Two Spiders

A/n this fic is in response to a challenge by aspiringactor to write a strictly PeterXKitty fic. I myself am a big fan of this pairing and this will be my first fic that is strictly PeterXKitty. I will be releasing it in many chapters and will most likely go way over the 10,000 word minimum for the challenge. And now without further adue the first chapter of Two Spiders!

Two bodies lay on the floor of the lab. One boy, one girl both writhing in agony at the venom of the spider bites each of them received. Peter Parker a 16 year old sophomore in high school had panicked when the spider initially bit him on the hand causing it to leap to another student. The geeky and slightly awkward teen was enjoying the end of the year fieldtrip to an Oscorp lab and was so enthralled by all the science around him that he didn't notice the spider till it was too late.

Katharine "Kitty" Pryde was a transfer student who joined the class shortly after the winter break. Previously having attended a boarding school in Westchester she moved to Queens after her mother's divorce was finalized and when she got a new job in Manhattan. She was also shocked when that spider leapt onto her and also quickly bit her on her arm. Shacking the spider off it was quickly stomped out by classmate Kong.

Both of them felt a burning agony in their veins. Their classmates stood stunned as teachers and lab workers called for an ambulance. To their senses it was a whirlwind of noise and movement, unable to interact with anyone and yet they each felt a pulling in their minds, and a change in their bodies. This field trip on the last day of classes after finals were finished was supposed to be a highpoint and relaxing trip for both the brilliant young students. Instead for them it ends with the both of them in a hospital. Peter with his aunt and uncle, Kitty with her mother. Both their minds slightly fogged but a single thought reverberated in their minds, 'Well that was a shitty way to start the summer.'

A/n yes I know this was a short incredibly short chapter but I just wanted to set the sceane. The next two chapters will go into the after effects of this change in the origin story of Spiderman. The next chapter will be called Peter's Summer, and will go into the rest of the origin of Spiderman.