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Far in the South Pole, Pitch was still frozen.

Dark figures crawled in the shadows of the cavern. Voices filled the silence,

"We've found him."

"Our search is over."

The owners of the voices remained hidden.

"Wait. He will have no use to use now. We on our own must be stronger."

"Yes stronger."

"We will return, but first to get stronger."

The voices sounded like they were getting more excited,

"Forget him for now."

"Yes, we will lure the boy ourselves."

"Yes the boy."

"He is becoming more open."

"Jack Frost" The voices stopped dead after the name was said.

"Jack. Hello?" Jamie waved his hand infront of Jack's face. Jack shook his head. Jack had a lot on his mind.

It was March. Spring time in Burgess, but there was still snow lying around. And Jamie was outside his house with Jack.

"Sorry Jamie. I'm just spacing out again." He smiled at the younger boy. Jamie almost drowning just seemed like a far off memory for Jamie, much to Jack's relief.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Jamie thought Jack was thinking about what happened with Pitch. He visited Jamie a few hours after the crushing group hug from the guardians. Jamie was told how a mysterious tornado caused no damage and got rid of most of the snow in the town.

He wasn't really surprised when he found out it who the source of it was. It was already three months since that day.

"Yep", he quickly threw a snowball in Jamie's face to avoid making Jamie worry.

"I'm so going to get you back." Jamie laughed as he scooped snow off the ground. Jack ran playfully avoiding Jamie's throws.

It wasn't too much longer until Jamie's mother called him back in for lunch. Jack went back to the workshop to check up on North. He left the workshop before dawn that morning.

The yetis were still at work for the next Christmas. The last Christmas went pretty well considering what had happened. Jack let a happy memory fill his head.

"It is almost midnight prepare sleigh." North bellowed as the yetis were running around getting the gifts in the sleigh and the elves were quickly tending to the reindeer.

North was closely followed by Jack in the middle of the bustling. North hopped in the sleigh.

"Good luck." Jack called out as his voice was slightly muffled by the noises around them. Regardless North heard and said back,

"What are you talking about? You are coming with."

Jack thought he heard wrong, "What!? Seriously?"

"Yes." North grabbed Jack by the hood and placed him next to him in the sleigh. North gave a thumbs up and Jack gave one in return.

"Ready?" North asked, but the sleigh already started to move before Jack could answer.

Jack smiled at the memory. That night was one of the best he ever had. Again he was snapped out of thoughts by something. It sounded like a groan. He turned around and saw Phil.

"Hey Phil. Where's North?"

Phil replied and Jack understood what he said. "An errand huh? Well when he gets back tell him I'll be back later."

Jack flew out the window before Phil could reply.

"I'm back." North called out to no one in particular. He was out getting new ideas for new toys. With technology advancing, it was getting more difficult to keep up but North always liked a challenge.

He was on his way to his workshop room when Phil approached him. Phil told North that Jack said he would be back later. North replied,

"Hopefully he'll be back before the others get here." The guardians even got closer after what happened with Pitch and they would visit when they could. But they visited less often because since Christmas was out of the way for another year, Easter was coming up so Bunnymund was getting busy but he would come regardless.

North let Phil go back to what he was doing and he sat down in his workshop room. He thought it would be a while for Jack to be himself again after what Pitch did to him, but he was back to his fun loving self in minutes after he was back at the workshop. Jack was a truly remarkable boy and guardian.

An hour later Sandy and Tooth came.

"It's good to see you." Tooth greeted as she flew down. Her wing healed in a matter of days and it was as good as new. Sandy gave a short greeting nod.

"It's been a few weeks." North acknowledged. The three started a chatter until a familiar bunny popped up from the ground.

"Hey Bunny!" Tooth happily greeted. Bunnymund smiled back and he looked around,

"I'll say this. I have a reason to be late but frostbite does not."

Tooth gave a short but sweet chuckle, ""Jack's out again. He's just late, he'll be coming soon."

Like on cue Jack flew from the window with his hood up. He pulled it off and said, "Sorry, I was at the Himalayas."

"Why were you at the Himalayas?" Bunny was the first to ask.

"To put a fresh coat of snow over it. Why do you think the snow always looks so nice?"

Bunny rolled his eyes at Jack. Bunnymund and Jack would still have a little banter and friendly rivalry.

After that Bunny told them his progress for the next Easter. This time it wouldn't end in such of a disaster like last time.

"Are you sure that Pitch won't be coming back anytime soon?" Bunny asked in worry of Easter again.

"I already told you. If he gets out I'll know." This had to be the fourth time Bunnymund had asked Jack.

"How will you know?" That question on the other hand was a first time. Jack was caught off guard but replied,

"I know this sounds weird but I'll know. Just trust me."

The guardians were beginning to notice that Jack was staring off into space as they were talking. They all knew that he wasn't thinking about what happened with Pitch, that much they could tell. He also looked kinda tired.

"Is something wrong Jack?" Tooth was straight forward and asked.

Bunnymund added, "You look tired. Have you been pullin' all nighters?"

North shook his head at Bunnymund's guess, "Not possible. I put security through the workshop. When it is night I turn it on. If anyone got out or in, a loud beeping would go off."

North decided to take extra precautions after Jack was taken from under him. He decided not to tell Jack so he could test it.

"I thought that's what it was, North I hacked that ages ago. Speaking of that I went out last night to hang with Sandy for a bit when you were busy with your sculpture. Ask Sandy if you don't believe me."

North was surprised that Jack managed to get through seventy-four layers of passwords by hacking. But on the other hand it was Jack.

They all looked at Sandy. He looked to Jack then back to them and he nodded at them confirming what Jack had said.

When the others weren't looking, Sandy and Jack were having a silent conversation with their eyes.

It was short but it was understood by the two.

'Please don't Sandy. They'll just worry.'

'Are you sure, Jack?'

'Yes. I'll tell them...Eventually.'

Sandy hid a nod and decided to keep the secret between the two.

Soon after the guardians left, Jack helped North with a new sculpture project, without using his abilities. The two had grown so much more closer then before.

Jack thought about telling North what was on his mind, but he chose not to.

"I'm gonna hit the hay." Jack yawned.

"Good night Jack." North said as he watched him walk out. It was unusually early for Jack to go to bed. He had been doing it the last few nights.

Hours later North was still up and around, trying to enhance his security so Jack couldn't hack it again.

While he was doing it, he stopped to quickly check on the winter spirit. He silently looked through the crack of the door to Jack's room and he saw Jack peacefully sleeping on his bed.

North smiled and shut the door quietly. He had made a habit on checking on Jack as he slept. He thanked Manny every night that he never saw Jack having a nightmare once. The number of times he would check on Jack would depend on how late he and Jack would go to bed. It was usually the minimum of three.

"Found you."

The young girl laughed as her older brother pulled her out of her hiding place and started tickling.

"J-Jack s-stop." She said through her laughter.

"Never!" Jack joked as he continued to tickle her. They were playing in a small space in the small wooden house near the fire place.

Their time was cut short as their mother walked in, "Time for bed."

"Can't I stay up for a little longer. Please." Jack's younger sister pleaded.

"Not until your older sweetie. Come on. I want you in bed before your father comes home."

She frowned until Jack ruffled up her hair. He then said, "We have a big day tomorrow. We have to get our rest."

"Okay." She mumbled. Their mother smiled at the connection between the two. Their mother was tucking in her daughter and Jack was watching from his bed across the room.

"Mother can you sing your lullaby please?" She asked lying in her bed.

"Of course dear." Jack silently sat back on his bed and began to listen as his mother sang, stroking his sisters hair.

"I see the moon
The moon sees me
God bless the moon
and God bless me"

Before his mother could continue with the next verse, darkness clouded Jack's vision.

Jack silently gasped and woke up. He let it sink in for a moment. He sat up and held his head. He stood up and opened his window. He felt the cold window around him. It was comforting.

He noticed that it was still dark. It wouldn't be a few more hours until sunrise.

"Again with the memories?" He asked himself.

"The boy is here."

Jack turned around quickly hearing the voice. It was like a whisper, but he heard it. Jack began to eye his room.

Suddenly he heard a crashing from outside his bedroom and a yell.

"North!" Jack yelled grabbing his staff racing out of the room, completely forgetting about the voice he heard. Jack didn't notice as he ran out two golden orbs watching him from the shadows.

The lullaby is one that I found from a verse from an unknown author. It was about the moon soooo I chose it. And since Jack sister doesn't have a confirmed name, I'll do my best to avoid saying her name. Because it isn't Pippa. The voice actress just voiced both of them.

Sorry if it was boring the next chapter will be more exciting.

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