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Shadow crouched low in the bushes outside the enemies camp. His ruby eyes swept the area trained to miss nothing. The area was perfect, plenty of trees and bushes to hide behind while he awaited orders. Getting in would be tricky, the fortress was surrounded by a thick, steel wall. If he had a chaos emerald, this would be different, but he didn't. He would need to use a homing attack against one of the mechs to jump over the wall. All he needed was the word.

"Agent Shadow," His communicator buzzed.

Shadow geld his arm close to his mouth so he could speak quietly, "This is Shadow."

"You have the order. Infiltrate the base and rescue the captive ASAP."

"Understood," Shadow shut off the communicator and slipped into the shadows. He didn't want to make a scene and bring harm to the captive so he looked for an isolated mech who wasn't looking at him. Timing his move carefully, he sped off on his hover skates and attacked the mech hard enough to break a vital circuit before heading over the wall. Once he landed, Shadow stopped a moment to listen in case he triggered an alarm. Hearing nothing, he continued on into the base, sliding through an air hole barely big enough to allow him.

"Okay, I'm in," He whispered through his communicator.

"Alright. The captive is in the underwater cell under the base. It's hooked to an electrical current so be on guard."

Wouldn't want this to be too easy now would we? Shadow thought bitterly as he shut the communicator off. He scanned the area quickly before continuing. The place wasn't overly big or complicated, but he couldn't seem to find the cell. He knew it wouldn't be in plain sight, considering the fact that it was underneath the base, but there should have been something that showed him where to go.

Shadow was about to look through the whole thing again when something caught his eye. There was a section of the steel floor that seemed to stand out to him. It wasn't obvious to him, so anyone without his super eyesight and vigorous training would never have noticed, but this section was a fraction of a centimeter higher than the rest. He felt around its edges to make sure and confirmed his observation. As he was feeling the left edge, his glove skimmed the corner and it slid to the side.

That was surprisingly easy. Normally the switch would be in a different part of the base. He thought as he jumped in. There was about a football field long staircase that led to a metal door with a combination lock. Shadow felt for the click and opened it with ease. Beyond it was a wide, glass tunnel that clearly signified that he was under water. This would certainly be the right kind of holding cell for this captive. He stopped at another door that was just an easy push- open. Once he was past that, he would be at his destination.

What he saw wasn't what he expected.

Shadow had expected an easy- going blue hedgehog that was lazily awaiting his rescue. What he saw was a sight that almost made him cringe.

When the president had told him it was connected to electricity, Shadow was expecting the cell itself to have an electric current running through it. What he found, was that Sonic himselfwas hooked to electric wires that zapped him at the slightest movement. He was chained to the wall in a T- shaped with his head hung low in defeat. Shadow felt a surge of anger as his stomach knotted with disgust. He was so angry all thoughts of discrete rescues fled his mind as he unleashed a chaos spear on the door, frying all electric currents. Well now he didn't have to worry about Sonic frying to a crisp.

Shadow moved quickly as alarms sounded throughout the base. He unclasped the chains from sonic's wrists and held his arms out for the unconscious hedgehog to fall into. Holding him securely, he raced out of the cell and into the base almost as quickly as the blue hedgehog himself. He used another chaos spear to damage the locks on the steel wall, much easier to do on the inside. Once out, he raced as fast and as far as his strong legs could carry him. He felt no fatigue, even under the dead weight of his companion.

He raced into the forest and broke the trees before the mechs could even sense his presence. He now had enough time to call G.U.N.

"I have the captive," He said roughly, anger still coursing through his veins.

"I see this. You also triggered every alarm in the base. That is why we sent you Agent Shadow!"

Shadow ground his teeth and spat, "If you had seen this you would have too! I'm shocked he's alive at this point!"

The President was silent a moment. When he spoke, it was carefully, "It is too risky to send you help. I'll give you a map of safe places to hide foe the next forty-eight hours."

Shadow's anger flamed into rage, "What do you mean it's too risky?" She shouted, causing the communicator to scream in protest.

"Exactly what I meant! This is what happens when you don't take precaution! You will deal with the consequences and lay low. You now have the hostage to worry about. Keep him safe as well as yourself."

Then there was silence.

Shadow beat his fist against a tree, "Damn it!"

"Nnnnn," A soft moan came from the blue hedgehog. Shadow went to his side quickly, holding him up. Sonic winced and groaned in protest and Shadow noticed the severe burns all over his body.

"Don't move too much Faker. You need to take it easy," He said softly to the maimed hedgehog.

Shadow glanced at the map the President had sent him via computer on his communicator and saw a safe hiding place nearby, "I'm going to pick you up now. Don't struggle."

Sonic didn't even make a sound that told shadow he acknowledged him speaking. Shadow carefully scooped him up bridal style and headed for a hidden nearby. The entrance was so carefully concealed that Shadow himself barely caught it. This was clearly not made naturally, but by a very skilled human who was excellent with camouflage. Shadow entered the pitch-black cave and set Sonic down, taking out his emergency pack complete with matches, a light, water and dried rations that would last a week. Shadow turned the lamp on with the dimmest light he could see with. He didn't want it shining through the plants that concealed them. He then looked over his companion. Sonic was burned pretty badly and seen cruel treatment over the past few days. If only he could have gotten to him sooner.

Shadow found an ointment in his first aid that healed injuries five times faster than the natural speed. He applied it to sonic's burns so carefully the hedgehog wouldn't have noticed even if he was conscious. He then settled in for the wait. He was very good at remaining in one place silently. He wasn't named Shadow for his color, but more his personality. He could be swift and silent when he needed to be, and also very dark. Whether that means attitude or mood, it still applies to him.

About an hour passed and Sonic began to stir, his burns already beginning the healing process. He sat up and groaned, holding his head. He paused when he realized he could preform that action easily and stared at his wrist, covered in burns, bruises and G.U.N. ointment. Shadow watched this silently, waiting for Sonic to be alert enough to notice him. Sonic slowly took in his surrounding, the dim light, the darkness beyond that, but didn't see Shadow.

This concerned the dark hedgehog. He wasn't that invisible. The electric currents hadn't passed through his brain, this Shadow knew. The contraption that had been attached to Sonic was designed to shock only the places it touched. Maybe Sonic was just exhausted despite his recent nap.

"I see you're finally awake Faker," Shadow said in his low, quiet tone.

Sonic jumped, his head snapping to Shadow's direction. When he finally saw him, he relaxed a little, "Was it you who got me out?"

Shadow nodded once.

Sonic forced a cocky smile and a thumbs up, but the action didn't look right with the dead expression in Sonic's eyes. Shadow didn't comment on it however, and remained silent. Sonic stretched his stiff muscled, his legs itching to be used. He hadn't ran since he was captured, and it wasn't in his nature to be still for so long.

"G.U.N. will arrive in two days. I have the means to remain alive until then, but we must remain here and not leave for any reason," Shadow explained. Sonic slumped against the rock wall and nodded, his emerald eyes dull.

Shadow's mouth twitched into a frown, What happened to him in there? He watched the usually high spirited hedgehog as the life seemed to drain from him. Sonic's happy, cocky, carefree nature may get on Shadow's nerves, but it still pained him to see Sonic this way. This confused Shadow as well. Why did he care all of a sudden? It may have disgusted him to see Sonic in such a state before, but he shouldn't be this affected by it. He let it go for now and leaned against the cavern wall, closing his eyes. He didn't have a prayer for sleep, but he could still rest. He needed to figure out what had happened to Sonic, something in his mind was just obsessed with it, and it frightened him. However, he wasn't going to just ask, he would try to get it out of him in the least painful way possible for Sonic. No need to frighten him or upset him further.

This is just the opening, there will be more M rated chapters later. This chapter was meant to start the plot and get the story rolling.