Hello reader...

... or perhaps I should say, Lost Soul. I truly hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, there is no tender way to put this. Im left with no choice but to come right out and say it. You see, you and I, well... were dead. If it makes it easier to hear, we have parished and if a softer delivery is still necessary ... you bucket has been kicked.

We can no longer call Equestria, Earth, Langramore, Nemoria, or whatever world you arrived from, our home our souls, wheather good or evil now exist inside the Scroll. Were waiting for our chance to be reborn on one of the many new worlds.

I know none of this makes sense and your probrably asking your self "Wolf, What are you talking about?" I would be forced to answer by saying: your homeworld is gone. you just have to deal with it.

But know this, Im not without compassion. I am glad your soul was pulled out of the darkness and into the Book with me. I also know you are confused and have many questions, not to mention a fair amount of stress wich has surfaced because of your newfound revalation, but it will get better I promise. Hang in tere while I try to explain the situation.

The Book, also known as the book of immortality, has asked me to explain a great number of things to help benefit you. First there was a series of God Wars witch lasted a bit over 3,000 years. It was during this period of constant that these so called deities, that the whole entire cosmos ceased to exist. I say "so called" because I am still not convinced that they should be called gods at all.

Second, along with your beloved home world, the the places that we all knew as heaven and hell, everything that you had understood, and everything you cherished as your own, has been exploded into countless peices of matter and mass. The sadness of this devastation still wanders through space.

I know knews of this nature can be depressing and that many of you think that this is a big pile of shit. But I tell you know that all of this is true and that you need to embrace it instead of fighting against it. I know it's hard to grasp the idea that your soul is stuck in a book, but again hang in there many answers will be revieled as I move forward with the telling of the Krystal Sun.

Before all of this I was just your normal old pony who liked to write strories and read books I was all black with a midnight blue mane that had a yellow streak through it. And now im hear as your official eternal storyteller to quide you through all of it.

Thus I welcome you to the worlds of the Krystal Sun and let us begin with the first of many stories. And I tell you know that these stories aren't for the light of heart so you have been warned.

And yet all is not lost, three individuals have been chosen to take on the new world. weather they succeed or fail is there choice entirely. so lets begin the journy with one of the three chosen.

Manehatten, Equestria

The hometown of Silver Hoof

Silver Hoof held a stethoscope up to a young fillies chest and told her to take three deep breathes. The filly jumped as the cold metal touched her coat. One he detemined that the filly was in good health and the Flu-like sympoms could be treated with over the counter medications, he wrote out his recommendations and handed them to the fillies mother.

"Mrs. Been I would like to thank you for bringing in Lima to see me. these should do the trick and she should be fine in a couple of days."

Forcing a smile, Silver gave a few other words of encouragment, the nodded to the women before leaving the room. As he left to see his next patient, his smile faded. He grimaced and whispered under his breath. 'Great, just what i want to see, another inconvenience, at least if tonight goes well I wont have to do this anymoore.'

Silver was muscular and very defined, For his size and weight he was in exemplary shape. He also wasn't what most ponies would call a normal doctor. He had a bit of a darkside, though to what extent he didn't know. He trained for most of his life in the mixed martial arts, he would train tirelessly day and night making himself better and tonight was his first big fight, his first professional fight.

For the last four years, Silver had fought as an amateur. Prior to that, he spent two years learning the basics. When he started in the sport, now his passion, his friend, Monarch, used Silver as a living punching bag. He grew accustomed to the constant beating and being the great friend that Monarch was, he was more than happy to deliver the lessons.

It was this friend also a professional fighter, who had been instrumental in Silvers progress and transformation into the machine he was inside the cage. Nine years his elder, Monarch was one of the few ponies that actually understood Silvers motivation when the decision was made to learn the sport. Silver benefited from Monarchs teaching, savagely absorbing the experience, and knowledge.

Today could be the beginning of Silvers fame and stardom, paving the way to leave the medical profession, one which he loathed and never desired, for a professional carrier in mixed martial arts.

Silver was a different breed of fighter and had a reputation for potential greatness outside of the cage. He was already known around Equestria for his superior intelligence, graduating Celestias School for Gifted Unicorns at the age of ten, and finishing his bachelors in science just after turning thirteen. He even earned his medical degree before turning sixteen. All in all he was a walking book of knowledge kinda like the late Twilight Sparkle. His unparralleled ability to retain data ceased to amaze the professors at the Academy not to include all of Equestria, but he often failed to show his brilliance.

Trying to fit in, Silver would intentionally hold back, limiting himself. He didn't want to be the freak, the brain, or the nerd the other colts and fillies didn't want to be around. He tried hard to hide his genius, studying only what was necessary to appease his father, but his effort to blend in was often ruined by his need to take charge of the situation which created the opposite effect he was desiring.

Despite his desire too please his overbearing father, Silver was unable to practice in the field of medicine. The medical community left him out in the rain, saying that he was to young, that he wasn't mature enough to perform any type of patient care, let alone surgery. He was simply to young to handle the real world responsibilities until he turned eighteen and was employable.

Celestia supported this assesment after a number of private meetings, ruling Silver had to be of legal age before becoming a sergeon. To silver, they were all prejudice; an evil empire bound and determined to hold him back.

Celestia's ruling turned out to be the right call. Although a genius, Silver was over- confident, hot tempered, quick to react, and lacked common sense at times. On the day of the ruling, Silver stormed out of the throne room. " I hate you Celestia" he screamed. " Your a fool! You'll need me someday and and I wont be there for you!" He slapped the heavy golden doors as they closed behind him.

Silver father fought the ruling trying to appease to Celestia, but was met with another rejection which thrust another jab into sames pride and feuled his anger, testing his relationship with his father.

Unable to control his hotstility, Silvers anger had finnaly gotten the best of him. His father, again trying to help, believed Silver needed guidance from somepony who could remain objective about his growing hostility. A counselor was brought in to asses Silvers inability to handle everyday life and figure out a course of action.

Swirl, Silvers counselor, suggested a physical outlet, one where he could use his body to release the bottled up emotions. After many talks ans conversations the decision was made to learn mixed martial arts as a way to channel his negative energy. The plan worked. In fact, it more than worked. Silver discovered another gift. He could fight, and fight well, and because of this, a real smile had finally found his face.

Not only was Silver a good fight, but he soon learned that he was an adrenaline junkie and found this brutal sport to be to be the best thing that had happened to him. He no longer had to work for an emotional release. Along with healing ponies as a doctor, like his father always wanted him to be, he would silence the hatred for the medical profession by beating people up, unknowingly scarring his soul and feeding the demon hidden within the deepest of shadows within his mind.

Sams medical career developed, despite his pleas to the family to give up on the medical practice. He hated the decision that his father had made to open a practice, but family money was to be obeyed. On the day of Silvers eighteenth birthday, the red ribbon was cut. The press in attendance questioned "Silver how does it feel to be the head doctor of a thirteen story facility? Does it feel overwhelming at your age?"

"Okay, okay, lets put this into perspective. What my dad want's, is usually what my dad gets. Besides, I'm really not the head of anything and if you think that I am then you were misguided." Silver walked off and mumbled under his breath. " This is his dream, not mine."

The old mans decision to open up the practice wasn't without it's benefits though it had a certain flexability to it. He manipulated the situation and abandoned his father dream of him becoming and trauma surgeon, a position his dad revered and would have been able to sate Silvers hunger to take charge.

Silvers plotting would give him more time for the sport he loved and his father accepted the compromise, despite his disgust with the barbaric choice to find fame in the cages of MMA. Now, Silvers life had become a balancing act between the family buisness, patiens, training, and his love, fighting.

Thanks to Silvers Equestrian wide reputation for brilliance, the family practice was an immediate success. Just as his father had immagined, other eager, high acheaving doctors came to work for them because of the publicity they would recieve. Silvers reputation was a pot of gold, but even with all the fuss, he kept his personal patient load to a minimum, and always kept time for his passion.

Tonight sames fight would be in Las Pegusus. As he left his office on the thirteenth floor, a white pegusus with a dark brown mane hoofed him his train ticket and winked. "Go get 'em champ. Oh and thank for the raise now I can afford to go to the fight, also I'm taking a bunch of my friends with me, though it is going to be weird seeing you in the ring."

Silver smiled "Ive got to hurry but ill see you there, wish me luck."

"Good luck." Shine responded. As she watched him leave, she exhaled "I so want that."