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Chapter 1-Sick Day by Dixiewinxwrites12

(Severide's Point of View)

It was extremely unusual that Morgan did not show up for her usual evening shift. At first, I thought that there was a problem with Dana, her horse. But a text message came through to my phone-It said "Sorry, I couldn't come in tonight, Severide but I think I have caught the flu-I feel terrible." I looked towards Shay and Dawson, and they knew what I was going to do when in unison, they both said-"We'll cover for you, and Tell her that we hope she gets better, because we definitely need a little more estrogen to balance out the testosterone" Shay remarked as Dawson bit back a chuckle. While deep in his heart, Matt Casey wished it was him that would do kind things for her.

I could not help but laugh at that as well. As I exited the firehouse, I was scrambling to remember what kind of soup she liked to eat when she had a sore throat-then I remembered, it was Egg Drop. So, after a pharmacy run, I decided that I would get her some and head on towards her apartment. (10 minutes later), I had arrived at her apartment with the pharmacy bags and the soup. I could tell that she was really elated to see me and how she felt bad that she could not come in. As she sat down, I kissed her lightly on the cheek and offered to stay with her that night, but she declined due to fear of spreading her germs to me. Once I looked into her blue eyes, I knew why I loved her. I also noticed that Heart of Stone by Iko was playing softly as the cold medication took effect.

Chapter 2-(Morgan's Point of View)

I remember that day I somehow caught the flu, When I first texted Severide I thought that he was just going to ignore me like the majority of my other friends had, but this time was different. In the six years that I had been working with Station 51; I felt like an outsider but then I realized I was not treated that way by anybody at Station 51. I was finally welcomed somewhere and that warmed my heart.

The End!