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Teaser- In Name Only- Katniss and Peeta's First Valentine's Day

"We're home," he announced when they pulled into the drive, it wasn't a moment too soon because Katniss was just about to reach into his pants.

She smiled at him seductively, "What are you going to home to me, now that you got me?"

"Do you mean, 'what am I going to do to you, now that I've got you home?'"

She smiled wide and squinted, making her nose wrinkle in the cutest way, "Isn't that what I said?"

"No," he answered and parked the car.

Katniss giggled heartily as Peeta opened the car door, she slid out behind him, nearly tumbled to the ground. He caught her around the waist and guided his tipsy wife to the house.

"Hey, Peeta?"

"Yes?" he replied and opened the door.

"Before you came over to the table, that man said something to me…I've heard the word before but I don't know what it exactly means," she said shyly.

He let her go so he could face her, "What did he say to you?"

"He said that 'I look I would be fun to…um…fuck'," she whispered the last word and Peeta felt the fury rise in him. I should have punched that asshole a few more times. He wanted to go back to the bar simply to go ring the bastard's called him back to reality, "What does it mean exactly? I know that it is a very bad word, I've heard only a couple of times before."

"It means," he searched for the right words, "fornication, and sex simply for sake of sex. Sort of like animals."

"Oh…Do you ever want to do that to me?" she posed with a mix of innocence and curiously.

It was a hard question to answer. The thought of taking her hard and rough, was a fantasy that he usually didn't allow himself. In all the time he'd spent dreaming about them together it was always love making; deep and meaningful. Never did he allow himself to imagine just simple fornication. He was always telling himself that she was too inexperienced, naïve, and most importantly his wife, and not to be used in such a way. But sometimes, he had to admit, that he thought about making love to his wife in a wanton way, he wanted to hear her impassioned cries as he thrust into her deeply.

He had to be honest with her, "I wouldn't use the word 'fuck' but yes there are times, that I would like to…um…," he searched for the right word, "ravage you."

He felt Katniss shiver with the words and she smiled at him with hooded eyes, "Then why don't you?"

Peeta couldn't believe what he had just heard, "Is that what you want tonight?"

She nodded and then pulled on his tie to bring his lips to her in a heated kiss. She inhaled his lower lip into her mouth and worried it with her teeth. One of her hands traveled to his fly and groped him through his pants, and he instantly began to stiffen again.

He chucked, "I thought that you wanted me to ravage you."

She proposed, "Maybe we can take turns ravaging each other."

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