchiki's mouth to his neck. He stuck his tongue inside Kuchiki's ear and caused the other man's whole body to tremble. Now Kuchiki was openly panting, and it almost sounded like his voice was slipping in there a little bit.

"Look," Zoro panted. "Not that I'm complaining…but are you at least…going to pretend you don't like this?"

Kuchiki seemed to drawing Zoro subtly closer as he panted. "Don't speak to me," he said, in about the softest and sexiest voice Zoro had ever heard.

Zoro swallowed. He untied Kuchiki's obi in a flash, slipped the shoulders off, leaving his chest mostly bare, and sucked down hard on Kuchiki's chest.

"Ngh!" Kuchiki cried, quite clearly voicing that one.

Zoro moved down to flick his tongue against Kuchiki's left nipple. Using his left hand, Zoro suddenly flicked the right one hard. Kuchiki's back arched. Now his fingers were digging into Zoro's shoulders. He didn't seem to know what to do. Maybe he'd never had passionate sex like this before.

But at this thought, Zoro swallowed. He was really at his limit now. Then he had a good idea. He reached into his pocket to retrieve a certain box. Kuchiki frowned at it, wondering why Zoro had stopped (though he would die before admitting the second part). Zoro opened the box to reveal up-turned shot glass shaped gelatin formations, separated into square sections of the box.

"What is that?" Kuchiki demanded.

"Well, you see, that cook may be a pain in the ass most of the time, but you can't fault him on his cooking. He made this snack for me, just like I asked. They're good. Here."

Zoro put one in his mouth, then he trapped Kuchiki's lips in a kiss. Kuchiki's eyes widened. He was forced to swallow the squishy substance. "Sake…" he murmured, as soon as his lips were free.

"Yep. I hope you can hold your liquor. Most people can't take too many of these."

Having said this, Zoro crushed one of them in his hand, then in one smooth motion, slipped his hand around Kuchiki's partly bare waist, and subbed the gelatinous substance into Kuchiki's crevice.

Kuchiki's mouth went wide, but no sound came out. Apparently he was simply too shocked for that. He seemed to be contemplating fighting Zoro off, and then Zoro's finger slipped inside him. He threw his head back, and his body convulsed. Zoro tried to hold up his head, and couldn't resist kissing him again.

"Mmm," he felt Kuchiki's sweet voice against his lips.

"Damn it," Zoro whispered, his cock feeling like it was about to explode. "This is going to be really tough for one of us….Not sure which yet…"

Saying this, he briefly removed his fingers, causing Byakuya to tremble, then crushes another of the gelatin shots. This time he tried to get as much as possible inside Byakuya's body. The shinigami trembled and gasped, but his will to fight seemed to weaken by the moment. Zoro added a second finger.

"Ah…" Kuchiki gasped, though now his expression showed the barest hint of pain.

Zoro slowed down his fingers. Despite appearances, he was quite a considerate lover. "Did that one hurt?"

Proud Kuchiki refused to answer, merely panting with his eyes closed.

"Ok, then. Share another one of these with me. It might help with the pain," Zoro said, then popped some gelatin in his mouth, and connected his lips with Kuchiki's again. This time Zoro lightly chewed it to make it easier to swallow, then he stuck his tongue deep inside Kuchiki's mouth to make sure he ate it. It was the sexiest thing as their lips parted and Byakuya was still accepting Zoro's saliva into his mouth via his long tongue.

All this time, Zoro had been mildly moving his fingers, but now he thrust them deep inside the shinigami. Byakuya's hips weakened, and he swayed against Zoro as his eyes fluttered. Zoro blushed hard. He thrust his fingers hard again, then suddenly, Byakuya threw his head back.

"Ah!" he cried, most definitely a distinct sound of pleasure.

Zoro's eyes widened. Hesitantly, he performed the same motion again. "Here?" he murmured.

"Ahh!" Byakuya cried, hands desperately gripping the fabric on Zoro's shoulders. He bit his bottom lip, his face tortured with pleasure.

Zoro grinned. "Okay then."

For a time, Zoro focused his attention on that spot, causing Byakuya's knees to nearly give out several times. Then Zoro's free hand crossed to the front of Byakuya's kimono, which was nearly off anyway. He caressed Byakuya's cock slightly.

"Ngh!" Byakuya cried, gritting his teeth to keep from crying out louder.

Zoro slammed their lips together once again, in disbelief at how arousing this stuffy captain could be. "Don't hold back," he whispered against Byakuya's lips, as he caressed him both front and back. "Let me hear you."

Byakuya panted, gritted his teeth, then said, "Die."

Zoro chuckled. He angled his wrists to get his fingers inside the other man even deeper. "Do what you want then. Almost ready."

Finally, Zoro inserted a third finger. Byakuya let out a few pained breaths. Then Zoro squeezed his cock. Byakuya moaned very softly, and perhaps he had realized Zoro's tactic of giving him mild pain in place that felt good to make the pain part of the pleasure. To Byakuya's chagrin, it was working.

Zoro next bent down and gave him a dark hickey on his chest. Byakuya moaned just a little, though his control was slipping rapidly. Then Zoro's fingers his that place that had felt so good before. Byakuya wrapped his arms around Zoro, threw his head back and moaned shamelessly.

Zoro went bright red. He couldn't believe he was the one making this proud man act this way. He couldn't take it anymore. He reluctantly removed his fingers, and could sense he wasn't the only reluctant one. Byakuya's breath caught a little.

Zoro took the last gelatin shot, crushed it, and spread it over his raging cock. Byakuya was blushing, watching him. Then, without asking permission, Zoro picked up Byakuya by his thighs, causing him to slip out of his whole kimono except the arms, pressed him hard against the wall, and then slid his rock-hard cock inside him.

A strangled cry came from Byakuya, no doubt a mix of pleasure and pain. He managed to gasp, "Being…pierced…by a…commoner…how…disgraceful…"

Zoro sighed and gasped, acclimatizing to the incredibly hot and wet environment now squeezing his cock. "Dumbass…you should see yourself…" He licked a long line up Byakuya's chin, and the other man trembled with sensation. "You're plenty…fucking graceful to me."

Byakuya gasped as Zoro rolled his hips. "Ah…ah…" Byakuya whimpered, as he grew used to it. Gradually his cries turned to pleasurable ones.

Zoro kissed his neck. "Sorry," he murmured. "I can't talk anymore."

He bit down hard on the base of Byakuya's neck, and the other man hissed in a breath through his teeth. Then Zoro started to slam his cock inside Byakuya. Over and over, unrelenting, it seemed as if he never grew tired.

Byakuya couldn't stop his voice now, it was rising up with every one of Zoro's thrusts. Maybe it was the sake, but Byakuya's body was overwhelmed with sensation. Some good, some bad, but more than anything was his lust for the man now pounding into him. He knew exactly what he meant when he said "an electric shock". He felt it every time he saw Roronoa Zoro. And now Zoro's cock had found the spot that drove Byakuya crazy, and he lost the ability to think.

"Ah…ah…ah…ah…Roro…noa…!" Byakuya cried, in spite of himself.

Zoro bit down hard on his neck like an animal and growled, "Zoro."

Then for a few moments, he pounded him so fast and hard that Byakuya couldn't even think, let alone speak. Finally, Zoro slowed down, and instead rolled perfectly against that spot inside him.

"Ahhh!" Byakuya cried. He was having to work so hard not to cum. It was draining all his energy, and soon he was like a ragdoll in Zoro's arms. "Ah…ah…Zo…ro…"

The human swallowed hard. Then he took a breath, and rammed so deeply inside Byakuya he thought his insides were being pushed to either side. Then Zoro stole his lips again, ravaging them mercilessly like a beast. Byakuya was drowning in pleasure. He couldn't believe it, but he wanted more. More…just a little…

"More…" Byakuya murmured softly, near Zoro's ear. The man slowed down a little, blushing. Byakuya repeated, growing desperate. "More…give me…more…"

Zoro gritted his teeth. "Shit!" he grunted, then pounded the aristocrat as hard as he could.

Byakuya was nearly at his limit. He still had his arms wrapped around Zoro, but on an impulse, he softly took Zoro's ear into his mouth. Zoro's low voice rumbled against his chest, and at the same time his cock slammed mercilessly into that spot inside him. Byakuya made a strangled moan, biting down on Zoro's ear, as he shuddered and streaked Zoro's chest with cum.

Zoro grunted several times, unable to take the tightening of Byakuya's hole as he came, combined with the hard bite on his ear, where he was sensitive anyway. He slammed into him several more times, then shuddered and moaned. He continued twitching there for many long moments. Byakuya was dazed in his arms.

Not normally a cuddly-type person, Zoro suddenly felt more keenly what he'd felt now and then before, that this man was somehow precious. After they regained their breath a bit, he began lightly kissing the shinigami's neck and chest. Byakuya shivered.

"You don't…have to…"

"Who says I'm doing it for you?" Zoro replied, playfully. He kissed Byakuya's collarbone. "I seem to have taken quite a liking to you. Maybe it's just your body, I don't know. But my mouth waters when I think of kissing you."

Byakuya, already slightly red from exercising, now got even redder. "Do as you wish, then."

Zoro gave him a predatory grin, then claimed his lips once again.

Near the corner of the rock, having thought they heard shouting, stood Sanji and Renji. They had both basically seen all that needed to be seen. Slowly, they both drew back around to the cover of the rock, slim trails of blood trickling down both their noses.

Producing a handkerchief he kept for just such purposes, Sanji cleaned off the blood under his nose, then grabbed Abarai by the collar.

"You didn't see anything, and I didn't see anything. Right?" he growled darkly.

Renji blinked, very much out of his depth. "R-right…" he murmured.

Sanji gave the shinigami a glance up and down. Apparently satisfied, he nodded. Then he said, "Good. Now take off those clothes."