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His breath quickened and his heart raced against his chest; seeing his own symbol wasn't just a thrilling sight but drowned his heart in the heart warming filling. All the memories and love flooded back into his mind. Jumbling his thoughts and his sorrow.


"Are you sure about this?" Sam asked. Her voice laced with fear yet curiosity. "No. But you saw those things, those monsters, ghosts!" Danny panicked, throwing his hands down, eyes bulging out. "Those ghosts where attacking our school! Besides…" Danny paused turning to the metallic portal that faced him. Wires running through, ringing could be heard from the monstrous technology that could very well end his life. "I always wanted to go in there." A smile spread from cheek to cheek in excitement. "Who knows what kind of super cool things exist on the other side of that portal?"

Sam, with a look of uncertainty crossing her face, throws a white and black HAZMAT suit in Danny's direction. Having caught with ease, the boy quickly undressed and zipped into the suit. "Well, he goes everything." "Wait a minute." Sam interrupted. Walking towards Danny, she ripped the Jack Fenton sticker, replacing it with a black 'D' with a 'P' in the inside. "Uh...what is that?" Danny asked, his eyebrows raised. "Just…trust me okay?" Replying with hands on her hips, a smile coming to her face for the first time.

Turning around, staring into the portal for what may be the last time. Danny turned and slowly walk into the metal machine. 'Please don't die, please don't die.' He thought to himself. Pressing the green 'ON' button, a loud beep sounded the quiet area. In an instant, a flash of light streamed from the portal, as did Danny's screams. The ectoplasm- infused electricity surged throughout his entire body. He felt it change every molecule, painfully, as if he had been struck by lightning. Soon the flash dimmed, and he stumbled out of the portal that was now glowing with green swirls of light. He gasped, holding his head and fell forward.

"Danny, are you-" Sam tried to catch him in her arms, but he phased through her fingertips. "You're a ghost…again!" Sam said excitedly "Your right. I am a ghost!"

Flashback end

The shocked expression soon changed into one of excitement. His same, goofy smile made its way to his lips.

Without breaking his gaze, never leaving eye contact with his symbol, his rough hands slowly reached at the center of his chest where almost a year ago his symbol once stuck proudly. "One day, I'm going to have my life back. Everything. Even my boy." Raising his head towards the now rising sun; the warmth of the golden rays seeping a comfort and secure feeling into his cool, hard body.

"Will I ever come home, meet our son, love you and have a life ever again? Will I die without saying good-bye?"

A small hush was passed into the panicking man's ear. "You're coming back. You're going to meet out son, you're going to wake with me in your arms. We're going to grow old and share our memories with our grandchildren and watch as they run around and playing in the grass like we used to do when we were young." A small hand ran up his stomach to his chest slowly and rubbed his chest with the pad of her thumb. "I love you and your love for our family is going to keep you running. You understand?" Danny nodded his head in understanding.

Soft lips peck Danny's cheek. "Good-bye my love." The final words hanged in the air, leaving without a single trace in sight. Danny's immediately snapped open, attempting to grasp the wind but instead it just continue flow. "Sammy come back." Danny whispered.

"Hey dude!" Shouted one of the strangers below, rudely snapping the man out of his thoughts. "You can't be up there!" Danny sighed looking down toward a young, hooded, teenager. Slowly, the teen pulled their hood down, revealing a young girl about 16 or 18 years old. "What's your name?" She called "Danny! What's yours?" The girl smiled, taking a sip from her drink she held in her left hand. "Tatiana! But most people call me Locket! Can you get down here? I hate yelling without any real purpose!" The girl known as 'Tatiana' requested. Danny chuckled "Sure." Walking down the steep hill, Danny stepped toward the girl. "How old are you Tatiana? You look like in high school or a college kid. Bursting into a fit of laughter, Tatiana looked at Danny, tears brimming her eyes. "Man, do I look that old? I'm only 13 dude! Nowhere NEAR a college kid. But I am going to be in high school next year." Danny's jaw dropped. 'There is no WAY this girl is 13 years old.'

Danny slowly took her appearance in once again. The first thing he noticed was the teen's chestnut brown hair with beautiful golden streaks ran up and down her long hair. She had a body of an Olympic swimmer, curvier than any regular 13 year old girl he had EVER seen. Arms slender yet fit and full of muscle. A thick 2 inch scar was noticed on her left forearm. But, what caught Danny's attention the most were her eyes.

His eyes. Emerald green glowed back at himself as if a mirror were staring right back. Below her right eye was a 1 inch faded scar. 'Man…for this girl's age she has a lot of scars.' One thing was DEFINATLY certain.

This girl isn't normal…

YEP! That's right! I put myself in this story! The only difference is my eyes definitely don't glow for starters. But I DO have bright green eyes (YAY!). So can you guess what am I to Danny in this story? Where did I come from? Will I finish my popcorn in time? I guess that's saved for the next chapee!