TF FanFiction 1.31 Baby
Baby Talk 3

It lives!

Ehehe... Here's the third installment of my baby series. I didn't really intend for this project to be serialized, but since there had been quite some request to continue, I'm glad to oblige. But I'm still saying this to set things straight, I will only be updating this when I get any more good cuteness baby ideas - which I think would be taking a while... But don't worry, I do think I will be still be updating this sometime in the future - it's just that it's not definite when. Well, just watch out for me, ne? ^_^=

Oh, by the way, this will be my last project update for this year (2013), quite early for a Yuletide present; nevertheless, I hope it gives you a warm cheer, minna~! Your, dear readers, valuable insights are highly appreciated delight, so please continue to guide along, as I endeavor once more in the minds of these bright little babies, ne?

I wish you all a Happy Holiday and a Blessed New Year ahead~! Enjoy~! *O\(^o^ O\)

Disclaimer: never mine even in my wildest imagination *sigh* =_="

TF FanFiction 1.31
Baby Talk 3

Kunimitsu sat comfortably in the middle of his parent's king-sized bed one ordinary night. Everyday had went by as per usual, the only difference is that it had been almost a month since his friend's family had went somewhere far away from his reach. The caramel-eyed boy clenched and unclean his wee hands, as he tried to reach as far as his arms could stretch forward - it was truly fruitless. Well, what could he really expect, with such short chubby arms of youthful age... he could only reach so far but not 'that' far. And so with a sigh, he reached for his completely assembled Rubik's cube and crawled his way towards his mother.

Ayana instantly noticed her little boy, as Kunimitsu tugged for attention on her sleeve. With a warm smile, she carried him to sit on her lap, as she disassembled the cube for the eighth time that evening. Apparently, his mother had been video-chatting with her best friend, Yoshiko, and were talking about how the men of the Tezuka household had always had a strongly refine business mind.

On that point, Kunimitsu had nodded in agreement, having great respect for his father and being very attached to his grandfather, but it was kind of lonely that they are away from home most of the time. It's not that he is being emotional, it's just that he is bearing the Tezuka name too, and doesn't want to be left out - plus, it also makes him more down, understanding that he is just too young to join the 'big boy's'. Well, on the other hand, Kunimitsu also enjoy quiet nights like this, when it's only him and his mother in the house, and they are free to be as 'childish (mostly Ayana trying to make Kunimitsu roll around or jump about on the bed)' as they want to be. And he hugged his mother appreciatively for these very special nights.

Then Ayana stroked Kunimitsu's sandy-brown locks, as she beamed at her friend on how bright her dear one is to have been able to solve the toy cube effortlessly, and with shorter time intervals between each passing attempts. This info undeniably delighted Yoshiko and showered the talented boy with compliments.

Hearing those praises made Kunimitsu's huge ember orbs to twinkle confidently and nodded his friend's mom with gratitude. Truth be told, the logical toy was numbingly easy to solve, not a minute even, but the little boy chose to seem 'trying' - though not that much really - for the sake of pleasing his doting mother (a/n: what? I heard humans are much 'much' smarter when we are young, so it isn't really surprising for our cute Buchou to actually think like this, ne? =P). Besides he love the feeling, a sort of fetish maybe, of motherly affection every time he exhibits a feat of growth and development. That feeling is really nice, being loved... But then, as if suddenly coming back to his senses, Kunimitsu peered closely at the video, with both little hands patting the screen at every direction, in determined search of that only one he really wanted to see. But there was no evidence of his desired presence, if not for the strange looking silver pom-pom wriggling and soft cackles behind his Auntie Yoshiko. And so, with an evident pout on his adorable face, he let out a heavy sigh, and sat back in his mother's comforting cuddle. "Shuki mo ahnvu... (Syuusuke's not there...)"

Yoshiko chuckled at the kid's tantrum, and apologetically excused that her precious angel in busy playing a good host at the moment. She explained further that since the her hubby and Saeki-san were out for celebration and the latter's wife being out of the country for modeling gig, the Fuji's have offer to 'temporarily adopt' or 'babysit' their son, Kojiro.

Ayana, understanding the underlying meaning of her words, smiled reassuringly at her friend. For as long as she could recount there was only one person - one very special cherubim - that could elicit such rare and adorable 'child-like' behavior from her normally well-composed son, and knew well enough that Kunimitsu must have been missing Syuusuke very much... Considering that Syuusuke is the very first friend Kunimitsu really connected with. She watched her child fuss over the Rubik's cube, tinkering and twisting the colors to and fro, as she continued chatting with Yoshiko, when suddenly...

"Okaa~san, you promised to teach me how to bake those chewy cookies. You're not busy with anything now, right? Can you teach me now, pretty please~?" chirped the high-pitched voice of a little girl, before the image of a excitedly doe-eyed Yumiko appeared into the chat cam.

"Ah, right, I almost forgot. I'll be with you in the kitchen shortly," Yoshiko consoled her daughter, as she patted Yumiko's curly strawberry-brown head. "So sorry, Ayana-chan, that I have to leave for a while, but as you can see, I'm needed by my dear little princess."

"Oh~! Hi, Auntie Ayana! Hi, Kunimitsu!" greeted Yumiko, face tinted with faint chiffon blush. She felt bad for having probably intruded in her mother's private time with her best friend - especially noting with whom her mother is 'busy' with only after hearing her apologize to Ayana. "Uhm... If it's alright, could I borrow my mommy for a while. We're baking cookies for snacks tonight~!"

"You mean those heavenly cookies that made your father fall head over heels in-love with your mother?" Ayana teased a response to the girl's askance, which earned her lovely blushing glare from Yoshiko and a pair of large dreamy sparkling orbs from Yumiko. "Oh~, I see~ Is the little mademoiselle crushing on someone special, and making her heart go *doki-doki* around him?"

"NO!" Yumiko turned bright rose red at the question, but shook her head in determined denial. With eyes still averted, she made an excuse for her current interest in the baked delight to dissuade the embarrassing notion. "N-nothing like that... I just want to learn how to make them, 'cause... because they are so delicious..."

"Okay~ If you say so," Ayana's words are believing, though her tone still construe a jestful tease. With the same grinning smile, she directed her attention back to Yoshiko. "Your charming little lady here seems to be growing too fast, ne? Soon she'll be stealing hearts, like you and I?"

"Hush, you! Regain your poise, Ayana-chan!" Yoshiko mildly scolded her best friend, riding in her jokes and teasing like two peas in a pod that they always were.

"O.M.G.! Are you turning into Posh Spice again, Yoshiko-chan?" Ayana raised an eloquent eyebrow in challenge, "then shall I morph into Scary Spice?"

"MOMMY!" Yumiko whined in reminder of the night's task. "Please~ Can you please teach me now?" (a/n: well, they are still kids... and they DO whine a lot, manners and femininity set aside =_=")

"Right! Maybe next time, Ayana-chan," Yoshiko conceded, though definitely not giving-up the challenge. "We'll be excusing excusing ourselves now."

"No worries, the TV series I'm watching is almost starting anyways," Anaya reassured both ladies. The bright tousle-haired boy on her lap wriggled in another triumphant completion of the Rubik puzzle, and looked into her eyes expectantly. She smiled at Kunimitsu understandingly, knowing that her son is not one fond of watching the same genre as her soaps, though will still politely accompany her if she wants. "It's just that, my Kunimitsu here might be a lonely for the company of a special blue-eyed angel..."

Kunimitsu blinked in pleading expectancy at Yoshiko. "Shuki... (Syuusuke...)"

Both mothers giggled knowingly, as Yoshiko agreed on the request. "Well, I'm sure my dear one would love seeing you, too, Kunimitsu!"

Kunimitsu bared a small appreciative smile as his mother kissed his forehead lovingly, before leaving for the sofa to watch her soaps. And with the Fuji ladies leaving the live-stream, he waited - half-expecting - for his friend to suddenly pop-up out of no where in particular. Well, Syuusuke is one really unpredictable genius, and he definitely doesn't intend to be caught off-guard.

Five... Four... Another ruffle from the nearing silver bush pom-pom...

Three... A muffled happy cackle...

Two... A soft traveling sound of merry rattle...

One... Another silence...

Kunimitsu watched the screen intently, not really realizing that he was holding his breath in anticipation of what surprise the cherub had in-store for him that night. The silence was beginning to bug him, when suddenly...

"Ah! Mochi yashi! Ilru ni Shuki~! (Ah! Hello, hello! This is Syuusuke~!)" popped-in the bubbly cherubim clad in a baby blue jumper with a pair of white wings on his back, bearing the same endearing smile Kunimitsu was missing so much. But then, realizing the greeting was short of finished, he traced another presence.

"Adhan Kojiju~! (And Kojiro~!)" mushroomed the strange-looking silver pom-pom, that appeared to be another boy with a bushy black hair under-toned by his shrubby silver tresses, dressed in a red jumper and a fake twirling mustache on his face.

Then both light-haired boys finished their entrance in unison, with "abubu nyachi ryuu mahji barairo Chipan! (broadcasting live from the beautiful land of Chiba!)"

"Ah..." Kunimitsu acknowledge the greeting by giving a curious singular nod towards Syuusuke, all the while eyeing the other boy on the screen sizingly.

"Yo, Shu-chi, (Yo, Syuu-chan,)" the two-toned-haired kid tugged on Syuusuke's jumper, a smirk playing on his lips, "jiruwa nyufu gumpi? (is he always that grumpy?)"

A frowning twitch caressed the well-defined brow of Kunimitsu's chubby face, and his ember orbs were throwing golden needles at the 'pom-pom' boy. But even if he felt annoyed, he knew better to keep his lips sealed than throw hurtful comments.

This reaction didn't go unnoticed by the cherub, and he chuckled in defense of his sandy-haired friend. "Nyu, achuwa, miiru! (No, he isn't, really!)" Syuusuke construed, though the clear memory of addressing Kunimitsu as 'Moshu Gumpy (Mister Grumpy)' remained very clear in his memory. "Michou shiburu whami naisuu. (Mitsu is really very nice to be with.)"

"Ehh?! Nyu yajuwa! (Ehh?! No way!)" exclaimed the bushy-haired baby, not aware - or is he? - of how much this made Kunimitsu want to just pull his hair.

"Hai! (Yes!)" Syuusuke raised his fist up in the air in strong affirmation, "adhan durabuu kawaii vuu shimaru, (and he's also adorably cute when he smiles,)" then he faced Kunimitsu with huge sparkling azures, "ne, Michou? (ne, Mitsu?)"

Oh, Kunimitsu was so drawn to those cosmic orbs, so beautiful irises, enveloping his small form with the warm hugs Syuusuke used to shower him with. Slowly, a faint blush claimed his chubby cheeks, in acceptance of the compliment. "Ah, arichuu. (Ah. Thank you.)"

"Chavu mio, Shu-chi, (That's a lie, Syuu-chan,)" insisted the silver-haired boy, "anjudahn mo kawaii animo ichiro~u ajivurush! (there's no one cuter than you in this who~le universe!)" Then, he gave the cherub a big tight hug, while sending a glinting look towards Kunimitsu.

The kid is starting to get on Kunimitsu's nerves, making the adorable frown reappear on his plump visage... That, and the fact that the kid is hogging all of his cherub's attention. What's more is it seems to be working well.

"Mi, adhan vumira naishuu mo, Koji-chi, (My, that's very nice of you, Koji-chan,)" Syuusuke toted on the joke, playfully twirling a finger his companion's arm, "pui favuju mi maru~ (please do flatter me more~)"

The silver-haired lad happily obliged, knowing well how this is ticking-off Kunimitsu. Syuusuke knew of this, too, but he is more interested to know how much his sandy-haired baby knight will go for to defend their friendship. And though the Chiba-residing pair seemed to be ignoring(?) Kunimitsu, both cackling their adorable heads off, they are really more than necessarily aware of the latter's countenance.

*Ahem* Kunimitsu balled his wee little hand before his lips, and called for attention. Well, this is supposed to be his most awaited contact with his Tenshi, but the 'pom-pom' kid seemed to be determined to ruin his night.

"Hmm?" It was Syuususke who answered the call, facing Kunimitsu and lightly swiping over the video sreen in gesture of concern - though the pleased smile remained visible up his chubby cheekballs. "Ishumi dha manchu, Kumichou? (Something the matter, Kunimitsu?)"

"Afuru jidhan? (Who is he?)" Kunimitsu inquired as level-headed as his high-pitched voice could muster.

"Dhan? (Him?)" Syuusuke tilted his head slightly towards his companion innocently, earning him a curt but very firm nod from Kunimitsu. "Jidhan syuu nomami Kojiju, ne, Michou. (He did say he's name is Kojiro, ne, Mitsu.)"

Well, that did literally answer his question... Kunimitsu is quite sure that Syuusuke is well aware of the underlying meaning of his query, though the cherub decidedly chose to play around the bush. But before he could voice out his thoughts, the other boy declared a bomber.

"Mai Sachi Kojiju, uchipadum vur fwenji en Shuki! (I am Saeki Kojiro, self proclaimed best friend of Syuusuke!)" proudly declared the dark eyed boy. "Biulru mañupa adhan, chibi! (Better remember that, kid!)"

"Nani?! (What?!)" replied an irked Kunimitsu, a twitching frown creased between his eyebrows. How dare that Kojiro claim his title!

"Mi Shuki vur fwenji, ayt, Shu-chi? (I'm Syuusuke's best friend, right, Syuu-chan?)" Kojiro, undaunted, vied for the cherub's affirmation.

The whimsically mysterious smile remained plastered on Syuusuke's pink lips all along the exchanging meet. This is the two's first encounter with each other, but the manner as to how they openly converse their feelings made it seem that a friendship is budding (a/n: well, if he's only an acquaintance, then one wouldn't really put much care on the claim, but having shown such emotion of being affected meant more into the relationship, i.e. friend or rival or something more :D). So if anything at all, the progress seemed good, but before he could even give a hint of a response, Kunimitsu stage his claim.

"Nyu! Mai Shuki vur fwenji! (No! I am Syuusuke's best friend!)" Kunimitsu fisted his little hands and bombed it fiercely on the bed... 'cause it would've hurt should they have landed on his tender short legs. =.='

"Nuh-uh!" Kojiro shook his head as denial, then pointed his cute sausage of a thumb to his chest in firm implication, "mai Shuki vur fwenji! (I am Syuusuke's best friend!)"

"Nyu! Mai! (No! I am!)" Kunimitsu huge ember orbs glared against onix orbs, as his small form leaned closer to the laptop screen, edging on the delicate keyboard.

"Mai, anjudhan parlu! (I am, and that's final!)" pressed Kojiro. Not wanting to lose against the tousle-haired boy, he flung his chubby arms around Syuusuke possessively.

"NYUUU! Achiparuu hime ji! (NOOO! Get your hands off of him!)" Kunimitsu screamed in a very uncharacteristically high-pitched voice, frustration and rage very evident, as is his yearning for his cherub. His muffin-sized fists are now swiping and pounding on the delicate soft screen, as his body weighed on the clicketing keybase of the laptop, in desparate attempt to get the two-tone-haired boy away from 'his' best friend. "SHUKI KORWA! (SYUUSUKE'S MINE!)"

Kojiro, bent on further infuriating Kunimitsu with jealousy, embraced Syuusuke tighter. He stuck is tongue out at the the tousle-haired boy, before giving him a mocking grin as if the victory medal had already been handed to him.

"Grr!" Kunimitsu growled, his stoic cute mask all gone. The fake choking cough his cherub released, one as though being strangled at the tightness of his friend's hug, didn't help but flame a deep scowl showing how much anger his small form kept holding in. If his looks could do harm, his burning embers could've long scarred Kojiro... And if only his tight grip on the laptop frame was enough to reach that annoying boy, oh, he could really do some harm - a knocking out punch would've been enough. (a/n: well, it's not really in his character to be violent, but... he's young, and his control over his emotions still aren't that perfect ^_^=)

It was fun to watch the two battle wits, what with the 'sadistic genes' running through his entire small form. But being stuck - the monkey - in the middle of the 'war', and being the 'reason' for the waging conflict(?) was getting uncomfortable, and Syuusuke just had to intervene. "Demo... Clruxhe ai ni vur fwenji? (But... Can't I have two best friends?)"

"NYU! (NO!)" both Kunimitsu and Kojiro hollered with so much vigor, enough to break an eardrum at such high-pitched decibel.

As both boys were panting off overexerting themselves, Syuusuke froze still - disturbingly still enough for them to notice the waning cheerfulness of his ambiance. The cherub shook a bit, then opened his huge cerulean bug-eyes, gleaming with welling tears, and looked at Kojiro (who was stunned with a "holy-sh*t!" expression O.O") to Kunimitsu (who averted his gaze and was still trying hard to hide his pout under his flushed face =.=), with his kissable lips quivering. "A... Ai clruxhe? (I... I can't?)"

"Ah-yaya! Dulru wachi, Shu, pui, (Ah-yaya! Don't cry, Syuu, please,)" Kojiro waved his chubby short arms frantically, not quite sure what exactly to do with himself, alternating from rubbing circles on the cherub's back and bitting his little fingers in panic. "Wai, wai, mo ruxhie oui ni vur fwenji. (Okay, okay, you can have two best friends.)"

"Ohmto? (Really?)" Syuusuke rubbed the tears away from his gleaming azure eyes in the most adorable manner possible.

"Hai... (Yes...)" Kojiro, unable to resist the honey-brown-haired boy, assented - though still hinted with much hesitance - and gave Syuusuke the best reassuring smile he could manage right then.

But the silver-haired boy's comforting wasn't enough to bloom a smile on Syuusuke's face, though it did stop the tears. The angel, then, turned his attention to the cutie in the other side of the court, pleading gaze in full force... sparkling with much anticipation.

"..." Kunimitsu knows that Syuusuke was watching him intently, even without looking back. He could feel how much his cherub wanted 'this friendship' to work.

"Pui... (Please...)" Syuusuke cooed alluringly, knowing well how stubborn Kunimitsu can be, especially if the latter felt like enforcing his iron will.

Kunimitsu faced the screen at the bellan voice, but the stern glare he instantly threw at Kojiro was fiercely unwavering. It was annoying to be seas apart, that he can't just pull Syuusuke away from that impish boy, who was sneering at his mocking gesture. He could just hear the silent *Nya~nya~nya~nya~nyaaahh~ Blehh!* coming from Kojiro's miming mouth. No way, there is absolutely no way he'll be friend's with that boy for whatever reason-

"Michou~ (Mitsu~)" Syuusuke pleaded, bordering on whining, as he zoom his angelic face on the video box, beaming with irresistible persuasion. Irresistable being the irrefutable word!

"Ahn. (Fine.)" One look into those celestially mesmerizing sapphire, and Kunimitsu sighed defeatedly in consent. Whatever reason he had in mind against the 'troubling friendship' was conclusively outweighed by his desire to fulfill Syuusuke's happiness. And if him agreeing to he idea will make his angel happy, then he will swallow it - but not without a struggle. "Shipadhan Shu aivu. Miruji Shuki vur fwenji. (Since it's what Syuu wants. We'll both be Syuusuke's best friends.)"

"Yey!" Syuusuke cheered ecstatically in triumph. He is really happy that the performance made both boys agree with him having two best friends, well aware that there is no way either boy - or anyone else, for that matter - could resist him for long. Besides, being a Tensai, gives him countless way of successfully attaining what he wants. All that aside, Syuususke was just overjoyed that both his best friends agreed - though defiantly - to give each other a chance. He eagerly hugged Kojiro (who instantly blush in whistling tomato red), but soon deserted him in favor of giving Kunimitsu - or more literally, the video screen - a big appreciative kiss~

Syuusuke only kissed the screen, Kunimitsu reminded himself twice over, but he still couldn't help but get that fuzzy feeling in his stomach. His huge embers dilated into wide dinner plates, and his small form warmed all over with the genuine display of affection.

"Mou!" Kojiro fumed, after getting over the shock, and had decidedly latch himself behind the cherub. "Najupa mi hurshi ahnja mogurla chuu? (Why do I only get a hug while he gets a kiss?)"

"Hmm..." Syuusuke feigned a thinking stance, "miyabishuu moa hibi juu ai, chi mogurla shi fwayii. (maybe because you are here with me, while he is so far away.)" When he finally pried himself free of the bushy-haired boy's embrace, Syuusuke wiggled and flapped his little wings straight off it's creases. He gave Kojiro a warning glance, showing a strip of annoyance on the latter who dared to crumple his pristine little wings. A little revenge would do nicely... "Saphiju, mi Michou nyanja vuu shupial ni. (Besides, my Mitsu is very special to me.)"

"Amoruu ni?! (More than me?!)" Kojiro exclaimed in utter shock, accidentally tripping on and stripping-off the fake mustache taped above his lips in a resounding, "OUCHY!"

"Hn." answered Kunimtsu confidently from the other side of the video stream, secretly thinking how Kojiro deserved that 'little' ouchy, but shook the little sandy-brown head off the vexing thought. Still, he kept a wary eye on Kojiro.

Kojiro, being the little fighter that he is, leveled with the heated stares of the little captain, and soon a revolting dance of thundering glares ensued. Thunder-claps and lightning daggers went flying like fireworks in the deepest and darkest of all night!

"Saa..." Syuusuke peeked in between the two, his voice as innocent and sweet as a lamb, though his smile verge onto a teasing, and his pair of electrifying blues slit almost invisibly, "mo nichi shupidhan airo chuwa, jidhan mo? (you two seems to be getting along well, don't you?)"

Most people, especially adult, would think that the angelic baby is meekly pleasant, but Kojiro knew that Syuusuke is not liking how his conversation with the hazel-eyed boy is going. Really, he knew, but he just couldn't help but roll his huge cobalt orbs, as he gave Kunimitsu a challenging smirk. "Purr, mi antue~ (Sure, we are~)"

"Hn." Kunimitsu curtly nodded, sharply noting Syuusuke's expression meant 'do-as-I-say-or-else-suffer-my-wrath', which unsurprisingly reminded him of how cold and fierce his cherub's sapphires glinted at the guardian in Poppy Playhouse (a/n: from Ch.1 when they first met). He didn't want that on himself, and would rather have Syuusuke with genuinely happy smile that reach his twinkling cosmos... But seeing the other lad smirk at him, he instantly snapped back with a pair of determined glare.

"Pidhan nyanja! (That's great!)" Syuusuke beamed a bright smile at their responses. Though the clashing yin and yang of his two best friend didn't escape his senses, a verbal confirmation that boys would TRY to get along, makes reassured him in some way. "Mi shugaru~ (I'm so glad~)"

The tension between the alpha babies dissipated somehow after Syuusuke's comment, with both 'reflecting' on how unrefined they had initially come to a truce with each other. But the momentary exemption that Syuusuke and Kunimitsu had shared pleasantly catching-up with each other, displayed an evident scowl on Kojiro's cuteness. They were ignoring him - on purpose! He could just see (or just thought he saw, or whatever) the invisible curl on the corner of that Kunimitsu boy. X(

Just then, Yumiko appeared on the video screen - between the two babies Kunimitsu was engaged with - carrying a plateful of freshly baked chewy cookies. The snacks seemed scrumptious, and made the hazel-eyed boy pull his milk bottle and bowl of marshmallows between his spread short legs. The delights really looked delightful, especially counting on how the Syuusuke vibrantly cheered and hurriedly picked and chomped on the warm snack. But, then again, Kunimitsu was reminded of his cherub's eccentric taste - wasabi-flavored milk, to be exact -, so maybe... not?

"Ha!" Kojiro blurted confidently, effectively waking Kunimitsu up from his musing, and intending to assert his fortune over the latter. "Ai nyanuhm bobi Yushko chuchui karul, mija mo dulru! (I get to eat Auntie Yoshiko's chewy cookies, and you don't!)"

Well, that answered his question of taste, even if Kojiro's boasting was rather a rude response to it. Still, Kunimitsu was not one to mope, and no sooner reaffirmed his ground. "Miku shimaru hajyuuran ponchu, Koji-bu, adhan gu mashumaro, uhn mi haru. (Milk is a much healthier option, Koji-tan, and I got marshmallows, too, so I'm good.)" He skillfully watched the boy's reaction - another bite and messily dusting off crumbs off his tum-tum-, and instantly found a weak point to attack, "saphiju, mo dururu mochiron kaobu fuu mo faat, dulru mo? (besides, you do know that carbohydrates make you fat, don't you?)"

Kojiro's cobalts sprang wide, eyeing Kunimitsu for what he though was an ridiculous implication, and blurted out with his mouthful, "jarimo xi karu dhan airo faat?! (are you implying that I am fat?!)"

Syuusuke chuckles gleefully, as he ate his scrumptious piece of cookie. This is turning into a fun entertainment, especially now that Kunimitsu is attacking with more words that his usual "ah", "hn", or one-liner responses.

"Ai nyucha faat! (I am not fat!)" Kojiro stressed, flailing his chubby arms in wild frustration. He is not one to be angered easily, but Kunimitsu was bent on pushing his buttons. He was not liking being pushed around one bit, and so he returned the shot. "Moji jaruzhan bilru miunyan karul pijhan mo dulru! (You're just jealous because we get to eat these cookies and you don't!)"

"Ai nyufu shi fuuma pidhan... (I never said anything about that...)" Kunimitsu was feeling like he was so in control of the game, ignoring Kojiro's rampage, while he leisurely opened his milk bottle and dipped a mochi-sized marshmallow, then nibbled at it contently. "Saphiju, ai dulru reiji suimi, caquio chan ivuge mo kapivuruu. (Besides, I don't really like sweets, 'cause they give you cavities.)"

"Saa... Demo ahn wii buchitan suimi michimitan archu hao, ne? (Saa... But a little bit of sweet every now and then is good, too, ne?)" It was Syuusuke that served the next shot, a wild card, surprising Kunimitsu in the process... the Joker card.

"Ha! Xhi? (Ha! See?)" boasted Kojiro, slinging an arm over Syuusuke in gesture of alliance, "iljian Shu-chi ajivrun chumi. (even Syuu-chan agrees with me!)"

Should Kunimitsu had flinched at Kojiro's squeaky high-pitched rooting, his calmly collected poker mask didn't show a tic. He knew there will be no end to this 'conversation' should he counter attack, since he himself knew of how really delicious Auntie Yoshiko's cookies were, and so decided to used an alternative - no, he is most definitely not running away - strategy to score an advantage. "Etu, laishi Shu adhan ai piruja luvi mama our shi jiahn kuku ni phanchi wa. Weibu mo, Koji-pu? (Well, at least Syuu and I have our own loving mothers on each our side to cuddle and take care of us. Where's yours, Koji-tan?)"

"Ouch! Adhan bubu, fuchari! (Ouch! That hurts, meanie!)" Kojiro squinted at the emotional impact of those words, fisting his tiny hand over his chest in feigned hurt gesture.

"Ehn, mo shipachu, Koji-chi... (Well, you started it Koji-chan...)" Syuusuke threw the silver and black-haired boy a knowing look, as he tried to conceal the grinning twitch from his mildly rebuking smile.

"Ryuumo shika mio aldrua, Syuu-chi?! (Are you siding with him now, Syuu-chan?!)" started Kojiro, a bubble of anxious tear edged at the corners of his huge cobalt peekers.

"Saa..." was all the vagueness of answer Syuusuke gave, as his 'very innocent' smile sparkled delightedly. This caused the two babies to battle in thunderous lightning glares, striking to and fro with gold and silver revolting whips.

Kunimitsu felt that Kojiro was trouble the instant he popped-up on the video screen, but honestly he didn't get why he felt that strongly against the other boy. Admittedly, the two-tone-haired tyke seemed alright - always baring his raw emotions on his very red jumper sleeves, he's playful with an impish streak (very much like his cherub, but not yet reaching the sadistic spectrum), and Kojiro seemed to care a lot for Syuusuke. So, it was all good, in a way... But Syuusuke is HIS best friend! Couldn't Kojiro just find someone else? (

On the other side of the spectrum, the cherub was smiling very brightly within his sunny thought. 'It's really good that they are getting along very well...', he inwardly assessed, a spark of mischief edging on the corner of his smile. } For one, Syuusuke wasn't liking being left-out; and another, he enjoyed watching Kunimitsu's unguarded possessiveness over him. ^_^=

"Adhan mo chijuru, Kojiju-pu? (And you know what else, Kojiro-tan?)" Kunimitsu readied his attack, his 'game face' fully armed to win.

"Nanja?! (What?!)" Kojiro assertively pounded his little fists over the fluffy mattress he was perched on, not breaking the electrifying glare with the sandy-haired baby.

"Aifu Shuki chuwame rai, chipan tha horwa jii, (I know Syuusuke likes me better, because he gave this,)", Kunimitsu struck with sharpness, his huge ember orbs burning brightly with sparkle of pride, as he venerated his most treasured neon tennis (stress)ball, "in vuuwami arxhu, jae mi. Adhajiu maio! (his most precious treasure, to me. And it's all mine!)"

Korijo's dark orbs dimmed with envy - eyes turning green with jealousy -, but he wasn't going to give-up just yet. "Shupanai? Ai gulrupan wichatan Shu-chi luran whachifaanyu mirah. Ilra pan chi! (So what? I get to play with all of Syuu-chan's toys whenever I want. Like this one!)", without even tearing his gaze away, his wee arms pattered in search for the nearest toy around, which just so happens to be a seemingly innocent rattle...

But unknown to Kojiro, he had just stepped-on - or rather, grabbed - a forbidden treasure... In an instant, Kunimitsu's huge hazels dilated as big as a pair of golden dinner plates in recognition of the swirly-colored rattle, as much as Syuusuke's senses tingled with an all-time high wave of possessiveness!

"NYUUU! (NOOO!)" Syuusuke screamed with his chorally high pitched voice, as he practically pounced on the silvery-black-haired boy to regain ownership of the toy. "Dulru trowachi phan! Chuu maio! (Don't touch that! It's mine!)"

"Na-nanga cho-?! (Wh-what the-?!)" is all Kojiro could respond with, obviously surprised at the cherub's reaction, all the while watching his friend hop off of him - with a steely frown on his cute little face - the moment the honey-brown-haired youth got the rattle.

"Mi pishuñi~! (My precious~!)" Syuusuke warned coldly, as his big sapphires glared fiercely at his companion's 'misconduct.' (a/n: gawd! so reminds me of Golum from LOTR, just replace him with the adorable baby Tensai and I'll just just faint from cuteness overload~ XD) Then without further notice, he unrelentingly threw an utterly oversized fluffy plush Teddy at Kojiro, which instantly made the other boy roll off the tatami with the bear. "Mo shipanru luran, chigan hijuma, uurashi chigan maio vaja! (You can play with all my other toy, like that bear, but this one is mine alone!)"

As the shocking impact subsided, Kojiro prompted on fours, his large cobalts brimming with confusion, as his puggy arms massage the mild bump on his head. It had caught him off-guard by the sudden 'selfishness/possessiveness' of the smaller boy, and had unconsciously gripped hard onto the big plush toy... but he just got to know! "Whan, Shu-chi? Nangachu sheiran pii aphan rhyfu? (Why, Syuu-chan? What's so special about that rattle?)"

Syuusuke grinned widely at the bushy-haired baby, and answered him in the most definite manner. "Aiju sheiran en mi, chikan Michou horwa michi rokushu! (It is very special to me, because Mitsu gave me this racquet!)"

"Adhan jurhyfu, Shuki! (That's a rattle, Syuusuke!)" Kojiro blew his top off. He didn't want to admit that he is undoubtedly getting jealous of the closeness between the two brunettes, but, by golly, he is getting mighty pissed, and pointed accusingly at the unassuming toy, "iju moiiru rokushu! (it's not a racquet!)"

Seeming inattentive(?) and unaffected(?), Syuusuke merely shrugged his wee shoulders, as a teasing but affectionate smile graced his lips, "mo dulru mingpai, Koji-chi, chikan vuu mimixhangre ai ji Michou. (You won't understand, Koji-chan, because it's a secret between me and Mitsu.)" Then the cherub turned an expectant gaze towards the tousle-haired baby across the screen, "ne, Michou~? (ne, Mitsu~?)"

"Ahn." Kunimitsu answered proudly, taking his cherub's cue, before turning to the other boy on his laptop screen and sending him a smirking glare as if to say 'See? Syuusuke likes me better than Koji-tan! Ha!' XD

"Grr-nyaaargh!" Korijo screamed uncaringly, as he ruffled silver hair in exasperation. The caramel-eyed boy was definitely getting the upper hand on Syuusuke's affection, and he is most definitely nit liking this idea! But then he though 'fine, two can play at this game', and arbitrarily turned his back in an attempt to steal the spotlight back at himself. "Hmpf!"

Syuusuke chuckled amusedly at his companions childishness (most probably Kunimitsu would just be raising an eyebrow or sighing on how Kojiro was being a bad loser) , but did try to appease the fuming boy beside him. "Oh, fajuru, Koji-chi, omichi kudhan. (Oh, come on, Koji-chan, don't be like that.)"

Kojiro stubbornly shook his head and turned to face the other opposite side angrily. 'Good', he thought, sneaking a plotting glance at hazel-eyed boy in the video screen, 'now that I got Syuusuke's attention back, let's see how you like to be the one being ignored, Kunimitsu-tan!'

True to the cherub's specualtion, Kunimitsu merely sighed and massaged his nosebridge at all the unnecessary hullabaloo. 'Seriously', he thought, 'I don't get this baby at all. One minute he's all happy, then all jumpy and offensive, then another minute he's all moody!' *another sigh* 'Hanging with this baby might not be too good for Syuusuke...' But even with these thoughts running inside his intelligent mind, he was respectful enough to respect the cherubs choice of his company.

"Yuu, mo shipuñi aiwo ii karul. (Here, you can have my share of the cookies.)" Syuusuke took a big chewy cookie from their plate and waved it suggestively as reconciliation offering.

Kojiro peeks back at the delightful snack, his cobalts glinting with want, but still he wasn't relenting easily this time, and stubbornly turn away in firm refusal.

Syuusuke felt a little - the most tiniest speck of - guilt ran though him. The cheery boy wasn't really one to get annoyed easily, so he though that he might have pushed it too far this time... But catching the "nearly missed" glance Kojiro shot at Kunimitsu, threw all his guilt away, and instead turned his entreaty into a teasing ploy, waving the scumtuous cookie before his companion's face. "Mo kurmi chuwatan~ (You know you want it~)"

The warm yummy smell of the newly-baked cookies were simply too irresistible to deny. And Kojiro, who swallowed the bitterness of defeat to his grumbling stomach, soon grabbed hold to the warm chewy cookie and conceded. "Fuu! Horwa jutanai karul! (Fine! Give me the cookie!)" After taking a most satisfying bite of the heavenly delight (Oooohh~ So good~! ~_~*), he turned and pointed challengingly at Kunimitsu, and embarrassedly asserted himself, whilst spewing cookie crumbs in a messy shower (a/n: ducks and took cover =_="). "Andha mo, Kuni-pu, ngachu, ai furush ji mo, demune ai shipan, mu julru Shu-chi chuwa mi razha! (And you, Kuni-tan, today, I admit defeat to you, but I assure you, I'll make Syuu-chan like me best!)"

Okay, now Kunimitsu could feel the onset of a headache coming over him. 'This baby sure have some serious issues!' he sighed inwardly and rubs his temple, as he thought over about what bothersome situation he got himself into... still, he is determined to keep the cherub on his side, and protect Syuusuke from that 'suspicious' two-tone-haired boy. "Hn. Chajinggu ashupan. (Hn. Challenge accepted.)"

"Hehe. Biburu wachi o appan mo nyugachi mirai no! (Hehe. Better watch out 'cause you'll never see me coming!)" Kojiro's mood utterly brightened at the emergence of his rival(?), and smugly crossed his arms to amphasize his confident strength.

"Ah. Pidhan ai nyu gopanju! (Ah. And I never let my guard down!)" Kunimitsu affirmed, his embers glowing with dominating authority.

"Wah~" Syuusuke cheered in gleeful, at this very interesting turn of event, nonetheless, he is gratefully relieved that the tension between the two had somehow diminished. But on the other hand, he just couldn't help take the challenge to a new level. "Anya mi vuran vur fwenji iwachi, ne? (May my bestest best friend win, ne?)"

The boys continued with their lively exchanges and conversations until Auntie Yoshiko's could be distinguishly heard from the background. The Fuji ladies must've been done with their baking project for the night, for the tune of washing and cleaning-up started playing symphonically, before a motherly reminder was relayed behind closed doors.

"Syuusuke dear, Kojiro-kun, you need to wrap-up soon, okay? Your Yumiko née-san needs to use the laptop for her assignments."

"HAI~!" Syuusuke and Kojiro both turned towards the door and answered in dutiful loudness.

"Thadhan, Kuni-pu? Yuu mochui jan. (Hear that, Kuni-tan? We need to go now.)" Kojiro turned back to the video screen with a mocking grin, to which Kunimitsu replied with a steely glare. This reaction unnerved and irked him, that he purposely tried to swipe through the mouse to 'exit' the video chat... Tried being the key word, because without further hesitation nor ado... "OWIE!"

Syuusuke reflexively slapped Kojiro's wee hand away from the mouse before the latter could even dare shadow over the it. Then he warned the boy with a dangerous smile, "dulru mo fai, Koji-chi. (don't you dare, Koji-chan.)"

Kojiro tried again, but was slapped again = HARD! The boy would've now been on the offensive should he have not noted the reason behind Syuusuke's stance, then mischief grew on his lips, as much as Syuusuke's icy blues openly glinted with challenge. The two struggled for dominance... Sneaks here, SLAP! There, WHACK! Here, SWAT! There, THWACK! And a slapping war ensued between the two, neither one relenting nor submitting, and an intense fury of vigor. So engrossed the two were that they even failed to hear Kunimitsu tell them of the entrance of a third party... OnO

"Seriously, you two, stop that before one of you gets hurt." Yumiko reprimanded her otouto and kyohai, as she received a few slaps, pokes, and crunchies herself from mediating between the sparring boys.

"Ai chipun yaguru raj offu, deo Shu-chi dairu wami. (I was only trying to turn it off, but Syuu-chan didn't want to.)" Kojiro stopped his ruse and defended himself, while eyeing Syuusuke mischievously.

"It's okay, Kojiro," Yumiko sighed, as she stroked Kojiro's head sympahetically. Then she turned at her otouto, knowing too well how stubborn her baby brother could be, and tried to reason with him. "And, Syuusuke, I understand that you miss Kunimitsu very much, but I really need to use the laptop for my project. You don't want your née-san to fail her subject because of this, hmm?"

Syuusuke shook his little head to the question, but... he just wanted a little more time with Kunimitsu. It isn't too much to ask, is it? And so, the cherub firmed himself, and flashes her his most irresistible smile accompanied by his huge azures sparkling with pleading expectancy - an expression so adorably cute, it should but couldn't be banned nor illegalized because it's just that irresistible! ^_^~ "Jaja rumoshio pui, Yumko-chichi. (Just a few more seconds please, Yumiko nee-san.)"

Yumiko knew this ploy, knew too well that she shouldn't look nor fall for this most adorable facia, knew that she had to resist with her all, and yet she reacted too late... for she had looked - seen - and her heart melted for his cherubim plea. And she sighed defeatedly, but soon pulled an understanding smile at Syuusuke, "fine, but please make it fast, ne?"

"Hai~" Syuusuke cheered gleefully, hugging his née-san with much gratitude and affection.

Yumiko softly laughed, as she patted her otouto's head lovingly. Then she unclasped from that warm embrace, excused herself (after greeting and acknowledging Kunimitsu on the video screen) from the babies, and left quietly.

On the other side of the video chat, Kunimitsu had remained observant, relievedly noting that not much had changed with the Fuji siblings he had known, and this made him feel happy somehow. He had unconsciously smiled at his own thoughts... that is, until he had distinctly heard her say something on the line of "if you guys weren't just that cute~" Then a soft blush and a 'forced' indifferent expression instantly replaced his smile - as if the smile didn't happen at all, and he thought that it was good thing no one noticed...

But one did notice. Of course, Syuusuke wouldn't have missed such a rare smile for anything in the world. And he made this known to his friend, as his sapphires gazed at Kunimitsu and a knowing smile graced his supple pink lips. To very much his satisfaction, the tousle-haired boy averted his gaze and his blush flushed into a deeper shade. And he could just hear Syuusuke's voice inside his head, saying, 'Waahh~ So kawaii~!'

Kojiro, on the other hand, couldn't much decipher the silent conversation between the two brunettes, could only wonder - let his own little world of imagination run wild - what those glances, gazes, frowns, smiles, pouts, and all the fathomless expression-filled exchange meant. But he didn't really feel like intruding this time, not wanting Syuusuke to get angry at him a second time - remembering quite well how the cherub gave him the cold shoulder and snubbed him for two whole weeks after he had 'accidentally' spilled the former's wasabi-flavored milk. =_=" An uneasy shiver run down his spine at the reminiscence of this memory. Definitely don't want to be at the breakpoint of Syuusuke's ire... and so, he sat himself behave and grabbed himself another chewy goodness, though his pout was as evident as his dislike for being ignored.

"Ne, gumon, Michou. Chigai chichi nagachu jii rapuo. (Ne, sorry, Mitsu. Seems like née-san needs to use this laptop.)" Syuusuke finally broke the silent conversation, as his lids closed and a secretive smile graced his ephemeral features.

"Ah. Ichu fuu. Ichuwa hao coñaji ahn mo, (Ah. It's fine. It's was nice talking with you,)" Kunimitsu responded, as his expressionless visage returned to it's normal cuteness. For the most, he was thankful that his cherub was caring enough not to embarrass him at being caught off-guardedly smiling. He most definitely didn't want Kojiro having another one under his jumper on him. Still, though, the bushy-haired boy was an acquaintance of Syuusuke, and Kunimitsu prided himself as one well-mannered boy, so offered a quick follow-up, "...adhan jii. (...and him.)"

Syuusuke caught the underlying meaning of his friend's words, and chuckled at the sublime acknowledgement. He already knew that the two's personality would definitely clash when they meet, but they were very much alike in more ways than what first impression derives. The compatibility of friendship is still vague, but the cherub is sure that they would get along just fine. "Ai daphirun mo wami jii... aoi shifucha apu jii, apai? (I knew you'd like him... the serious part of him, at least?)"

Hearing the two on 'speaking' terms again, Kojiro, who was still munching on a cookie, wasted no time to join into the conversation. "Wai, nipachu mikuru mo, Kuni-pu. Kurumo, auwi gupan mucho bambi nyan fuuma. (Well, nice meeting you, too, Kuni-tan. Hopefully, we get along much better in the future.)"

Kunimitsu looked at the speaker scrutinizingly, inwardly weighing the truthfulness of his words. I mean, he did want to get along with Kojiro, if only for Syuusuke's sake, and if this is a way to do it, then so be it. His ember orb relayed of both a warning and recognition towards the two-tone-haired boy, as his voice replied firmly, "Hn."

"Wai, uni painyan, Michou~ (Well, until next time, Mitsu~)" Syuusuke grabbed the video cam to focus on him once more, as he tried to push away his companion from hogging the screentime from him.

From the background, Kojiro could be heard snickering, and throwing in a Morpheus bid. "Kubanya, Kuni-pu. Dulru chi baburush nyachu~ (Good night, Kuni-tan. Don't let the bed bugs bite~)"

"Ah. Kubanya, Koji-pu. (Ah. Good night, Koji-tan,)" Kunimitsu replied unheartily, sending a steely glare at Kojiro, before turning to his cherub, "adhan, Shuki, dulru aimo garuja umon. (and Syuusuke, don't let your guard down.)"

"Hai, hai~ Shuiko maichan ahn mo purr, Michou~ (Hai, hai~ Pleasant dreams to you, too, Mitsu~)" Syuusuke bid him with a warm smile.

Kunimitsu felt warm and fuzzy in his tummy, but he dearly wanted his cherub to hug him goodnight. That, though, is impossible right then, much less would he himself ask for it vocally. / But as he was fiddling his little thumbs, the cherub gave him something much better. Syuusuke kissed him (a/n: well, literarily it was the screen, but who cares, right? ~_~*) again sweet slumber, and gave him a bright genuine smile, waving as the video chat soon dimmed close.

Kunimitsu pushed the laptop screen down shut, as he laid himself comfortably on the wide comfortable bed. No more marshmallows to munch on, but only his bottle of warm milk to soothe him into sleep. And as he drift between reality and dream, his thoughts drabbled on that evening's rendezvous...

That was, indeed, one odd conversation for a first meeting with a weird acquaintance. Is he a new friend or a rival for Syuusuke's #1? Either way, Kunimitsu would definitely never hand over Syuusuke without a fight! And he would make sure that he would win fairly and irrefutably to claim his cherubim - especially, against the suspicious claws of that Koji-tan! F|

And within the slipping edge of cherub-occupied consciousness, Kunimitsu only had one thing definite in his mind before slowly being lulled to dreamland...


(a/n: ... at least for now... =P)

.•* Night, night, little babies
.•* Stars twinkle for you
.•* The Dreamland train's are chuggin'
.•* All your dreams will come true...
.•* And the whole world says, "good night"...
(~ from HIMYM, Lily and Marshall's Goodnight song for Little Marvin)

a/n: well, I guess that answers why Tezuka-sama eyed Saeki with such scrutiny when he should have just met the Roukaku vice-captain for the first time, ne? Perhaps the same reason applies why Buchou stay much closer to Fuji-sama since then. /