Lisa's Diary:

Dear Diary

Today is my 14th birthday, I wonder what the family will have waiting for me down stairs this year? I really couldn't ask for any thing, except for one thing. This one thing is Zane. I know that he happens to be two years older then me but that means, he can drive which might be a good thing, but who am I kidding he's the most popular guy in the school and I'm, well I'm Lisa Simpson the invisible (the invisibles are a group that walk around campus without getting noticed, especially by the "Popular's") any way I have to go get ready for school know cant wait to see the bestie Jade!

Lisa was so excited and ran out in to the hall way of her house she was expecting for her mum to be waiting in the kitchen ready to give the "When I was a teenager" speech to her, like she gave Bart, but their was no greeting, the only greeting she got was hurry up and go get ready your almost late for school. Lisa ran up stairs shocked and was muttering in her hear "Calm down Lisa there is a simple explanation maybe she's playing a joke she couldn't possibly have forgotten about your birthday, or could she?" Later on that morning on the bus Lisa was explaining all about her situation with the whole forgotten birthday, but like always Jade calmed her down and said, "Lisa, why would your own parents forget about your birthday? You're their favourite child "

"I know but I just want to know that I'm not acting like a crazy person…. Your right why would they forget about my birthday, they always remember Barts."

Later in their first class Lisa had finished her work early like usual and started to fill in a sheet given to her about "first times"

Question 1: Have you ever gone further than second base?

Answer: NO

Question 2: Have you ever been alone with a guy if yes explain where and what happened.

Answer: NO

Question 3: Have you ever had sex? If NO! Then write down who with, remember be honest your names not this sheet.

Answer: NO! but with Zane Ryan.

As Lisa was filling out this sheet she kept turning around looking at Zane, who had been staring at her for the whole lesson. Lisa didn't really take notice, she was just trying to make sure that he hasn't caught her yet. Thirty seconds later she had finished the filling out the questioner and dropped it behind her chair so it would land in front of jade to pick up and give to Cassie in jades next class,

Zane was staring at Lisa the whole class only because he was into her, he was losing it he smiled every time he caught her looking over her should at him. When he saw Lisa drop the note he leaned over the desk and drag the not bad to his desk under his foot. He bent down and reached for the not as he was just about to read Lisa turned back around, he couldn't stop smiling the teacher thought their was something was wrong and sent him out of class early. As soon as Mr. Monswrothy said " Zane seaming as you find some thing so amusing in my class in stead of doing your work GET OUT!"

Zane rushed out soon as that door closed he opened the not and read all of her answer relieved and surprised to know that Lisa felt the same way about him as he felt as her.