Crossing Paths

A/n here is the third chapter of Two Spiders. Kitty makes a return to New York and school begins for the young heroes. Just as a frame of reference they are just starting their junior year of high school. Kitty spent her first year and a half of high school at the Xavier institute perfecting her powers. A recap on Kitty's phasing abilities, 1 she can't phase through things while sticking to them or using her web shooters when she gets them, 2 high powered energy attacks still affect her, meaning very high level lasers and plasma weapons, 3 large explosions and shockwaves affect her to a lesser degree stunning her. That's it now on with the show!

Kitty was stressing out. She had been back in New York for a week spending nights running around on rooftops looking for Spiderman. "How the hell does he do that stuff with the webbing?" Kitty thought to herself. "I mean I have been training all summer and I never got that power." She sighed as she climbed out her window in costume. School was starting tomorrow and she wanted to at least introduce herself to him and team up in costume once before the school started.

As she ran across the rooftops she then noticed the very person she was looking for swing by across an intersection only he was swinging from the skyscrapers. Changing course she quickly ran after the hero hoping to lend him a hand and fight some bad guys. However she was not fast enough and arrived on the scene just as Peter was swinging away again.

Giving up for the night Kitty ran back home and was exhausted by the time she got into bed and passed out after setting an alarm for the next morning.

Peter swatted his alarm across the room when he woke in the morning. "Damn an entire summer of doing that and I still keep wrecking my alarm clocks" he thought as he dragged himself out of bed. "The start of another year of education at the magnificent Middleton Magnet high school" He sarcastically joked in his own head as he got ready and headed out the door to school. "But this year is going to be different."

As soon as he got to school he met up with his best friend Harry Osborn who had spent the summer in Europe. "Just did some site seeing" he sighed "Dad spent the whole time in office meetings." Harry's dad the infamous industrialist Norman Osborn was trying to get his company, OsCorp, to be able to compete with companies like Stark Industries and even Hammer Industries. "What about you Peter? How was your… Peter where? Oh god…" Harry questioned as he looked around for his friend then seeing him approach the group of cheerleaders just entering the school in their own ever present uniforms. Harry knew Peter had a crush on Liz Allen the beautiful Latina girl on the team but she was so stuck up with her rich parents that she wouldn't give Peter the time of day. Worse still Peter had to compete with Flash for her.

Needless to say the encounter went about as well as Harry expected. Once Peter actually gets in front of the cheerleaders whatever courage and determination he had vanishes and her reverted back to the insecure geek he was. Liz rejects Peter and humiliates him. Flash and his football buddies decide to humiliate him further and basically toss him into the dirt.

All this happens just as Kitty walks onto the school grounds. She was wearing her usual attire of slightly baggy jeans and a light jacket that concealed her body. Even though she is aware she has what most would consider an awesome figure she didn't want the extra attention and risk someone finding out her secrets.

Kitty gets an idea of how she can discreetly signal Peter that she knows he is Spiderman. She walks up to Peter and extends her hand to help him up. He of course grabs it and when he is up she squeezes. Hot a normal squeeze but a spider power enhanced squeeze. Had he been a normal human she would have crushed his hand but Peter's own super strength kept that from happening. "Those guys are jerks you okay?" Kitty asked her voice not hinting to the amount of force she was exerting on his hand.

"Yeah I am fine, I am used to taking a pounding from those guys." Peter replied. "Damn she has a strong grip. If it weren't for my spider strength I'd probably be on my knees right now. What the hell is with this girl?" he thought to himself right before she let go of his hand. "What was your name again?" he asked sheepishly

"Kitty, Kitty Pryde. We were in the same science class last semester." Kitty replied, she didn't want to give away too much. "Maybe if I give him a push in the right direction he will figure it out for himself and he will come to me." She thought. Then the bell rang, shacking the both of them out of their little stare-down. "Well see you around I gota go get to home room!" Kitty yelled running into the building.

"What the hell was that about?" Peter thought to himself. "She was acting so nice but had my hand in a vice grip." Peter himself rushed off to his home room and took his seat next to his friends Mary Jane and Harry.

Throughout the day he just couldn't get his mind off of Kitty. They shared a few classes together and both would steal glances at the other when they thought the other was not looking. A couple of times they would catch each other and would blush in embarrassment. To an outside observer it would seem that the two of them had a crush on the other and they were dancing around the issue. The more he thought about it the more Peter started to go over all his previous interactions with the brunette geek. It wasn't until last period biology that it hit him.

"The science class final field trip before the summer!" Peter realized. It was the very trip that gave him his powers when he was bit by that spider. "Kitty was also bitten by that same spider. That would explain that grip she had. She must have figured out that I got powers from it too!" A more pressing realization overcame Peter. "OH SHIT! DOES SHE KNOW I AM SPIDERMAN?"

At the end of the class Peter stayed seated after everyone else had left. Almost everyone. Kitty who also had stayed behind was just gathering up her books as Peter got up and approached her. "We need to talk." Peter said in a rather cold tone, unsure of what to do in the situation.

Kitty was beaming on the inside that her plan worked. "I was wondering when you were going to ask." She said with a smile. As they both left the classroom and headed towards the back of the school.

A/n yes slight cliff hanger I know but I wanted to get this chapter out ASAP. I know my Spiderman universe is different then any other and it does borrow from a few other universes. Kitty is based off of her Ultimate version; MJ is also the ultimate version but will act in a similar way to the Spectacular Gwen. Liz is the Spectacular version of Liz as is Harry. Gwen will make her appearance later in the story in a similar way to Ultimate and will have a surprising history with Peter.