Cold, cold Hell

Disclaimer: I do not own Rosario Vampire or any part of its franchise. I would also like to thank lord of the land of fire for giving me permission to write this.

This is a sequel to The Unsealed Vampire story by lord of the land of fire.



Most people thought that Hell was a desolate landscape where souls went for their misdeeds, for their sins. An eternal nightmare where fire and darkness tears the sinner's soul asunder and burns him 'til there is nothing left of it. Only to start over with the suffering, again and again, until the end of Time itself. However, Tsukune knew better, Hell wasn't a burning inferno such as Dante had described most of it. No. Instead there was ice, and snow, and cold, so much cold. Come to think of it, maybe there was fire in Hell, maybe the higher circles of Hell did burn, but he knew for certain the 9th circle was frozen. How did he know this, you ask? Well, Tsukune realized he might not be dead but he was most certainly in Hell, cold frozen Hell. A place his tormentor and supposed wife called home: the Snow Village.

It had been three weeks... Three gruesome weeks since the love of his life and former master, Moka Akashiya, was murdered. Three weeks since he had felt or seen the loving embrace of either persona that resided within her psyche. Three weeks since his former girlfriend and small time flame, Mizore Shirayuki, had kidnapped him and taken him away from all that he held dear. Three weeks of constant harassment to engage in intercourse with her. Three weeks of pain, suffering and misery. Three weeks of utter and complete hatred bottled up inside, just begging to be let free. Three weeks where his mind and body had been dedicated to a single all defining purpose, the whole reason for his continued survival, the only reason he hadn't committed suicide yet: Revenge.

Revenge, in a way, he began to understand Hokuto. In the end, all he wanted was to make those who made him suffer pay dearly for it, something Tsukune could relate to. They weren't that different after all. Except for one little detail, where Hokuto had failed, he would succeed. Such was the strength of his desire for vengeance. No, not vengeance... Justice. Justice for killing his beloved in cold blood. Justice for taking him here, away from his family.

Moka would want him to enact justice on Mizore, even though her Outer persona would want to make peace, her Inner persona would condone what he feels and wishes to do. In any case, he swore to all who would bear witness to his plight that he would make Mizore pay a thousandfold for what had been done to Moka. He would grind her face into the brimstone and set fire to her body, watch her cook slowly until she was nothing more than ashes, than dust. All the while listening to her cries, feeding his anger and finally freeing him from his burden.

This was what Tsukune thought about all during the night and all during the day. He was lucky compared to most unwilling victims of the snow women village. It seemed Mizore had enough pull to keep him from being forced into consenting, at least for now. She was patient and would've undoubtedly given Tsukune all of eternity to come around. Unfortunately, she was pressed for time and gave him until her 17th birthday to agree before using more brutal means of persuasion. That deadline was a dreadful thought.

The snow women catered to his every needs. He was given food, though he mostly avoided eating what they brought him, having a preference for the oddly juicy grass that grew in the village, he swore he would avoid their food as he regarded it a treachery to Moka's memory for him to indulge in his captor's nourishment. He seldom bathed and always made sure his supposed wife and mother-in-law were away to clean himself, lest he be caught by one of them who decided Mizore should join him. He was given a bedroom where he was locked up most of the day. Mizore came by everyday to let him out and walk around town with her, often letting him walk around the park area situated near the house so that he may think alone while walking amongst the frozen trees and, unbeknownst to her, eat his meal in peace, away from prying eyes. She would always ask him to forget about Moka and agree, something he would constantly refuse.

There was one thing he did request from the snow women, which they agreed amidst a few confused looks. He was granted some exercise equipment. He said he wanted to stay fit. In reality, that was the closest thing he could do to remind him of Moka's training. Honing his abilities was all he did , day in and day out. Silently vowing and envisioning killing Mizore as well as Tsurara. Hell, why not the whole village? He saw the look the husbands had on their faces, it was one of abandon, desperation and melancholia. They had given up all hope to ever leave and now slowly went to their deaths.

Tsukune was different, he would fight before dying. He would never surrender, he would give no quarter. He felt the pain his brothers held but refused to fall because of it, he still had a purpose.

However bleak his days were, he would dream of Moka every night, both Mokas. The soft pink haired vampiress that had made it easier for the both of them to confess a mutual love, and the silver haired temptress who he had met first and forced herself into his life, serving her was the best deal he had ever made in his short miserable life.

He dreamed of her sleeping, both Mokas sound asleep next to each other, two angels descended from Heaven. He would watch over them intently, making sure they were alright, swearing he would protect them. One of them would stir, some times Inner Moka, other times Outer Moka, she would wake up, lazily turn her head to a lovestruck Tsukune, ask him what he was doing up, extend her delicate arm and hand up to him so that he would take it and come back to bed. At this point, the other Moka would awaken as well and copy her dopplegangers movements. He would take their hands and let himself be pulled back into where they would enjoy each others caressing and whisper sweet nothings, mostly going from ideas for their next round of fun to promises of devotion to one another forever. Then would come the moment he would dread, the Moka who would've awoken first would look at him while the other would gently hold him. She would look at him lovingly and tell him to be strong for her, that they will be together again. Tsukune would break down crying while his lover(s) would sooth him, he would beg her not to leave, to stay with him. He knew he would wake up soon, go back to Hell, but he didn't want to leave. He would do anything to stay with her, he would even forgive Mizore if it meant going with her. They would kiss, she would tell him that she loved him again as he would calm down somewhat. Then she would slowly fade as would the dream while Tsukune would scream to the top of his lungs not to leave him.

He would then wake up in a cold sweat, every time it became more painful, every time he felt a greater longing for her. It was a thirst he could not quench, a hunger he could sate, a loneliness he could not escape... Not until Mizore pays for what she has done to me and Moka!

With renewed hatred and fervor, he would get out of bed and do pushups, falling back into his murderous and hateful routine.

Indeed, this was his Hell, his payment for failing to protect Moka as he vowed...



Moka returned to her room feeling tired and a little depressed. She had really missed not being with Tsukune today. She really hoped that this was the last time they ever had to be apart like this.

"Hello Moka," Mizore called as the lights came on. She was casually standing there leaning against her table.

"Mizore? What are you doing here? Where's Tsu… kmmph!" Without warning another Mizore grabbed her from behind and planted a hand over her mouth. Her hand was ice cold.

Moka's eyes widened in fear as the Mizore in front of her transformed her right arm into a scythe.

"The only sure way to kill a vampire is to cut its head off right?" She sounded completely at ease as she raised her arm up.

With her free hand she grabbed at her rosario and tugged with all her might, but it was useless. Help me Tsukune! But even as she thought it she knew through their link that he was too far away to save her.

His face was the last thing she thought of.

Or so Mizore had assumed...

Moka awoke startled, her silver rosario dangling from her flawless neck as she quickly scanned the room she found herself in with her green eyes.

It was her room at the school, it seemed everything was as it should be apart for two irregularities. First of all, Tsukune wasn't there next to her in bed. That alone had made the shy vampire nervous. Second of all, the Chairman was standing in the corner of the room, seemingly appraising her situation as a smile crept unto his face.

"Good morning, Moka." he began in his eerie tone. "Slept well, I hope."

"Wh-What am I doing here?" She was still in a state of shock. "Where's Tsukune? Why can't I..."

Then it hit her, something else was off, she couldn't feel Tsukune through their bond. If she couldn't Tsukune then that meant that he was...

"Do not worry about Tsukune." The Chairman continued. "He is still alive and in good health. However, he no longer is your familiar."

"What do you-" The memories came rushing back to her, cutting her in mid thought and sentence.

She remembered seeing Mizore, both Mizores trying to kill her. She remembered the scythe as it came down towards, then nothing, it had all gone black.

"It was fortunate of me to have been in the area while your would be killers attempted to end you." The Chairman answered, seemingly reading her mind." "I managed to throw off enough power to destroy the ice replicas of Mizore. Unfortunately, by the time they had been dispatched, the real Mizore and her mother had disappeared, taking Tsukune along with them."

She flinched as she realized the entire ploy, Mizore had stolen Tsukune and planned to kill her. Now Tsukune was all alone who knew where, so far away from home, from her.

"How long have I been out?" She asked as the reality of things slowly crept into her brain.

"Three weeks, your father and sisters Kokoa and Akuha have been here since they heard of your encounter. They will be relieved to see you finally woken up."

"Why can't I feel Tsukune anymore? Why isn't he my familiar anymore?" This was more important to her than knowing about her well being, she wanted to make sure Tsukune was intact.

The Chairman merely gazed at the rosario in his hand and answered after a small pause. " It seems that the amount of power I used to annihilate the aggressors has also severed the link between you and Tsukune. For all intents and purposes, your deal has been canceled. And I suspect it must've been quite painful for the poor boy."

The Dark Lord was no longer smiling as he spoke of the boy's suffering, almost as if it had mattered to him. Moka was to busy worrying about her Tsukune to notice the Chairman's subtle change in attitude.

"We must find him." She cried out in panic.

"I'm afraid that is not the issue." The Chairman replied.

"What do you mean?" This was confusing her to no end.

"Perhaps I should let your father elaborate." He answered as he gestured towards her father standing in the doorway, apparently happy beyond measure that his daughter was alive.

The two had a warm embrace before her father took a step back and looked at the Chairman, this was a discussion he wanted to have with his daughter privately. The robbed man understood and vanished from sight, closing the door as he disappeared.

Without delay, Issa Shuzen spoke about the matter at hand. "Things aren't that simple. It seems your pet has been taken to the Snow Village, her territory." His voice had gone back to its usual cool tone.

"There must be something that can be done." Moka spoke up nervously, if two Dark Lords had been working on freeing him to no avail for three full weeks, something most definitely had to be complicated.

"Since he is no longer bound to you, and by extent, house Akashiya and house Shuzen. We do not have any claim to him any more. But rest assured." He raised his right gloved hand in a soothing manner. "I will do all that I can to retrieve your familiar for you. After all, he still is your property by right. Though the snow people don't see it that way, they'll have to soon enough."

"Um...Father, about that..." Her father looked down at her expectantly. Explaining the nature of her relationship with Tsukune was going to be problematic to say the least...