TF FanFiction 1.19

Baby Talk

Alo~ ^o^ I know I've been writing a lot about the perfect pair at present age and older years, so this time I decided to do something different... And by different, I mean writing the perfect pair when they were just adorable little babies. *squeals for cuteness* Like a quick peek on what could possibly go through in their minds, now wouldn't anyone like to know, ne? ^w^ Oh, by the way, I included here the song my mom used to sing to me as a lullaby, 'Close to You' by The Carpenters. Love the song! *shyly blushing* And so, without further ado, here's my latest project, Baby Talk. I'll be under your care, then, minna! Enjoy~! ^_~

Disclaimer: Mine... never going to happen.


TF FanFiction 1.19
Baby Talk

It's another bright and sunny day at Poppy Playhouse, as they once again entertain a full-house of very bright and active youngster. This is the ideal place where families would leave their kids to be cared for in their place, as they dutifully accomplish their tasks as responsible parents. In this happy place, the guardians' goal is mainly to make everyday a blast for the kiddies, as the children run and play energetically in the wide open playground, toddlers fluttering enthusiastically about the indoor wonderlands (bubbleball land, storyland, nappy Z's, yum-yum palace, pizazz piazza, fluffymalandia, etc.), and cute babies having a wonderful 'babies-rule-the-world' time in their very own playpen.

It was always refreshing to watch the kids having the time of their lives, especially the babies, who are having a ball playing with each other, so carefree and all, as heard from their excited giggling and laughters.

Well, all of them were, save for one cuddly chocolate-haired child, who remained by himself - ever so behaved and quiet for a kid his age - sitting near the red fence and amazingly constructing a miniature version of what seemed to be the famous Tokyo Tower from his surrounding pool of Lego blocks. Every adult could deduce this child is specially smart, always leaving them in awe as they unconsciously watch him surpass their every expectations. And even if it is too early to be said, they couldn't really argue with the fact that this child wonder is just too perfect, if only he was more social and carefree as his peers.

Such is the child Tezuka Kunimitsu was, silent but deadly... Hmm, that maybe too strong a word, but with such cuteness, the lady guardians could attest that when he grows up, he would definitely be the smartest and handsomest lady killer of his time. But upon hearing the guardians squeal their fantasies about him, Kunimitsu only let out a sigh. "Ah... jiji onde agugu ju eh... (Ah... this is going to be a long day...)"

Upon catching his reaction, a couple of the guardians squealed again, pinching his cheeks with adoration. At such young age, he knew that it would be rude to swat their annoying touchiness away, plus he is not a violent kid to begin with, and so settled with glaring at the two with as much fierceness his big hazel bug-eyes and cherry pouting lips could manage... Much to his discomfort, though, the guardians only found his reaction too-adorable-for-comfort, and showered him more affection. =w=

Normally, Kunimitsu is a patient boy, but all the invasion of his personal space was getting on his nerve, feeling his eyebrow twitch for a second, even pondering on the idea of actually biting those hands off of himself... When the door of the nursery opened, revealing another customer, who thankfully took the guardians' attention away from him. And he took this opportunity to crawl a couple of arm length away from the red fence (so that the guardians couldn't and wouldn't reach him unless they are too dense and insistent) with his Lego blocks in tow, but kept an open ear at the conversing group near the door.

The mother was holding a little girl about 4-5 years of age in one hand, while carrying a boy about his own age with the other, and telling the guardians to please take care of her precious son for the day, as she has to take her daughter to a dental appointment and do some grocery shopping afterwards. In response the guardians, being cordial as they were, accepted the responsibility with bright smiles as they gently took the boy from the mother. And after a few more words of exchange with the girls and loving vibes within the family members, the mother and daughter left the premises.

"Ancha vumvum... (Another victim...)" Kunimitsu mumbled his thought to no one in particular, as he focused once more to his current feat at hand, grateful but wary of being left on his own.

Then, he heard a chuckle that sounded pleasantly like snow belles, making him nearly jump a jolt if not for his control, and turned his head towards the sudden appearance of a companion in front of him.

"Waah~ unha pichurui! (Waah~ nice pine tree!)" exclaimed the smaller boy - whom he just noted was mesmerizing with his honey brown locks and a close-eyed disarming smile - clapping his small hands in evident awe.

It was undeniable that the boy, who had no qualm approaching him, surprised Kunimitsu, but instead of being dazed, which he felt would be so unlike him, he settled on invisibly raising an eyebrow - thinking that the boy was another simple baby, though he really doesn't have anything against being ordinary, just the part of being indifferent - and gave the boy a monosyllabic answer. "No."

The angelic boy before him gleefully laughed again, which was the farthest he expected as a reaction. Mostly when Kunimitsu does this kind of respond, his peers would very much be intimidated, would back away, and leave him alone, but this boy seemed not to be affected by his mannerism and even began tinkering with the stray Lego blocks - collecting the smallest white ones - with his small Snowdrop hands, making him look ... more adorable in his eyes. And he knew, even without really comprehending what it meant, that his face is blushing in chiffon pink, causing Kunimitsu to avert his gaze from his still unnamed companion, with a slight frown gracing his youthful features.

"Mou...pijudahn aja (Mou... please don't frown like that)," he heard the boy coo between his playfully teasing pout, whilst poking between Kunimitsu's eyebrows, "gumene fuu da ki. Uhmo pichuji du Tochu Twa. Tefu ni ahnmama pufu maju chi achu juju. (I'm sorry for laughing. I know you're building the Tokyo Tower. It's delightful, really, and almost a perfect match to the actual structure.)"

"Hn." Kunimitsu accepted the apology with a curt nod, shaking his head slightly so to remove the boy's finger from his face, as he dutifully tried to return to finishing his structure, and saying nothing more.

But the close-eyed boy wasn't convinced that the silent kid accepted his sincerity... Well, mainly because Kunimitsu hadn't looked at him even after he apologized, yet his smile only grew in amusement. "Ano... chiji? (Ano... see here?)" The smaller boy, then, offered him the blocks he had been playing with just moments ago, making the tousle-haired youth turn his attention to the grouped blocks by his immediate side and up to the angelic boy's knowing smile. "Achite shuugi dha yu Lijo bokshi foju at. Sophi aji teh ahnbi fweji, ne? (I've even help sort the white Lego blocks for your light. So please accept them and let's be friends, ne?)"

Kunimitsu's big hazels blinked at the white block in his companion's little hand, then back again to that disarming smile. "..."

"Pui? (Please?)" The smiling cherubim leaned a bit towards him with anticipation.

"..." In all honesty, Kunimitsu was kind if surprised that someone was willingly offering him friendship, despite - and he is fully aware of this - his lack of social ability that often drives his bedazzled peers away... and, for once, he's not quite sure what to do with that.

"Pui? (Please?)" The laburnum-haired boy proffered again, though in his sharp senses, the former's smile seemed to have minusculely diminished, hinting of a foreboding sadness at he possibility of being rejected.

From the looks of the cherubim, seems like he hadn't ever experienced being rejected before, that even Kunimitsu is having a hard time turning the boy away, and had unexpectedly reached his own left hand towards the extended one before him. "Ah. Aju- (Ah. Thank yo-)"

Evidently, his action had pleased the boy, who had eagerly enveloped Kunimitsu's hand with both of his, and merrily shook it in acquaintance. "Saa~ Uhnika~! Juu mi Fuo Shuki. (Saa~ I'm so glad~! By the way, I'm Fuji Syuusuke.)"

"Tushka Kumichou, (Tezuka Kunimitsu,)" Kunimitsu curted Syuusuke another nod, feeling his cherry lips tugged a smile before he even realized himself doing so, "pui udahn fweji anju. (pleased to be friends with you.)"

"Oh, look quick!" one of the lady guardians broke into a delighted squeal. "Kunimitsu-kun just made a friend with Syuusuke-kun! And is actually talking with him."

"And Kunimitsu-kun actually smiled, while holding hands with Syuusuke-kun~ so kawaii~" responded the other girl, while enthusiastically pointing at the boy's intertwined hands.

Taking note of what the guardians' words will translate in action, Kunimitsu let out another sigh, as his free right hand gently reach for his temples, awaiting for the foreboding round of unwarranted cuddling and cheek-pinching. He waited... 1... 2... 3... But when none came, he slowly peeked - first with one eye, then both - and heaved a relieved sigh upon noticing that their guardians had remained outside the playpen fence... and seemed to be frozen on the spot?

Frowning a bit on the oddity of the scene before them, the chocolate-haired youth turned his face towards Syuusuke, and soon realized the cause of the guardians' stunned state...

The cherub had his eyes opened, fully revealing his piercing azure - so strikingly sharp, they could cut slices -, as his smile twitch in impish challenge, as if to say 'try-if-you-dare-but-suffer-at-your-own-peril.' The stare is disturbingly intense, but he just couldn't help but think that Syuusuke just grew more beautiful with his genuine fierceness. Such looming dominance flared from those azure, inspiring Kunimitsu to assert, practice, and develop his own strength with just the flicker of his golden orbs for his years to come.

As he was embedding the will in his intellectual mind, Kunimitsu's big embers flew down to his still enclosed left hand... Those Snowdrop hands felt so soft... so smooth... so comfortable... And his mind was reeling blissfully once more of his friend's warmth, making him slightly blush. "Shuki... (Syuusuke...)"

The cherub looked back a Kunimitsu, his beady sparkling sapphires and adorable smile softening in glee. The diversion allowed the guardians shiver away their momentary yips and slip out of the room for a breather, though both boy didn't really pay them anymore mind. Taking in that his friend wasn't going to speak, Syuusuke cocked his head in question. "Nani chi, Kumichou? (What is it, Kunimitsu?)"

"..." Kunimitsu, averted his eyes to blocks on the floor - as if they were the most interesting things in he world -, and fidgeted his nimble fingers to relaxed himself a response. "Mi twa... (My tower...)"

"Hmm~?" Syuusuke's smile beamed brighter, prodding more words from his friend.

"Mi haju pui, (My hand please,)" Kunimitsu manage to cutely utter, feeling both his ears getting warmer, as he trailed his gaze towards their enlaced hands. After which, he watched how the smaller boy's gaze travel from his reddening face to their hands and back again...

"Saa..." Syuusuke reluctantly released Kunimitsu's hand, but the look of mixed relief and disappointment in those wide brilliant embers didn't escape his vision. His eyes slowly closed in teasing purpose, then... he practically glomped Kunimitsu into a big otoshi-hug, rubbing his cheek-balls affectionately against his friend. "Kawaii Michou~ Mi wachi~(Cute Mitsu~ Me likey~)"

Though Kunimitsu strength was enough to support the sudden force from making them tumble against the rubber mat, it wasn't enough to subdue how brightly scarlet his face had heated up. *.*= No one, with the exception of his immediate family, have ever - EVER - embraced him with such intimacy, but found himself enjoying - though somehow embarrassing - the unrestricted display of friendliness from the bubbly cherub. "Ah. A-ai wachuchu, Shuki... (Ah. I-I like you too, Syuusuke...)"

"Oju? (Really?)" beamed a very delighted Syuusuke, earning a silent but meaningful nod from his friend. Then he resided to hugging Kunimitsu some more, "waah~ wachi daiki~! (waah~ happy likey~!)"

After some more cuddling, Syuusuke finally release his friend and settled back from Kunimitsu, as to give him space to return to his Lego block tower-building. He sat silently for some time, just watching how dutifully and serious the builder fuss about the tower's details. To say the least, it was entertaining, though the close-eyed youth wasn't really one for idling around. So Syuusuke reached for a clean sheet of paper and some crayons laying scattered inside the playpen, and silently began to draw.

The two babies went by like that... a comfortable silent enveloping them, as if they are alone in their own wonderful world... each sneaking a peek at the other every now and then, when they thought the other wasn't looking... In such haven, Syuusuke silently began humming his okaasan's favorite song. His humming volume was so soft, but enough for both to enjoy. (a/n: please imagine the song in minus-one)

~{O Why do birds suddenly appear
~{O Every time you are near?
~{O Just like me
~{O They long to be
~{O Close to you

Kunimitsu paused from his work for a while, savoring the serenely melodic tune only the two of them can hear. It was a nice soothing song he often hear his own okaasan sing to him in lullaby. Then, he turn towards his friends activity, and was amazed at his creation.

~{O Why do stars fall down from the sky
~{O Every time you walk by?
~{O Just like me
~{O They long to be
~{O Close to you

For such a tender age, such talent and precision for graphic details was simply exemplary! Syuusuke was drawing the famed Tokyo Tower in all it glory at the tranquil darkness of the night. If the actual sight of the structure is considered to be breath-taking, the breathing art from those little hands is simply mind-blowing. Even the lady guardians (who are back from their earlier breather) could attest the realization that in Syuusuke resided the perfection of both beauty and brains, the undeniable insignia of a Tensai in the making. With this though, a smile graced young Kunimitsu's lips in pride, humming himself the continuation of the song.

=[O On the day that you were born
=[O The angels got together
=[O And decided to create a dream come true
=[O So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold
=[O And starlight in your eyes of blue.

If Syuusuke was surprised that Kunimitsu knew and hummed the song, he didn't show it, but an evidently genuine smile danced on his supple lips, as his cheek tinted of faint carnations. Together in their own little wonderland, a duet ensued as they resumed their playworks.

+{O That is why all the girls in town
+{O Follow you all around
+{O Just like me
+{O They long to be
+{O Close to you

Out of the blue huge shadow of girl about three years of aged hovered over them, as if drawn or implied by their song's lyrics - or not -, and both boys immediately looked upwards the intruder...

Angelica Pickles (a/n: yes, a crossover from the cartoon entitled 'The Rugrats' :D) smirked haughtily, one that only meant trouble for her unsuspecting victim (a side-glance pointed that their guardians were once more nowhere in sight). With a prideful stomp, she practically grabbed - stole - the beautiful art Syuusuke had lovingly been working on, and sneered at piece. "You, dumb babies, really have weird crappy tastes, don't you? This picture look more like a bottle of spoiled milk spilled over a paper!" She, then, shovingly presented her horribly balding doll to both boy in boastful delight. "See how beautiful I've made my world-class model, Cynthia? This, you dumb babies, is what you call art! You should really learn form a great artist, like moi~!" the blond girl ended, even making a pose of dominance.

Syuusuke was in no way entertained by the girl's rudeness, but whatever rage brewed within his petit form is completely concealed by his pleasant but undeniably disturbing smile. His cerulean orbs flickered ablaze once more, though this had gone unnoticed by the ignoramus 'princess.' Nevertheless, Kunimitsu knew all too well that his friend was totally irked... That if 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,' then it is sage to say that 'Ragnarok hath no fury like Syuusuke pissed.' And even in the midst of the blond ogress, Kunimitsu smiled in awe and admiration for his cherub's bravery, but knew he had to do something before the latter actually hurt the girl permanently.

Unfortunately, though, Kunimitsu's invisible smile didn't escape Angelica's notice, and she had turned her destructive attention to him. "And you, chocolate head, do I look funny to you? Think you're so smart and great building trash like that? Who exactly are you kidding, dumb brat?" She rested her arm heavily onto his Lego structure, before unhesitatingly kicked 'his' Tokyo Tower into ruins. "You, dumb babies, will never - EVER - surpass a genius that is me, the great princess Angelica Pickles!"

By now, Kunimitsu was furious! His ember golds burn in scorching glares, rising the already burning tension. But, once again, this had gone unnoticed, as the girl continued to babble on and on with her unwelcomed speech. This nonsensical display was seriously beginning to give him a headache... That is, until Syusuuke's childish cackle sliced through her speech, effectively silencing the talkative spoiled-rotten princess.

It was only by then that the tousle-hair boy noticed the 'real' Tensai was clapping merrily behind the unsuspecting Angelica. Apparently, Syuusuke had sneaked stealthily behind the three-year-old and tied her shoelaces in 'Doctor Quack Quack' knots.

Thinking that Syuusuke was making fun of her, Angelica rampagingly turned toward the chuckling baby... But epically failed to do so, as she awesomely tripped with a loud 'KABLAGH!' before the entire baby populace. At that very same instant, Cynthia had projectiled away from Angelica's grip, flying in the air as if in slow-motion...

Without hesitation, Kunimitsu reach a tight grip over his swirlypop-shaped rattle (a/n: this could have very well been his very first racket, ne? =w=), hidden strategically behind his jumper, and with perfect precision, hit the poor doll out of the room for good.

"CYNTHIIIAAAAA!" Angelica watched in horror as her prided doll 'escaped' from her, running - and hillariously tripping over numerous times - after it hastily out of the room.

It was least to assume that Angelica had told on what they did, but she had no actual evident to prove her words true. Besides, anyone who would even think that such cute angels - Syuusuke is beaming with a shining 'innocent' smile, Kunimitsu is enthusiastically swinging his swirlypop-shaped rattle, whilst the rest of the babies went on with their adorable games - are capable of overpowering their senior of three year, is definitely insane. Adults are that simple-minded, thinking that there is no chance to such possibility. And so the guardians strictly reprimanded the hysterical princess, and made her sit at the detention seat - meaning that she also wouldn't be receiving a gold star for the day, and definitely no ice cream! :P

Very much to everyone's entertainment, the babies laughed and cackled in cheerful chorus at Angelica's deserved punishment. (a/n: laps, if you can even call running and tumbling after her doll just that. D) Then, the other babies hoarded around the two brunettes with merited respect and admiration, and they united in mutual consensus of Kunimitsu's and Syusuuke's veneration. Amusing, really, how a simple event changes a lot of things... but rightfully justified revenge will always feel sweet, even to the youngest of bright minds. ^^~

Just as babies enjoying themselves once more, Mr. Hoot-hoot hooted the signal for their nappy time. One by one the babies were gently scooped from their playpen, fed their afternoon milk, and lulled to sleep in the cribs. The babies already understood the process, those who wasn't familiar just went with the flow, and all obediently crawled towards the lady guardians, awaiting for their turn...

Kunimitsu, too, understood this very well, but he didn't want to be separated from his friend so soon, that he decidedly latched his hand over Syuusuke's own. The cherub, in turn, just smiled in adorable understanding, sending his friend a warm squeeze. And when came their turn to be picked-up, neither had any intention of letting the other go, leaving the guardians no other choice than put them both is a single crib.

"Dear grace, what are these things?!" surprisedly asked one of the lady guardians, as she held up a bottle of green slushy liquid (labeled Fuji) and a bottle of lite yellowish liquid (labeled Tezuka).

"Now, those are really interesting colors for milk, don't you agree?" the other replied, eying the bottles interestedly. "Maybe those are the crazed flavored-milk kids love these days... Hmm... Let's see," she took Kunimitsu's yellowish milk and allowed a drop on her finger for taste. Her eyes immediately widened in delight, and revealed her finding, "I was right! This one's a green milk-tea with a pinch of honey-lemon."

Kunimitsu, who was watching the ordeal, looked expectantly at his milk bottle, extending his free hand in askance. The guardian obligingly gave him his bottle, softly patted his head, before turning her attention to the other guardian once more, allowing the boy to savor the exquisite taste of his milk. It was really good - not too sweet, not too bland, just the perfect mix Kunimitsu liked his milk to be.

"Is it that good?" the first guardian asked, earning a bobbing nod from her colleague. Letting out a sigh of relief, she focused on Syuusuke's greenish milk in her hand, "I wonder if this is a sweet apple-flavored milk, or something refreshingly like avocado-flavored milk... Either way there's only one way to find out." She carefully dropped a couple of warm liquid on her finger and tasted in haste of discovery. What she didn't expect, though, was the sudden burst of concentrated spiciness painting over her taste-buds. Her eyes dilated wide, as she pantingly fanned her lips and asked for water. Curiosity was clear on the other guardian's eyes, and the taster revealed the milk's flavor after gulping down a whole glass of water in one swig, "Wasabi! Gawd! That was sure spicy, I can almost feel my tongue going numb on those two drops!" she exclaimed, showing and inspecting her poor tongue. "There's no way, I'd be giving this milk to Syuusuke, it would be too cruel to-" But a quick look at how Syuusuke eagerly paid attention to his milk bottle - chanting hypnotically, "mi~ku~ (mi~lk~)" - had abruptly stopped the lady guardian from whatever else she was going to say, and instead a look of horror filled her still puffy eyes.

Seeing that their guardian was not intending to give him his milk, Syuusuke began acting on his little tantrum, and threatened the two with his very believable heart-squeezing sniff and welling tears. Of course, there was no way anyone could resist the cherub's charms, and was soon handed his own milk bottlle, though the two watched him intently and cautiously as he sucked the liquid content merrily. Who cares what they think, Syuusuke liked his milk hot and spicy~ Besides, he's quite enjoying the view of their guardian's gapingly disbelieving faces! D

Not long after, all the bottles were collected from the peacefully sleeping babies, with the guardian quietly slipping out of the dimly lit room, so as not to disturb the serene tranquility of deep slumber...

"Ne, Kumichou? (Ne, Kunimitsu?)" Syuusuke called onto his friend softly, "an juki? (are you awake?)"

"Ah." Kunimitsu didn't expect his cherub to be awake - didn't know since Syuusuke almost always had his eyes concealed -, though he didn't quite expect him to be asleep for some unexplained reason. Slowly, he shifted under their shared blanket, so that he was now face-to-face with the smiling boy. "Ichumi bajuju? (Is something bothering you?)"

"Ie, iji... (Ie, its just...)" Syuusuke shook his head, though a bashful smile graced his cuteness, "iji mi mama aiwo kushime apichu, anja ah... (its just my okasaan always cradles me to sleep, and I...)"

Noting the unspoken request of his friend, Kunimitsu immediately took Syuusuke's Snowdrop hands with his own little one and reassured the latter of his presence. "Okajii, Shuki, michuru. (It's okay, Syuusuke, I'm here.)"

Syuusuke's smile relaxed, as he shifted himself closer into Kunimitsu, with the latter accommodating him into a soothing embrace. "Aju, Michou... (Thank you, Mitsu...)"

And within that comfortable warmth, both babies were lulled into sweet dreamland... rhythmic breathing... peaceful slumber... and precious smiles...


"Ah! Kawaii, ne~" Yumiko peered at the crib Syuusuke and Kunimitsu were currently occupying. "Okaasan, come look," she silently ran to her mother and tagged her back to the sleeping boys, "Syuusuke made a very cute friend today, and they're even sleeping together, hugging and holding hands."

Yoshiko smiled tenderly at the comforting sight, lightly stroking her little girl's strawberry-brown locks, as she motioned for her to lower her voice.

No such luck, though, for his née-san's excitable voice slowly stirred Syuusuke awake with a soft yawn and a few stretches, that also managed to alert Kunimitsu into consciousness, quietly blinking into recognition.

"Mama! Yumko chichi! (Okasaan! Yumiko née-san!)" Syuusuke cheered and sat-up, clapping his soft hands in obvious delight. Beside him, Kunimitsu also sat-up, quiet and behaved as he had always been, and watched his friend beam genuinely.

"Had a nice day, dear one?" Yoshiko lovingly tickled her son, making Syuusuke chuckle, then playfully took her fingers with his small hands.

"Ajaja! (Very much!)" Syuusuke beamed, taking Kunimitsu's hand in his own once more, "Vumi amaju fweji! (I even made a friend!)"

"Oh, that's just wonderful!" Yumiko smiled, before explaining to her mother - and the lady guardians behind them - what her otouto said (a/n: well, if Angelica Pickles can understand what the babies are saying, surely a gifted seer like Fuji Yumiko could perform better, don't you agree? ^_ ). "Syuusuke said, he enjoyed his stay here, and even made a friend!"

"Really?" Yoshiko probed her baby with much interest, and twinkling Jades, "So, could you tell us your cute friend's name, Syuusuke?"

Upon hearing another mother, much more his cherub's okasaan, call him cute, Kunimitsu unconsciously blush, and tightened his small grip in Syuusuke's hand. This reaction, in turn, made the latter face him with a bright smile, as he answered the question asked. "Michou~ (Mitsu~)"

"Mitsu?" Yumiko cocked her adorable head in curiosity, eliciting an almost inaudible cough/choking sound from Kunimitsu, who found himself at loss on whether to frown or raise an eyebrow at Syuusuke. Yoshiko was curious to know as well, but patiently waited for the answer to be provided, smiling at the wonderful children.

"Tushka Kumichou~! (Tezuka Kunimitsu~!)" Syuusuke answered within giggles, after noticing Kunimitsu's mixed reaction. The chocolate-haired youth just let out a soft sigh in resignation to his friend's childishness, and curted a respectful nod at their seniors.

"Saa... That's a good name, indeed," Yumiko smiled thoughtfully, "and such respectful kid you are, too!" Then, she pleasantly offered a handshake to Kunimitsu, which was firmly accepted. "Nice to meet you Tezuka Kunimitsu!"

"Tezuka Kunimitsu..." Yoshiko repeated the name as if trying to remember or figure out something, watching the children exchange more pleasantries and stories of their day. "Tezuka... Could this child be-"

Yoshiko hadn't able to finish her thought, when she was utterly surprised by a poke at her ticklish side, making her yelp in the most graceful manner, that she quickly turn to the perpetrator...

"Oh, I just knew it had to be you, Yoshiko-chan!" squealed the lady brightly. "And your Yumiko here had grown lovelier since I saw her last."

Hearing her name had immediately caught Yumiko's attention, and she curtsied before her okaasan's friend. "Thank you for the compliment, auntie."

"Yes, it's been years since we last saw each other at Yumiko' first birthday!" recalled Yoshiko delightfully, then slightly motioned her head pointedly back to the crib where the boys were playing with the pillows and blankets, "and as I can see here, you finally have your own little darling, ne? And such cute and well-behaved kid, I must say."

"My prided son, Kunimitsu," Anaya lovingly gazed at her son, when she finally realized that her usually silent child is actually smiling and playing with another baby inside a shared crib. The picture warmed her inside, but threw a questioning gaze at her friend.

"Oh, gomen, my bad," Yoshiko smiled apologetically, before coming beside the crib and scooping up her chuckling son into her arms. "This little angel here is my precious son, Syuusuke. Now, say hi to mommy's friend, dear one."

"Aijiji, (Hi, auntie,)" Syuusuke complied gleefully, while waving his little hand to Anaya.

Anaya beamed at Syuusuke with awe as she gave the baby an affectionate tickle. "Wow! What a very bubbly and bright little boy you are, Syuusuke! I'm sure you and my Kunimitsu will be very good friends, ne?" she asked, earning a melodious giggle and an ecstatic nod from the child.

Both mothers continue to catch up on each other's life, talking about almost anything they can think about, especially about the impending move of the Fuji's from Tokyo to Chiba - almost missing the part where Yumiko asked to be excused from the ladies, as she busied herself with her cards - when a small voice pried into their conversation...

"Shuki... (Syuusuke...)" Kunimitsu called, standing - with support from the railing - at the edge of the crib and tugging softly behind the cherub's jumper.

This made the mothers laugh merrily, remarking how close their boys already were despite their renewed ages. Obligingly, Yoshiko lowered her son to sit inside the crib once more, before going back to her conversation with Anaya.

Syuusuke faced Kunimitsu, trying to read the expression written on the latter's face, as he patted the space beside him for his friend to sit onto. "Michou? (Mitsu?)"

Kunimitsu slowly let go of the railing, crawled and sat beside his cherub, but his gaze was downcast as if in hesitance. It was hard to ask what he wanted, letting a momentary silence pass, as he twiddled with his thumbs. And when he finally knew what he wanted to say, his tongue only allowed a word to summarize his want. "... pui aji... (... please stay...)"

"Oh..." spoken silently was his first response, "gomene... (I'm sorry...)" The smile on Syuusuke's faltered a little, but he is a strong boy, and held his head in check, because he knew he had to reassure the tousle-haired boy of their friendship. "Bujururu me tagen umja... (But I'm sure well meet again someday...)"

"..." Saddening as it is, and as much as he feel the crystal of tears well on his big hazel, Kunimitsu didn't know what else he could and should do. Well, who wouldn't be sad? I mean, you finally found a friend, but you have to be separated for who-knows-how-long on the very same day you met. T-T And despite his inner turmoil, he couldn't find his voice for fear his tears would fall, making his okaasan, his cherub, and everyone else worry, and he definitely didn't want that to happen.

Sensing the surrender in the chocolate-haired youth, Syuusuke let out a soft sight. This isn't like Kunimitsu, and he definitely didn't want a sad Kunimitsu. "Vushuku dah, (Look over there)" he tilted his head to his née-san's direction, which his friend complied to look, "ji aki chichi appa chu? Adan fukumimi... (see the card née-san's holding up for us? That means fated meeting...)"

"Umo, Shu... (But, Syuu...)" began Kunimitsu, now looking into Syuusuke's glimmering blue orbs, though not quite sure what to say.

"Chichi pijitan avumu wo ajiku wi pichi uon, (Née-san's predictions has never been wrong, so I know we'll find each other again,)" Syuusuke reassured Kunimitsu, with a voice filled with warmth and conviction.

Kinimitsu slowly nodded his head, as his small form gradually easing up, while his brain digest his friend's words. They could - and would - still meet in the future, but that doesn't change the fact that, at present, Syuusuke is moving far away from his reach.

"Mou!" Syuusuke pouted, effectively making his friend face him directly now, "Aymi chu rowuja ashumi Michou! (I want to remember a smiling Mitsu!)"

And before Kunimitsu had any chance to react, he felt Syuusuke's index fingers on both corners of his cherry lips, pushing it up into a smile. It was an utterly shocking experience for him... Well, meeting the cherub had given him a lot more surprises than any of his other days - for one, he had been smiling a lot today; nonetheless, the feeling of having Syuusuke's hand against his skin gave him a sort of comfort that made his spirit soar alive once more. Making up his mind, Kunimitsu took both of the laburdum-haired boy's soft hands within his own, and offered Syuusuke a beautiful smile.

Syuusuke noted this smile was somewhat different than the previous ones he saw earlier, and it made him feel special and all fuzzy inside. The cherubs, then, broke into affectionate chuckles, before hugging Kunimitsu from the side. "Ashimuyu jiji gu, ne? (That smile is mine alone, ne?)"

"Hn." Kunimitsu answered truthfully, earning him a kiss on his cheek from Syuusuke. And though not quite understanding the fuzzy feeling inside him, he knew he liked that feeling - genuine love and undiscriminating affection - very much.

Soon it was time for Yoshiko and Anaya to take home their beloved children. Yumiko ran beside her okaasan excitedly, beaming a knowing smile at her otouto and Kunimitsu, making the former smile brighter and the latter avert his gaze from her. Both mothers took their own son into their arm, secretly smiling at each other, knowing that their boys have found a true friend - and/or even more - in each other.

"Ai popuru achuju, Kumichou, (I promise to come back to you soon, Kunimitsu,)" Syuusuke whispered to his friend, as their respective mothers carry them side-by-side.

"Avu yujako popuru, Shuki, (I'll hold you on to that promise, Syuusuke,)" Kunimitsu responded affirmatively, before handing something very precious to him to his friend, "a-aju ku anja... (a-and you can have this...)"

Syuusuke looked at gift with wide open eyes, cocked his head adorably, before blinking a couple of unspoken question to Kunimitsu.

"... J-judan mo fushu... (... S-so that you won't forget...)" Kunimitsu answered, a faint blush painted his youthful face, before continuing with a softer voice, "... mi... (... me...)"

Syuusuke slowly reached for the swirlypop-shaped rattle, shook it, listened to symphonic tapping sounds. His crystalline blue orbs sparkled with happiness. "Aju... Ai tashuji, (Thank you... I'll treasure this,)" the cherub expressed his appreciation, as roses bloomed on his cheeks, "amo ai tashuwa ji fwejipu... (as much as I treasure our friendship...)"

"Hn." Kunimitsu admired the beautiful cherub, wishing he could spend more time with Syuusuke. Sadly, though, the road home is getting shorter fast, and the darkening sunset wasn't much for wasting time. It didn't help, too, that their okaasan's are already saying their pleasantries and goodbyes by then.

"Vu, (Well,)" Syuusuke woke Kunimitsu from his reverie when he held onto the latter's hand once more and shook it, "uncha mejiji, ne? (until we meet again, ne?)" Then he waved the swirlypop-shaped rattle after the farthering figure of his friend, "jaja, Michou~ (ja ne, Mitsu~)"

"Ah." Kunimistu nodded his cute little head, before calling back - louder than he had intended -, and waving back at the decreasing sight of his friend, hoping Syuusuke could still hear him, "Aichu wawa ju, Shu! (I'll be waiting for you, Syuu!)"

Seconds after Tezuka mother and child took a turn from the main path, he heard his okaasan giggle while cover her wide smile with a hand. "You had a lot of fun today, didn't you, my dearest?"

Normally, little Kunimitsu would have pouted at being pried at, but he knew what caused his okaasan's amusement - his cute blushing face and goofy dreamer's smile -, add the fact that he finally found a true friend, and so he decided to be more honest with himself. "Hn. Mi churu Shuki~ (Hn. I'll miss Syuusuke~)"

~Owari~ ^_~


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