To Hell with You All

Chapter 1-


Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever feel again, emotions so strong I can't contain them; I wonder if I had to choose between hatred or love what I would pick.

Right now I feel so empty, so cold, so much nothingness…is it possible that I could by dead or dying. No he wouldn't let that happen, he wouldn't let me die, not like this.

But who is …he?

Does this mean I have memories that I can no longer recall, can it be that this grey space in my mind used to be filled with vivid colours. I want to see them… the colours.

I... I want to remember? Yes, I want to remember, I want to remember everything.

What if it turns out to be horrible, would I still want to see my past? Couldn't I just let go of everything and never come back?

No, No I will not give up. I will remember my past even if it's shattered, broken and covered in blood.

I see an image of a man. He is tall, slender and pale, hair as black as a raven's feather and those eyes… gleaming red. There not human…he is not human.


He is a demon.

His name …Sebastian.

I remember him my butler, he's a demon that I made a contract with, he would help me with my revenge and protect me until then end, until he devoured my soul.

I will not let go. I am Ciel Phantomhive and I shall not let go of my hatred nor will I rest until I get my revenge.

…..Yes, my young lord.

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