A Willow & Tara Tale by Georgina Fox

Willow never met Buffy. The hell mouth never opened in season 1. The world never ended. Willow doesn't know what a vampire is. Set season 4. Willows Story.

All I could think when I first walked onto the UC Sunnydale campus was how big it was! I never really knew how exciting it would be. I didn't think it was exciting until I saw the most incredible girl. She had blonde hair down to her shoulders, defined cheek bones and the most incredible eyes. I saw her only for a minute, but it was a good minute. She was walking past me as I was getting my student I.D. and I had turned to watch her walk away but I just saw her staring at me. By the time I got out 5 minutes later she was gone, a faded hope.

After looking around campus for 10 minutes I finally found my dorm room, the door said: "Room 192, Stevenson, Willow Rosenberg and Tara MaClay". At first I thought nothing of it, but when I opened the door I saw the mystery girl, Tara. When she turned and looked at me I saw a very happy look in her eyes. "H-hi, M-my name is T-Tara. You must be W-Willow?" She asked. Her voice was beautiful! "Yeah, I'm Willow. Who'd of thought we would be sharing a dorm?" She giggles slightly, "Yeah, after this morning I thought I would never see you again… You know, Willow, I feel like we are gonna be really good friends!" I smiled at that thought "Yeah" I replied "I think we will."

As I was setting up my half of the room I saw a book with the title "Levitation Spells", "You believe in this stuff?" I say reading the open page. "Oh, yeah" Tara replied shyly "My family is into the occult". I really wasn't expecting that! "Oh, that's cool." I couldn't think of anything else to say. I was thinking hard so I probably looked dead. "Are you okay?" Tara's words jolted me back into consciousness. "Huh? Oh yeah. I'm uh, I'm fine. Do they work?" I kind of wanted to try, just for the intimacy. "Well yeah." Tara said as if it were obvious. "Do you wanna try?" Her invitation got me very interested. "I would love to Tara! What will we float?" Tara looked around the room then picked up a rose. She took the spell book and turned to a page at the beginning then handed it back to me. "I know the spell by heart. But you might need to read it." I thanked her as I started reading. It looked a bit stupid to me; But Tara likes it so I tried it.

"Are you ready?" Tara asked a few minutes later. "Yeah I think so." We sat in the middle of the dorm, held hands around the rose and chanted "Oh lady of air, with power over the winds, Levitate for me this humble rose, set the air free." Suddenly I felt a rush of wind and when I opened my eyes I saw the rose floating above my head. It was the most incredible thing I had ever seen. We were getting along magically and it seemed nothing in the world was going to disturb us. Then without any warning there was a knock on the door.