Bruce's Decision

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"So this is Bruce?" Kitty asked still not believing what she was seeing

"Yup" Peter replied

"But.." Kitty started before being interrupted

"He really helps me out you know is a good listener and is always there." Peter smiled at his own joke

"Well I would think so considering he is a stone gargoyle!" Kitty replied annoyed at this.

"I know that" Peter sighed. "it's just that with all the crazy stuff I go up against it feels good to just talk it out with someone even if it is just a stone statue. I mean who else would I talk to about all this crazy stuff?"

Thinking about it for a moment Kitty could get what he was saying. She tried bottling it all up for so long before she joined the Xavier school and there where she could talk to people about her powers was a much better environment then just trying to learn it all on her own. Even Logan who wouldn't usually say much was a good person to vent to simply because he had that air of understanding at least with her and Rouge. Anyone else was too scared to approach him. "I get it." Kitty said putting a hand on his shoulder. "But now you do have someone to talk about it with." She smiled trying to assure Peter of her good intentions.

"Right then." Peter replied his mood picking back up. "So you want to join me right?" Kitty nodded. "Well you were able to hold your own preaty well against Shocker but honestly he is just the start. Guys like Octavious and the Goblin are a lot tougher and aren't distracted as easily. That reminds me how did you do that whole walking through walls thing?" Peter said remembering how she dodged some of Shocker's attacks.

"Oh that. I am a mutant." She said calmly as if this were an everyday occurrence. However she remembered that Peter didn't know about mutants so she sighed as she began the long process of explaining it all to him. "Certain people in the world are born with what we call the 'X'- gene that gives humans amazing superpowers. This mutation is only present in a small percentage of the world's population and only activates usually in puberty." She began as she paraphrased what Jean had told her and her parents when her powers manifested. "Mine is the ability to phase through solid matter, though I have to be careful because any electronics I phase through short out."

Peter was staring at her in rapt attention of what she was saying absorbing every word. With all the weird stuff he has dealt with it wasn't so hard to accept mutants. "Ok then, so that explains your phasing power and I know you go bit by that spider to give you the spider powers but it just seems you are so gungho about this and you seem almost too good for someone just starting out. Almost like you have had training…" Peter tailed off as he felt Kitty's embarrassment from what he was saying, then it dawned on him. "Where the hell do you get training for super powers? At school? Cuz if there is an elective in that I must have missed it."

"Well not at this school." Kitty said referring to M3. "The Xavier Institute is where I learned all this. I was 14 when Professor Xavier came to my house and told me about his school for mutants. My father was furious and didn't want anything to do with me being some kind of 'freak' so while he and my mom went through the divorce I was spared the heartache of that by staying at the Institute. I have a lot of friends there and I spent a good deal of the summer there learning about my new powers. It actually was kind of fun going through the process of learning about these powers without all the freaking out about what was going on. I am sure if you met them you would love the X-Men." Kitty finished as happiness oozed only slightly stained by the mention of her father.

"The what men?" Peter asked not knowing about the group.

"Oh the X-Men are the senior students and teachers that the professor has brought together as a team to fight for mutant rights and to fight against mutant terrorists like Magneto his followers. Besides Bobby I was the youngest then there is Rouge, Laura, Kurt, Pitor, Storm (A/N this is ultimate storm so she is about 19), Jean, Scott, Dr. McCoy and Mr. Logan. There are others that are in training and at the school but we are the X-Men because we were there first." Kitty boasted about her teammates and how she was a member of such a group. "I have to ask one thing though?" she said remembering how their earlier encounter got cut short.

"Sure go ahead." Peter replied.

"What's up with you and that blonde girl Gwen?" She asked remembering the confrontation

"Well that's a complicated thing. It's a really long story." Peter sighed

"I have time." Kitty replied egar to get to know more about her hopefully future partner.

"Well it all started…..


An 8 year old Peter just steps off the bus from school he is excited to be home for the weekend and to go see a new science exhibit that his mom and dad promised to take him to. As he ran into the house he didn't notice the smashed window, he didn't notice the strange quiet air that surrounded the home. He rushed into the kitchen hopping to see his smiling parents welcoming him home. Instead the kitchen was covered in red. The floors wet and sticky. His parents usually so active and passionate lay motionless on the floor a pool of red surrounding them. Gone was the smile, gone the happy thoughts and the science exhibit.

He went to his parents and gently rubbed their shoulders. "Mommy, Daddy? Wake up please wake up." He began to cry as they did not respond. He stayed there crying over his parents, time forgotten and he didn't know what to do. Peter Parker, 8 years old had just come home to find his parents murdered in their kitchen and he didn't know what to do.

Detective George Stacy was driving his daughter home from the station where she came after school. His wife just having left him the detective was thankful for his daughter being there for him and how he could be there for her. As they drove down a street in their Forest Hills neighborhood George noticed something, a smashed window in the Parker house and the front door wide open.

"Honey I am going to go make sure everything is ok. I am going to need you to stay in the car while I go inside." George said as he pulled into the driveway of the Parker's house. His daughter nodded her understanding as the detective left the car. George walked into the house carefully listening for the sounds of possible intruders. "Richard? Mary? You here?" he called out into the house. The only reply was the sound of sobbing coming from the kitchen. He rushed to the sound and found a sight that even in his years as a detective had never prepared him for.

Peter had been crying over the bodies of his dead parents for well over an hour. He didn't hear the detective call. He didn't hear the detective gasp and say his name till he picked the boy up. "Peter I am here Peter I am here for you." He said as the boy, his cloths stained and caked with his parents blood cried into the shoulder of his father's best friend. George whisked Peter out of the house and brought him to the car sitting him in the back seat alongside Gwen who was shocked to see her friend in such a state.

And while her dad went to work calling in back up and notifying Richard's brother about what happened Gwen sat there with Peter as he cried into her shoulder and she stroked his hair. While the police swarmed the area and medics came to check Peter out Gwen was always right by him.

For the next several weeks the two were inseparable. Going to school together and every day after school Gwen would come home with Peter to Ben and May's house and try to lift Peter's spirits. Even at the funeral the two stood side by side. Peter did a lot of crying and Gwen was with him the whole time. It was Gwen that eventually got him out of his depression and made him enjoy life again.

End Flashback

"She was there for me in my darkest hour. She is like the sister I have never had." Peter finished as he turned and looked at Kitty

Kitty was floored by the story. Not just the words or even the fact that something like that must be incredibly painful to talk about. But also by the fact that she could feel the emotions of the story she could feel what Peter felt just recalling that memory. This boy had suffered so much and was willing to put himself in harm's way again. She was on the verge of tears and didn't know what to do next.

"So you still want to join me in what I do?" Peter asked

She only nodded in response not trusting her voice.

"Well then we are going to have to make you some web-shooter, right Bruce?" he joked

The tension broken Kitty began to laugh as she and her new partner leaped from building to building.

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