Coming to Terms

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In a small little alcove in the back of the school Kitty stood leaning against the wall with her arms across her chest. Outwardly she was giving off a demeanor of defiance and confidence; on the inside though she was beaming with happiness. Over the day she had listened carefully to everything Peter said. She even went so far as to eavesdrop on his lunch conversation. It turned out the two of them had a lot more in common than just the spider powers. Both were geeky and were at the top of their classes. They shared a lot of the same interests in science and music. Hell they had the same favorite band.

Peter on the other hand was openly nervous and anxious even though he was trying to hide it. On the inside he was scared out of his mind of his secret getting out and what Kitty was going to do to him or demand of him. "So how much do you know?" Peter said trying to remain calm.

Kitty smiled "Just about everything."

"Everything?" Peter was getting scared now.

"Well I did get my spider powers the same way as you so it wasn't really all that had to figure out." Kitty smirked at his discomfort. Not as much the popular cheerleader type she wasn't used to guys being uncomfortable around her and was enjoying this small taste of it. However she didn't want him too uncomfortable. "Don't worry, I am not going to tell anyone about you being Spiderman."

Peter openly sighed and seemed relived "Thank you." He sighed

Kitty's smirk returned "But there is a catch."

"Of course there is." Peter said slightly irritated

"I want to join you." Kitty said flatly staring in Peter's eyes.

Peter started stuttering he had no idea how to respond to this. He grew increasingly uncomfortable and his eyes darted around until…

"HEY PETER!" he turned to see the exuberant Gwen Stacy approaching them. "Don't you have to get to work at the Bugle?" Gwen said obvious that she was trying to give him a way out of his current situation.

Peter glanced down at his watch not really looking at the time before turning and yelling "Aw crap I'm gona be late." As he passed by Gwen he whispered a short "Thanks"

As Peter turned the corner Gwen's eyes hardened and turned to Kitty. Her voice took on a more menacing quality. "I don't know what you two were talking about and honestly I don't care." Gwen stated with a cold emotionless tone that thinly veiled the anger beneath. "Peter has taken enough crap in his life, he is the closest thing I have to a brother and I am not going to let some girl try and take advantage of him."

"I.. I…" Kitty tried to reply

"Stow it. I don't need to hear what ever excuse or reason you come up with." Gwen continued walking slowly towards Kitty. Her gaze softened for a moment "If you are truly interested in Peter and in getting to know him fine, he is a good person and deserves to be happy. But" it was at this point Gwen's eyes became steeled with a menacing rage that promised danger. "I am only going to tell you this once, if you ever and I mean ever hurt, use, abuse, or mistreat Peter, I will make you pay for it."

As Gwen turned and left Kitty let out a breath she didn't even realize she was holding. Even though she was terrified of the other girl she was surprised her spider sense didn't go off. 'Wow, now I know how Bobby felt when Logan gave him "the talk" after he asked out Rouge.' She sighed to herself.

As she headed home she thought to herself "No real point in trying to track down Peter, I never could find him before." Just as she finished saying that the wall crashed down beside her revealing Spiderman fighting a guy in a yellow and brown body suit with these gizmos on his hand that were firing some kind of kinetic blasts. 'Is it just me or recently does the universe just love to prove me wrong?' Kitty thought as she ducked into the ally-way and changed into her Shadow-spider costume. 'I just hope he saves some for me.'

"Stop jumpin around you annoying bug." Shocker said in his thick Texas accent. "Now I have just about had enough of you!"

Kitty crawled up onto the ceiling above Shocker before she spoke up. "Actually spiders are arachnids not bugs, if you're going to insult someone at least get the facts right." Kits said which startled Shocker causing him to look around. "Up here cow boy." The moment Shocker looked up he was caught by an upside-down bicycle kick right to the chin sending him flying into the wall.

As Shocker dusted himself off and got up out of the rubble he glared at Kitty. "Darlin I don't know who you are, but you are in a whole heap of trouble now." As he raised his blasters and fired a coninus stream towards Kitty she phased through a wall and then back into the room the fight was in earning a quizzical look from her opponent.

"The name is Shadow-spider and I got more than a few tricks up my sleeve." Kitty announced as Peter caught Shocker off guard and webbed the villain to the wall. "Nice one Spidey." She smiled at her counterpart knowing with their close proximity he could 'feel' her smiling even if through her mask it didn't show.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Peter said his annoyance dripping in his voice though a heavy feeling of concern was felt through their bond.

"I told you before I wanted to join you in your fight and I am not some fragile little girl I am just as tough as you." Kitty retorted slightly insulted.

"Aww having problems with your girlfriend bug?" Shocker laughed before realizing that it was a mistake.

That was .2 seconds before two super powered fists connected with his head knocking him unconscious and most likely giving him a concussion. "SHUT UP!" they both yelled as the enforcer blacked out.

"We are going to have to finish that talk." Peter said he began scaling a building.

"Sure but if you go web slinging across the city you are going to have to take me with you. For some reason I didn't get that power." Kitty said in a tone that emphasized that she would not be left behind.

"Fair enough." Peter agreed "But it's not a power. I designed and built these web shooters myself. Even used an old adhesive formula I found in my dad's notes to make them work." Peter then took Kitty by the waist and proceeded to web sling to his favorite thinking spot.

"Where are we going?" Kitty asked slightly embarrassed at being carried like this but really enjoying it and the feel of Peter's hard toned muscles.

"There is this spot I like to go when I need to think about things and you have given me a lot to thing about today." Peter replied not sure what to make of the feeling he was getting over their connection. Unlike Kitty who was used to having the thoughts and feelings of others in her head due to her interactions with the Professor and Jean and kind of telepathy was new to him.

"That's ok I guess it is a lot to take in." Kitty smiled

"Yup" Peter agreed. "Now let's go see Bruce."


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