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Chapter 1

Don't go

January 23, 2013

* Phone rings *

" Hello?" Answered a certain ghost boy

" Yes is this Mr. Fenton/ Phantom? " Said the unknown voice

" Yea. Who is this. And why you calling at... * looks at alarm clock * 4:30 in the morning?" " Well sir, there is a convention at London you need to attend. It is optional. But it is very important that you come to the convention." Said the voice in the other line

" Danny? Who are you talking to? " Groaned Sam Manson who was currently laying on the other side of the bed.

Sam and Danny have been dating for 6 almost 7 years. Danny moved into his own apartment and he asked Sam if she wanted to stay with him. 1 week later the apartment had a few boxes in it, which are Sam boxes, but they quickly unpacked it all. now Sam has been living in Danny's apartment for over a month now. ( I will explain what happened to Amity later and what Danny, Sam, and yes even Tucker )

" Nobody, just go back to sleep OK? " Danny said

" OK. Love you. " Sam said

" Love you too " He leaned down and met her lips in a sweet but passionate kiss. When they parted Sam smiled up at Danny and snuggled against her pillow.

" Sir? " Said the unknown voice " Are you there?"

" Yes. I'm sorry I was talking to my girlfriend. How about I will call you tomorrow and I will have my answer by then OK?" Danny asked hoping the guy would say yes so he could go back to bed

" Yes sir. " " And please don't call me sir, just call me Danny "

" OK...Danny " Said the stranger

" Good night. Well, Good morning. " chuckled Danny

" You too sir, I mean Danny " The stranger quickly corrected

* The line goes dead *

Danny snuggled on the bed and wrapped his strong arms around Sam's tiny waist and kissed her forehead. He went to sleep with a grin on his face. Unbeknownst to Danny the stranger was the one and only Vlad Masters who returned from space will sworn revenge.

Phantasma ( Phantom )

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