To Hell with You All

Chapter 5- Planning to come

Ciel Pov-

It's been two days since they last went to see the Undertaker, Ceil had awoken in his lavish room with his butler by his side explaining all but a few things that were remained in the dark. Lizzy had not come since that day when she saw his slave mark and his household staff would not look him in the eye without grimacing.

Ciel woke up calm surprising the demon butler who expected him to devote the same amount of thrashing and screaming that he had done the first time he had awoken. Ciel had come to teams with a few facts.

1. This was the Undertakers fault.

2. He had the slave mark all over his body.

3. He needed to kill the bastard and retract these cursed marks.

And damn would he do it!

He was Lord Ciel Phantomhive, no one messed with the queen's guard dog without expecting to get bitten. And he would bite!

I have a chess board, I have chess pieces, I have my queen and I am the king.

It's time to play the game of life and death for someone has to come out on top and the other…well they shall be under the throne of the king who manages to win this game.

The dance of death has begun, the night is a flight, so wait a little while and you'll see a grey face.