A/N: Well, I figured that I'd start one of these sooner or later. Being a military and history buff, I enjoy learning more and more about the tech from WWII and Girls und Panzer made me think a lot about that. But ever since I started watching Girls und Panzer I began to wonder, what do the boys do? If Sensha-do, Tankery, Tankwondo, whatever you wanna call it is for girls then what's there for boys? Suddenly it hit me, airplanes! Ever since WWI dogfighting (or fights between planes) has always been like a duel in the sky between men. One guy already came up with the concept here on , I figured I'd make my own version of this idea and add more characters and planes. So enjoy!

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From the air he could see them, 5 tanks in all rumbling through the ravine; a Churchill and 4 Mathildas all in a perfect V formation. He could also see the 4 tanks and single tank destroyer belonging to his team up on a ridge beginning to move out. It was hard NOT to see them, considering the paint schemes on them just seemed to scream 'shoot me' with the ridiculous bright colors. He just shook his head at the very idea that these girls would paint their tanks like that. The girls operating the STUG III actually had the audacity to put FLAGS on their tank destroyer.

Well, at least he and his fellow pilots didn't have to worry about being shot down by the 5 tanks from the opposing team. What they DID have to worry about, was the flight of planes operated by the opposing team's own pilots. After all, he and his fellow wingmen were the only ones keeping them from going down and attacking those said tanks.

"Looks like the girls are on the move." A voice came over the radio.

"Do you think that Miho's plan will work out?" Another from his second wingman asked.

"I certainly hope so," Daisuke Nishizawa, the lead pilot in Oorai High School's dogfighting club replied. "That is, if the others don't get trigger happy."

"You worry too much, Nishizawa-kun." The third voice belonging to the student council president of their school's boy division, Yoshi Sugita, said. "I'm sure the girls are prepared for this.

"I wish I shared your confidence, Kaichou," Daisuke said, gripping the control yoke of his Ki-43-III a little tightly, but not too tightly so as he doesn't fire off his Ho-103 machine guns. "But I've seen how Kawashima-sempai is when she's behind the trigger."

"He's got a point there, Kaichou," The first voice belonging to Johnny Doolittle, the American pilot of the group. "Kawashima-sempai didn't exactly take her time in the mock-fight a few days ago."

"I will admit, Maho-chan is a little…overenthusiastic," Yoshi said, tentatively. "But you have to admit, she did keep Miho and her team on the ropes for a little bit."

"Only because they got trapped on that bridge, Yoshi," The second voice belonging to Fredrick Goering, a German student, nearly snapped. "If Mako-chan didn't start driving their tank, they probably would've lost."

Daisuke shook his head and looked over at the planes belonging to their school. It was only 4 for now, but he hoped that they could grow that number. Besides his Nakajima Ki-43-III Hayabusa, Yoshi Sugita was piloting a Mitsubishi A6A Zero, Fredrick was piloting a Focke-Wulf Fw 190, and Johnny was piloting a Grumman F4F Wildcat.

It was strange how Oorai was able to have a mix of tanks and fighters just hidden in the various parts of the school's warship. Their fighters were a mix of some aircraft used by the Japanese, German, and American air forces. The girls, on the other hand, had a mix of tanks used by Germany, the Czech Republic, Japan, and America.

Miho Nishizumi and her team were driving a Panzer IV Ausf. D tank and were probably the only tank that looked like it belonged on a battlefield. Anzu Kadotani, the student council president of the girls' division of Oorai and the rest of the girls' student council operated a Panzer 38(t) that was painted a bright gold that he could see from at least 6,000 feet; he could probably find it at night, if necessary. The Hippo team, a group of girls who operated the aforementioned Sturmgeschütz III, had painted their tank destroyer with a bright red and blue paint scheme complete with Japanese war flags of the same color. The Duck team, the Oorai girls' volleyball team, operated the Japanese Type 89B painted brown with white kanji painted all over the armor. The Rabbit team, the last team of all first year students, drove an American M3 Lee painted a bright pink.

All but the Anglerfish team, Miho's team, had their tanks painted so that they could be easy targets for their opponents, St. Gloriana Academy. It made Daisuke want to shoot them himself; but then again, he could never understand girls.

But his focus was on his opponents that he and his 4 wingmen would be facing; St. Arthur Academy's fighter squadron. Like him and his wingmen, they were flying 4 fighters as well. But they were flying 3 Hawker Hurricanes and a Supermarine Spitfire; very much similar to what their counterparts of St. Gloriana were doing. Their lead plane was undoubtedly the Spitfire and Daisuke had made it clear that he would be the one to take it out.

"Alright, cut the chatter you guys," Daisuke interrupted before an argument broke out. "We'd better keep our eyes open for St. Arthur's fighters. They're out there somewhere, so start looking around."

"Roger!" Their collected voices came from over the radio.

"Daisuke-kun, do you read?" A soft feminine voice came over his radio.

Daisuke brought the microphone of his headpiece close to his face and replied, "I'm here, Miho-chan, what's up?"

"My team's making our move," Miho Nishizumi said looking up at Daisuke's plane from the turret of her team's tank. "Any sign of the enemy planes?"

"Negative," Daisuke said tonelessly. "No sign of them yet, but I won't let my guard down."

"Please be careful," Miho said in a worried tone. "We'll tell the others to keep their eyes open."

Daisuke smiled as she said that and said, "Thanks Miho-chan, we appreciate it."

"Give 'em hell Nishizawa-dono!" Yukari Akiyama's voice said enthusiastically. He could almost see her pump her fist up towards Daisuke's plane. It made Daisuke laugh.

"Tally-ho!" Johnny's voice interrupted his musings. "Bandits, 10 o'clock high!"

Daisuke immediately turned his eyes upward to his left and saw them, 4 specks growing larger as they got closer to their flight. From their outlines he could clearly tell that they were indeed the Hurricanes and Spitfire. On their wings they bore the emblem of St. Arthur Academy, which consisted of a shield behind a broadsword that had wings above the hilt complete with a tea set in front of it.

"Alright, guys," Daisuke said, his voice turning professional, "This is it! Remember, fire in bursts and aim for the wings, engine, or tail to take them down. Don't give them a chance to tag team you, and watch each other's backs!"


"Move out!" Daisuke finally ordered, and one by one their planes turned towards the direction of the enemy planes.

The St. Arthur planes obviously spotted them as well and flew in perfect formation like their St. Gloriana counterparts towards their flight. Daisuke set his sights squarely on the Spitfire and waited. Seconds later, the two flights closed the distance and fired single bursts of machine gun fire at one another before passing each other. The 4 planes of Oorai High then broke formation and went after their respective targets as did the St. Arthur planes. Just like he hoped, the Spitfire had chosen to go after him and the two planes began to circle one another.

Daisuke looked up from his cockpit and saw the St. Arthur pilot look right back at him.

'This is it,' He thought to himself. 'Here's hoping my skills haven't worn off.'

For a few seconds, Daisuke began to remember how it all began. When he first transferred to Oorai High School only a week ago.

A/N: Well, that's it for the prologue. I apologize for it being short, I just wanted to give a brief introduction to the main character and the boys in the Dogfighting Club of the story. I also wanted to do what the anime did and have a brief beginning to the fight between their school and the boys school that they're up against. I'll explain more as the story develops. Tell me what you think.