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Chapter 1: Tankery and Dogfighting, Here They Come!

*Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep*

He slammed his hand on top of the annoying alarm clock that had just woken him up after a long first night here in his new apartment. After clearing the cobwebs in his head, he made his bed and made sure to make a hospital corner out of habit. Years of discipline were just hard to get out of, even when you're far from home. That was the case for 16 year old Daisuke Nishizawa, who had just slipped out of his pajamas and into his new school uniform.

After slipping the last button of his black school uniform on, he decided to look at himself in the mirror. Looking back at him was a young man at about 5'9" with slightly tanned skin, wavy dark brown hair, and oak brown eyes. He seemed pretty normal, but Daisuke didn't consider himself normal. After all, he comes from a very prestigious family; especially when it came to aviation. After double checking his look, he decided he was presentable and grabbed his book bag before heading out the door and locking it behind him.

Daisuke had to admit, the town of Oorai was very peaceful; no one was really in a hurry to get anywhere and everyone was greeting each other with a friendly tone. It made him glad that he left the big city he came from. Just as he passed a local convenience store he heard a thud and a feminine voice making an "oof" sound in front of him, causing him to look.

In front of him, a girl about his age with short auburn hair and light brown eyes was nursing her forehead after bumping into a sign. She wore a school uniform indicating that she was indeed a student over at the high school's girl's department. He had to admit, she was rather cute.

The gentleman in him decided to kick in and he approached her and said, "Are you ok?"

The girl quickly turned around and saw him and quickly composed herself with a twinge of pink coloring her cheeks. "Y-yes, I'm fine." She said with an embarrassed stutter.

"You sure?" He asked her, taking a closer look at her forehead. "You did bump into that sign pretty good."

His closeness made the girl blush, not that he noticed, and she replied with another stutter. "I-I-I-I'm all right, r-really!"

Daisuke looked a little unsure, but decided not to pry any further. "Well, if you're sure…"

They then saw a group of girls wearing the same uniform as hers heading in the same direction they were both heading. Daisuke then saw a group of boys across the street wearing the same uniform as him heading that way as well. He then turned to the girl with a smile.

"Well, shall we get going?" He said, causing her to gasp lightly but she returned his smile and nodded and the two of them began their trek towards the school together.

"I don't need to be a genius to know that you're in the girls' division over at Oorai High, right?" Daisuke asked her, carrying his book bag over his shoulder.

The girl nodded and said, "That's right; I just transferred here a few days ago. This is my first day at school."

Daisuke laughed slightly at this. "Well, what a coincidence, me too!"

The girl looked at him in surprise. "Really? You just transferred here too?"

"Sure did," Daisuke confirmed with a nod.

The girl then lowered her head a little. "I'm kinda nervous; this is my first time going to a coed school."

"Well, it's just like any other school, I'm sure." Daisuke said with a shrug. "Except, of course, this school has a boys division too."

"That's why I'm nervous," The girl admitted with a blush. "I've never been in the same school with boys for a long time. I'm not sure if I can get comfortable with them."

"You're talking to me, aren't you?" Daisuke asked with a grin, making the girl look at him. "If you can have a conversation with me, then I think you'll do just fine."

The girl pondered his words for a moment and then smiled and said, "You're right."

The two of them shared a laugh at that. Daisuke had to admit, from his previous schools he hardly ever got a chance to talk to a girl even when he went to a coed school. After all, most of the schools he had been in were for boys only. Judging from what this girl had told him, she had only been to schools for girls. So it was basically a new experience for the both of them. He also had to admit, the girl he was talking to was rather cute.

"There it is." The girl said looking ahead, and sure enough their new school came into view.

The building itself was rather impressive looking, Daisuke had to admit. The light brown bricks and windows that made up the school's exterior made the school very modern looking. The sakura trees were all in bloom and certainly did make the school even prettier on the outside. The school's emblem was clearly shown on the outside wall; it reminded Daisuke of the German Army cross, except it was blue with black stripes and the bottom looked like it was a pair of ribbon tails. At each of the entrances, students of both boys and girls were conversing with one another while they headed towards their shoe lockers.

"Well, I guess I'll see you later then." Daisuke said to her as he was about to split up after they went through the gate.

"Wait," The girl said, stopping him in his tracks to look at her confusedly. "I…I didn't get your name."

Daisuke blinked but smiled at her and said, "It's Daisuke, Nishizawa Daisuke."

"Nishizawa…Daisuke-kun?" She said, trying his name out and then with a smile she decided to introduce herself. "It's nice to meet you, my name is Nishizumi Miho."

"Nishizumi Miho…" Daisuke said to himself, liking the way her name sounded. Then he grinned at her again. "It's nice to meet you too, Miho-chan."

The way he said her name, made Miho blush but she returned his grin with a smile.

"Well, I'll see you later, Miho-chan." Daisuke said, turning to leave.

"See you later, Daisuke-kun!" She called after him with a wave, which he returned.

Miho dropped her arm slowly as she watched Daisuke leave. Miho had to admit, this was the first time she had a decent conversation with a boy her age. It made her even happier to know that Daisuke was very friendly and had just transferred to Oorai like herself. It made her at ease knowing that she had met a boy she can be friends with. It also helped that he was kinda cute.

Wait where did that come from? She blushed as she just recalled her thoughts. But just as the first bell rang, Miho's thoughts were interrupted and not wanting to be late, she decided to rush to her shoe locker. But as she placed her indoor shoes on, she couldn't help but wonder if she'll see Daisuke at lunch.

Classes were rather long, even Daisuke had to admit; still, he was glad that a few of the boys in the school decided not to bother him much. Whenever a teacher asked him to read a passage in a book, or assisted in a math equation, he did it without question. When it came to academics, Daisuke excelled at it. But there were certain subjects he still had trouble in, such as English and biology. But they were minor problems, he was sure he'd improve on them sooner or later.

It then came about the time for lunch and Daisuke knew that it was one of the few times where the boys and girls divisions could actually interact with one another. There was one girl he hoped to find, and that was Miho.

"Hey new guy!" A voice interrupted his thoughts, as he gathered up his school supplies. He looked over to see where the voice came from and saw a couple of guys looking at him with friendly smiles on their faces.

The boy who spoke had spiky light red hair and dark green eyes with a slightly darker tan than Daisuke's; his uniform was partially unbuttoned and showed a t-shirt underneath his uniform shirt. He looked a few centimeters shorter than Daisuke. His most distinguishing feature was a small mole on his left cheek.

Next to him was a taller guy with lighter skin, smoothly combed blonde hair and dark blue eyes behind a pair of thin framed glasses. His uniform was completely neat and not a trace of it was wrinkled. To put it simply, this guy looked like he was the heartthrob from a shoujo manga. It wouldn't surprise Daisuke if this guy was the heartthrob for the school. Both guys were well built and looked like they worked out as much as Daisuke did.

"You guys talking to me?" Daisuke asked, pointing at himself.

"You're the only other new student here in the boys' division," The blonde boy said, adjusting his glasses with a finger. "So who else would we be talking to?"

"Yeah, so what do ya say, you wanna have lunch with us?" The spiky haired boy said with a roguish grin, pointing his thumb at the two of them while having his arm on the blonde's shoulder (much to the latter's slight annoyance).

Daisuke looked at the two of them in surprise. He didn't expect anyone to ask if they wanted to have lunch with him right off the bat. But here they were, two guys asking him out right to join them for lunch. With a slight smile he nodded.

"Great!" The spiky haired kid said, going over to Daisuke and gave him a pat on the back, motioning him towards the cafeteria with the blonde haired boy in tow. "I think you'll love the cafeteria food here! But I think the girls are an even better treat, if ya know what I mean?" He said with another grin and wink.

Daisuke laughed a little nervously at that, but the other boy patted his shoulder as he caught up and said with an exasperated tone, "Try and ignore him, he tends to be a little brash with his statements."

"Hey! Don't tell me you don't find any of the girls here unattractive, Junichi!" The spiky hair retorted waving a fist at the other boy.

"Of course I do, Toshiro," Junichi, the blonde haired boy, replied curtly. "I'm just more polite about it."

"Your point?" Toshiro, the spiky haired boy, said crossing his arms and looking rather irritated by Junichi's politeness.

"C'mon guys, let's not fight," Daisuke said, raising both of his hands with a nervous smile and laugh. "Let's just get some food, I'm starving."

"Yeah, you're right," Toshiro said with a shrug. "Besides, you'll see what I mean once we hit the cafeteria."

"We haven't introduced ourselves yet," Junichi said as they finally entered a crowded cafeteria filled with students of both the boys and girls divisions. "I'm-"

"Tomonaga Junichi, blood type O, birthdate December 7th and Watanabe Toshiro, blood type A, birthdate June 4th." Daisuke suddenly interrupted him, garnering looks of shock from both boys. "I memorized the student roster before coming to class."

"Wow," Toshiro said, blinking. "Never thought you'd memorize all that."

"Even I hardly keep track of all our classmates." Junichi said as the three of them grabbed their lunch trays.

"Well, if I'm going to get to know everyone here, I might as well memorize their names and faces." Daisuke said with a shrug, gathering up his food.

"That sounds interesting." Junichi said, also gathering up his food.

"You sure are an interesting one Nishizawa Daisuke." Toshiro said with a grin.

"Daisuke-kun?" A familiar voice said, catching the boys' attention and there was Miho with two other girls on either side of her.

"Miho-chan." Daisuke said in surprise, seeing the girl he met that morning in the cafeteria.

"You know him, Miho-san?" The first girl with long dark hair said to Miho.

"Is he your boyfriend?" The lighter haired girl asked with a teasing grin, causing both Daisuke and Miho to blush.


"Oho…already snagged yourself a girlfriend here, Daisuke?" Said Toshiro with a grin of his own.

"N-no, we just met this morning!" Daisuke nearly exclaimed, his voice cracking slightly.

"We only walked to school, that's all!" Miho added, her blush making her face nearly resemble a radish.

"Sure ya did…" Toshiro pressed, his grin never wavering before Junichi smacked him in the back of the head, making him almost drop his lunch. The action made the lighter haired girl laugh slightly.

"Quit teasing, Toshiro." Junichi chided him before turning to the girls and bowed apologetically. "I apologize for my friend's rudeness; he just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut."

"It's alright," The dark haired girl said with a polite smile. "No harm done."

"Ano, Daisuke-kun," Miho said, catching Daisuke's attention. "Would you and your friends mind joining us?"

The question surprised Daisuke and the others but Daisuke smiled and nodded. "Sure," He said and turned his attention to the other girls. "That is, if you ladies don't mind?"

The other girls shared a glance and then turned to Daisuke with a smile. "Not at all," The dark haired girls said, her polite smile not wavering.

"We don't mind." The lighter haired girl said with a wider smile.

"Then we will gladly sit with you ladies." Junichi said with a kind smile.

A few minutes later, the six Oorai students sat down and introduced themselves to each other. The dark haired girl's name was Hana Isuzu and the orange haired girl's name was Saori Takabe. Both had the same homeroom as Miho and had openly decided to become friends with the girl. It made Daisuke happy to know that Miho had friends besides him now. Daisuke introduced himself and his own new friends to Miho and the girls and while Toshiro was brash and flirty with the girls, Junichi was very polite and gentlemanly towards them. Hana also acted just as polite as Junichi, but Saori was flirting with him, but rejected Toshiro's advances. It was like seeing a reflection in the two friends both Miho and Daisuke had made each.

"I'm so glad that I made some friends." Miho said with a smile. "I actually moved to Oorai by myself."

"Me too," Daisuke said giving Miho a smile. "It wasn't easy to convince my mom though, I'll tell you that."

"I see," Saori said, as she stirred some of her food in a dish. "I guess things like that happen. You know, like a complicated love triangle or someone says that they don't love you before you can confess your love to them, or your boyfriend cheats on you with four other girls."

That brought an uneasy look on both Miho and Daisuke's faces.

"Either that your girlfriend has an affair on ya while you're away on vacation." Toshiro said, taking a bite out of his food.

That made Miho and Daisuke even more uneasy.

"Did something happen with your families?" Hana asked the two of them. "Some in-family fighting or something related to some inheritance?

"Nothing like that…" Both Miho and Daisuke said at the same time, catching each other off guard.

"Did your parents move to different offices or something?" Saori said after taking a bit of food in her mouth.

"Not really," Daisuke said, but Miho was silent. "My mom was okay about me moving here after I convinced her."

"What about your father?" Junichi asked, after he sipped from his bowl of soup.

Daisuke's face became a little grim and he stopped eating. The others all looked at him wondering what was wrong. His grip on his chopsticks tightened a little.

"Daisuke-kun?" Miho said, trying to get him to open up.

"My dad…" Daisuke said almost silently. "He's…dead."

That brought everyone's eating to a crashing halt; they hadn't expected that kind of answer.

"I'm sorry," Miho said sadly, putting a hand on his arm.

"It's Ok," Daisuke said with a sad smile. "It happened a long time ago."

The table was silent for a moment; even Toshiro couldn't find any words to say to Daisuke after he gave that revelation. Thankfully it was Hana who suggested that they eat up before their food got cold. As they ate, they changed topics and continued to talk and eat right up till the end of lunchtime before returning to class; but not before Toshiro suggested that the six of them get together after school, which the girls unanimously agreed with.

"I gotta tell ya, Daisuke," Toshiro said from his desk. "You sure know how to pick 'em."

"What do you mean?" Daisuke asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"I mean, Nishizumi-chan," Toshiro replied with a wink making Daisuke reel back. "She's quite a cutie. You sure you're not dating her?"

"Wh-wha-?!" Daisuke blanched, his cheeks becoming red again.

"Toshiro," Junichi interrupted from his desk and adjusting his glasses again. "Must you tease him about that?"

"Well, they did seem pretty friendly towards each other." Toshiro said with a shrug. "And Nishizumi-chan is cute, don't you agree?"

This time it was Junichi's turn to blush, but he maintained his composure and said, "I will admit that Nishizumi-san is…interesting. But I don't think it's any of our business about Daisuke-san's love life."

"Party pooper." Toshiro grumbled under his breath.

"You sure act calm, Junichi." Daisuke noted, "It's like you've got the patience of a cat."

Toshiro grinned broadly. "Well, it's to be expected! After all, he is the number one player in the school's chess club." He boasted, giving Junichi a hard pat on the back, almost knocking his glasses off.

"Toshiro…" Junichi growled, regaining his posture.

"You play chess, Junichi?" Daisuke asked.

Junichi cleared his throat and said, "Well, I do dabble in it along with shogi and go. But I wouldn't say that I'm good at it."

"Don't be so modest, pal," Toshiro said to him, patting his shoulder. "You're a helluva lot better than some of the other guys in this school."

Daisuke couldn't help but smile at Toshiro's enthusiasm. "You're quite enthusiastic, Toshiro; it's no wonder you're quite friendly."

Toshiro laughed and put his arms behind his head. "What can I say; it's part of my charm."

"More like your greatest flaw." Junichi mumbled with a frown.

"Aww shut up Junichi!" Toshiro retorted, and Daisuke laughed slightly at their banter.

It was amazing; in just a few short hours Daisuke had made not one, not two, not three, but five different friends that day. Miho, whom he met on the way to school, Junichi and Toshiro, and through Miho, Hana and Saori. At his old school, he hardly ever made that many friends. Sure he had one or two, but never any more than that. What made it even better was the fact that three of these said friends were girls; the first girls to ever become his friends in his entire life. For the first time in a long time, he felt happy. Happier than he had ever been.

But before he could think about it any further, Junichi and Toshiro's banter was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the forward classroom door sliding open and three older looking male students entered the front of the class causing a slight murmur to erupt from their classmates.

"Who's that?" Daisuke murmured to his friends and pointing at the three who just entered.

"That's the student council for the boys division here at Oorai." Junichi said, slightly surprised at the sight of them.

"What the heck are they doing here?" Toshiro said silently.

The three boys in question were in fact a couple years older looking than Daisuke. The one in the middle was the student council president, Yoshi Sugita. He was a few inches taller than Daisuke and had wavy dark hair and the same kind of skin tone as Junichi; he also had a darker shade of brown eyes than Daisuke that had a mischievous look in them. In his hand was a box of Pocky and was nibbling on one in his other hand.

To his left was someone of the same age, he had the same hair style as Junichi but the same skin tone as Daisuke; he was just a few centimeters shorter than Yoshi. Like Junichi, he wore a pair of thin-framed glasses that seemed to glint from the florescent lights in the room. This was Takeo Anabuki, the student council the student council's public relations manager. He seemed to be looking around for someone in the classroom.

The last student on the right was the same height as the vice-president and had the same skin tone as him. But his hair was a dark red color and was messier, and he had gray eyes. Like the vice-president, he too was looking around for someone. This was Hayao Akamatsu, vice-president of the boys division.

Together these three boys formed the boys division's student council at Oorai High School. Like the girls division's student council, they upheld the rules of the school in the boys division and delivered punishments to anyone who violated them. They also coordinated the budget for the boys division and determined what school clubs could remain open and what rooms they could use. Today, they were there on business with a certain student.

After a few seconds of searching, Takeo spotted Daisuke and pointed at him for Yoshi.

Yoshi finished off his pocky and waved at Daisuke before he and the student council approached them. "Yo, Nishizawa-kun!"

Daisuke reeled back in shock and replied, "Y-yes?"

The three of them surrounded his desk and it was Takeo who answered. "We need to talk."

A moment later, after introducing themselves to him, the student council brought him out into the hall outside the classroom and closed both doors so as the other students wouldn't hear their conversation.

"I'll go straight to the point," Yoshi said, nibbling on another stick of pocky. "We want you to take dogfighting as your mandatory class."

"What!?" Daisuke was really surprised at that declaration. "I thought this school didn't have a dogfighting class!"

"We're reviving it for this year," Takeo said, adjusting his glasses. "The student council for the girls' division will also be reviving the school's tankery class as well."

"But I came here for the express purpose of avoiding dogfighting!" Daisuke explained, putting emphasis on the word 'avoiding.' "When I heard this school didn't have it and had started to become a coed school, I wanted to come here and avoid that."

"Don't worry about it!" Yoshi said wrapping his arm around Daisuke's shoulder and bringing his face close to Daisuke's, making him a little uncomfortable. "It must be destiny that brought you here to our school."

"Don't we choose what our mandatory classes are?" Daisuke asked trying to find a way out of this situation.

"Well, thanks!" The student council president said, patting his back harder than Toshiro did earlier before he and the rest of the student council left before Daisuke could protest any further.

"But I…don't want to dogfight…" Daisuke mumbled to himself helplessly, not noticing his two new friends watching from the door to their classroom.

For the next hour, Daisuke just continued to stare at his desk and held on to his pencil, not bothering to write down any notes. None of the other students, nor did his friends notice his staring off into space. Even as the teacher was making a math lecture, Daisuke just continued to stare as though he didn't even listen to the lecture.

"Now for this next problem," The teacher said looking at his student roster. "Nishizawa-kun." But Daisuke didn't answer him. "Nishizawa-kun?" He tried again, this time the other students were all staring at him, wondering what was wrong. "Nishizawa-kun!" The teacher said louder, finally snapping Daisuke out of his funk.

"Y-yes sir?"

"Are you feeling alright, Nishizawa-kun?" The teacher asked him with concern.

Daisuke looked down sadly at his desk. "No, sensei." He answered him before looking back and asked, "May I be excused to the infirmary?"

"Of course," The teacher nodded, allowing Daisuke to get up out of his chair and walk out of the classroom with everyone watching him leave, including Toshiro and Junichi watching with concern.

Suddenly Toshiro raised his hand up high and said, "Uh sensei, my stomach's not feeling well; I guess I ate something that didn't agree with my stomach, so can I be excused too?"

"I'm starting to feel a little uneasy myself, may I also be excused?" Junichi asked, raising his hand a little lower than Toshiro.

Reluctantly, the teacher let them go and Daisuke was grateful for that. It seemed that the two of them were worried about their newfound friend and wanted to see whatever the matter with him was. They walked in silence as they walked down the hallways to the infirmary, which was in the central building of the school where the two divisions met like in the cafeteria. They knocked on the door and told the nurse that they weren't feeling well, but she quickly silenced them.

"Please keep your voices down;" She said silently, "I have three other students from the girls division also here trying to rest."

That caught the boys' attention and the looked to see that three of the infirmary's beds were indeed occupied by three familiar sets of hair.

'Miho-chan?' Daisuke was surprised to see her, Hana, and Saori here as were Junichi and Toshiro.

A minute or two later, the boys were now laying in the three beds opposite of the girls and the nurse told the three of them to try and not wake them. She then muttered something about 'spreading to the boys as well' before leaving the infirmary. For a few seconds, the six of them just laid there in silence as they heard the nurse's footsteps head down the hallway. Daisuke heard the rustling of bed sheets and saw that the girls were wide awake and as stunned as they were to see him, Junichi, and Toshiro.

"Daisuke-san, what are you boys doing here?" Hana said quietly, not wanting to attract any unwanted attention.

"We could ask you girls the same thing." Toshiro said making sure his voice was also low.

"Are you three really sick?" Junichi asked them, putting his glasses back on after taking them off to sleep on the bed.

"Not really," Saori spoke up, answering Junichi for them. "Miho was acting weird and we went with her to the nurse's office."

"Daisuke was acting weird too," Toshiro said, motioning his head towards said person. "He's been staring at his desk ever since the boys' student council talked to him earlier."

"That's odd," Hana said in a perplexed tone. "Miho-san started acting strange when the girls' student council talked to her earlier."

"That can't be a coincidence." Junichi said, narrowing his eyes and cupping his chin.

Daisuke listened in and finally spoke up, "Let me guess, Miho-chan, the girls' student council told you they were reviving the tankery class right?" His statement surprised everyone in the room, but Miho simply nodded in confirmation. He sighed and laid his head back down on his pillow. "That's what I thought; the boys' student council told me they were reviving it and the dogfighting class."



"You mean the school had a class that allowed dogs to fight?" Saori asked, a little mortified by the idea.

"No, no, no," Toshiro corrected her waving his arm. "Not that kind of dogfight, Daisuke means the battles between fighter planes."

"And if I'm not too mistaken, tankery is that all girls sport where girls fight in tanks am I right?" Junichi inquired, adjusting his glasses.

"That's right." Hana nodded in confirmation.

"Then I can only guess that the girls' student council president asked that you join tankery as your mandatory, huh Miho-chan?" Daisuke asked, not bothering to look at her or the others.

"She did." Miho confirmed again with a nod.

"Thought so," Daisuke said, closing his eyes. "The boys' student council president asked me to join dogfighting as mine."

"But why would they?" Toshiro asked a little stunned that the student councils would do this sort of thing to both his friends.

"Are the four of you in some sort of love rectangle or something?" Saori asked with a slight smile.

"This isn't a romance manga, Saori-san." Junichi deadpanned.

"They went out of their way to ask you two to join the tankery and dogfighting classes," Hana said in a delighted tone. "Miho-san must be an amazing fighter who has fought in many battles in tankery and Daisuke-san must be an incredible pilot who must have great experience in aerial duels."

"No," Daisuke answered for the two of them. "That's not it at all."

"Then what other reason is there?" Toshiro asked the two of them.

Both Miho and Daisuke were quiet for a while, but it was Miho who broke the silence. "The truth is…I come from a family that has a long history of riding tanks."

"And I come from a family that has a history of pilots." Daisuke finally said gripping his blanket tightly.

"That's awesome." Toshiro said in a quiet excited tone.

"Amazing." Hana said in admiration.

"But, I don't have a lot of good experience with tanks," Miho said sadly. "That's why I came to this school: to try and avoid tanks." She buried herself deeper under her covers.

"While I may be a good pilot," Daisuke said looking at Toshiro and then to Junichi. "My dogfighting skills have dwindled for the past few years. That's why my mom and I moved to Hiroshima in the mainland before I came here: so I could avoid dogfighting. But I needed some time by myself, so when I heard about this school and how it was now accepting boys, I just had to come here so I can avoid dogfighting even more." As Daisuke said this, he rolled over to his side and gripped the sheets with his hand and had pursed his lips.

"I see…" Junichi said nodding his head in understanding.

"So that's how it is." Saori said with a nod of understanding herself.

"So why force yourselves to do it anyway?" Toshiro said in a brighter tone, making both Miho and Daisuke to look at him. "It's not like all high school boys and girls do dogfighting and tankery anyway."

"If you're going to refuse the student councils," Hana spoke up, rolling her bed to look at the two of them. "Then we'll go with you."

"Huh?" Miho and Daisuke blinked.

"She's right," Junichi said giving the two of them a comforting smile that almost made Saori sigh. "We're your friends, and we will support the two of you with whatever you two decide to do."

Miho and Daisuke looked at each other and then smiled back at the others.

"Thanks you guys," Daisuke said for the both of them.

"Hey, what are friends for right?" Toshiro said with a grin.

Just then the bell for the next class rang catching their attention.

"Class is over already?" Saori said looking up to where the bell sound came from.

"All we have left is homeroom then." Hana said.

Just then the P.A. started to ring out catching the six of them off guard.

"Attention," A female voice sounded over the P.A., "All students please convene in the gym. Repeat all students please convene in the gym."

The six friends looked at each other in confusion before moving out of their beds and started heading towards the gym. A few minutes later, they and every other student in both the girls and boys divisions had entered the large gymnasium just on the other side of the central building of the school. They were, of course, forced to sit with the rest of their gender's divisions; much to their reluctance. The boys were seated on the left side of the gym, while the girls all sat on the right. Many of the students were murmuring with one another, wondering why the student council wanted all the students to be in the gym in the first place. But Miho and Daisuke had a good idea as to what they wanted to talk to all the students about.

At the front of the gym where the stage was, a few of the hall monitors were present and keeping an eye on the students as Yoshi, Takeo, Hayao, and three other girls, whom Daisuke assumed was the girls' division's student council, got up on the stage from different sides. They greeted each other before turning to all of the assembled students. Daisuke got a good look at the girls' student council, despite the fact he was literally in the middle of the gym.

The tallest of the three had short dark hair like Hana and only had a monocle that looked like half a pair of glasses; she also had a serious look on her face that made Daisuke believe that she was a no-nonsense kind of person. The second tallest had light brown hair tied up in a ponytail and seemed like a nicer looking girl. The last of the group was a good foot shorter than them; he guessed that she was at least 4'9" at the most. She had auburn hair tied up into a pair of pigtails. These were the girls' student council, Anzu Kadotani, Momo Kawashima, and Yuzu Koyama.

"Everyone quiet down," Momo announced causing all conversations to cease. "We will be starting our orientation of our school's mandatory electives, starting with the girls electives followed by the boys. So please pay close attention."

With that, the six of them left the stage just as the lights went down and a film projector started up on the gym's projection screen. It seemed like it was an old documentary that was titled 'Introduction to Tankery,' and seemed to be focused on a brief history of Tankery and how it made girls more feminine. The girls in the documentary looked like professional soldiers and held themselves as such. Everyone was startled at the sound of one of the tanks in the documentary firing its main cannon. Just as the documentary ended, the lights came back up and the student council came up on the stage again. Behind them was an image of the options for the girls which included tea ceremonies, flower arrangements, magic, and incense.

"I don't see how operating a tank makes a girl more feminine." Toshiro mumbled to Daisuke, making sure to use his hand to hide what he was saying.

"Quiet down please," Takeo announced as if he heard Toshiro. "These will be the mandatory options for the girls' division. We will now be presenting the options for the boys' division, so pay attention gentlemen."

With that, they left the stage once more and another documentary was projected over the screen. This one made Daisuke frown and narrow his eyes; it was titled 'Introduction to Dogfighting'.

After the title was done, an image of the Wright brothers' historical take-off was shown followed by an image of a Sopwith Camel and a Nieuport-Delage NiD 29 each with the emblems of different Japanese schools appeared on it.

"Air Combat Maneuvering, or dogfighting as it's popularly called, has been a part of our heritage since the dawn of manned-flight." The voice of Hayao Akamatsu narrated as an image of several young men wearing flight suits from the first World War standing attention were lined up for the camera and saluted. Behind them, was a squadron of Messerschmitt Bf-109 fighters, bearing the emblem of another school that Daisuke couldn't identify. "Since dogfighting was started by men, it has been known as a gentlemen's sport known to have produced some of the greatest men in the world."

The image showed another pilot along with a crew of engineers, technicians, and weapon loaders all saluting at the camera before turning towards the plane and bowing to it. They then approached the plane and began to work on it while the pilot slipped on his flight helmet and climbed into the cockpit while going over a checklist.

"But dogfighting isn't strictly for pilots," Hayao continued to narrate, "Technicians, engineers, and weapon loaders have been known to produce some of the smartest and strongest men in the world."

The documentary then showed the plane's engine being started and the plane taking off with 4 other Messerschmitts like it taking off in formation with it. They then see the squadron in perfect formation in level flight with the lead pilot focusing his attention on the other planes. The pilot then turns to the camera with a salute before the plane banked to the left towards the camera with the other planes following suit. The documentary then shows the Bf-109 flying towards the camera firing its weapons complete with sound effect.

"Because the complexity of aerial combat, only men have been allowed to enter in this sport. It will allow men to become more courteous, more disciplined, and sharper in the real world." Hayao continued as they now watch as different squadrons of planes are seen flying above a group of tanks with some ladies watching from the top hatch of the turret with a smile. "But this doesn't mean that men will be excluded from the tankery competitions; many schools have integrated both to produce manlier men and more womanly women as both have been known to work together." They then see the pilots from the planes looking down at the tankery girls and giving them waves as the scene changes again to include a Panzer IV and Bf-109 approaching the camera. "So join the dogfighting class and become stronger in both mind and body and learn to become proper gentlemen so more women will flock to you and you'll be a greater man in the business world."

The documentary ended the same way as the tankery documentary with a look at the list of options for the boys' division on mandatory classes. Like the girls' division, it included classes like calligraphy, archery, and aikido but it also included things like kendo, karate, engineering, and of course dogfighting. Both forms were shown next to each other and now the students were conversing with one another even more as the student council went back on the stage one last time.

"Now years ago," Momo announced ignoring the conversations going on. All around Daisuke, the girls and boys of the school seemed transfixed on the tankery and dogfighting documentaries. "It was decided that the tankery world championships would be held in Japan."

"However, it was also decided that the world dogfighting championships would be held at the same time," Takeo said adding his explanation. "Therefore, the Ministry of Culture requested that all high schools and colleges strengthen their tankery and dogfighting teams. Some schools have even become coed as a result of this."

"So our school will be starting our tankery and dogfighting classes back up." Anzu said enthusiastically.

"Furthermore," Yoshi added in the same jovial tone. "Students who choose both classes as an option will receive special benefits. Our vice-presidents will explain."

"Those who do well in the classes will receive the following benefits." Hayao announced giving a nod to Yuzu, who nodded back and began to list out the benefits as if she memorized them.

"We will be giving 100 meal tickets for the cafeteria, 200 "get out of jail" cards if you're late for school," She started off the list before finishing in a more enthusiastic manner. "And you'll also receive three times the credit of a normal class!"

That last part garnered the attention of many students, especially a few certain students in both divisions.

"And that should wrap it up," Yoshi said as he and Anzu decided to close out the meeting.

"Thanks for coming everyone!" Anzu exclaimed as the six of them left the stage.

Later, Hana, Saori, Miho, Toshiro, Junichi, and Daisuke were all walking outside the school together. Hana, Saori, Toshiro, and Junichi seemed rather enthralled by the idea of what tankery and dogfighting would do for them. Miho and Daisuke, on the other hand were still in a very somber mood after that school meeting.

"I'm in!" Saori suddenly said, catching everyone's attention.


Saori turned to Miho and said, "Modern boys love girls that are strong and dependable, and you'll be popular if you're in tankery right?"

"Imagine, being able to attract so many girls for just being a pilot, an engineer, or a technician," Toshiro said to himself in an excited tone while counting the options on his fingers before pumping his fists. "Then it's settled, I'm joining dogfighting!"

"You guys should take them too!" Saori said, looking at both Daisuke and Miho. "Your families were in tankery and dogfighting weren't they, Miho, Daisuke?"

"I…I don't…" Miho tried to say, but couldn't find the words to say. Daisuke, on the other hand remained silent.

"I quite agree," Hana suddenly said, gaining their attention. "I understand where Nishizumi-san and Nishizawa-san are coming from." She then looked very reminiscent. "My family has a long history of doing flower arrangements."

"I see." Miho said thoughtfully.

"I also understand where you two are coming from," Junichi said in the same tone as Hana. "My family has always done kendo for a long time."

"Really?" Daisuke asked, finally saying something.

"But, tankery seems very powerful." Hana said in a tone of admiration, confusing both Miho and Daisuke. "I've always wanted to do something like that keeps you more active than flower arrangement."

"And dogfighting certainly sounds more exciting than kendo," Junichi added with the same kind of smile. "Plus it sounds like it sounds a lot more active than waving a wooden sword around."

Miho and Daisuke just look shocked knowing what the both of them were now saying.

"So, I've decided to join tankery as well."

"And I will gladly take up dogfighting myself." They both declared as all six of them stopped, shocking both Miho and Daisuke even more. Suddenly Toshiro grabbed Daisuke in a light headlock.

"Hey, you should join dogfighting too, Daisuke!" He said, giving Daisuke a noogie, much to his annoyance before wrapping his other arm around Miho. "And you should join the tankery class too Nishizumi-chan!"

"Huh?!" Miho exclaimed, feeling quite uncomfortable in his grip.

Daisuke had finally had enough and shrugged Toshiro off of him and took Miho's hand in his own. "C'mon, Miho, I'll walk ya home." He said, dropping the "chan" suffix he usually gave her as he pulled her away from the others, who watched them in confusion.

"Was it something we said?" Toshiro asked the others, who only answered by shrugging their shoulders.

After grabbing their bags and grabbing their outdoor shoes from their footlockers, the two of them left the school in silence. They avoided the other students and walked down the street that led them to where they first met that very morning. Miho was still upset at what was going on; ever since she had left her old school she wanted to avoid anything that had to do with tankery. Daisuke, on the other hand, thought he had left everything and anything concerning dogfighting behind him years ago. But the silence between them began to unnerve Miho and she decided to break it.


"Huh?" He turned abruptly towards her, not expecting her to talk to him, startling her. "Sorry."

"It's okay," She said, giving him a reassuring smile but she frowned and looked at him. "Umm…you didn't have to drag me away from the others, you know."

Daisuke sighed and looked ahead. "I'm sorry, Miho-chan," He apologized. "It's just that they were pressuring us too much, and I could clearly tell you were getting upset at the thought of taking up tankery again. Especially with what happened last year at your old school." His last statement shocked her.

"How do you…?"

"I figured it out on my own," He answered her. "You went to Black Forrest Academy didn't you?" She nodded sadly, looking downtrodden. "Just as I thought. It didn't hit me until we talked about it in the infirmary. Your family is the head of that school, which means what you did during the final match against Pravda really upset them."

"It did." She confirmed silently.

He looked at her reassuringly. "Well if you ask me, you did the right thing for doing what you did."

"How do you know about it?" She asked him confusingly.

"I saw the match on TV last year," He answered before looking ahead again. "You got out of your tank and went to save another tank team that had fallen off of a cliff and into a river. But because yours was the flag tank, Pravda took advantage of what you were doing and took it out causing your school to lose the match."

"My mother, sister, and teammates were all upset about it." Miho said sadly, as she stopped walking, Daisuke stopped too to listen. "They always said that tankery was about winning and tradition. The fact that I abandoned my tank and lost the match for us made them so upset that I decided to transfer to another school where I didn't have to worry about tankery."

"But you risked your life to save the lives of those other girls," Daisuke said, putting his bag down, placed his hands on her shoulders, and looked at her amber colored eyes. "If you hadn't done that, this year's competition would've been postponed and the families of those girls would've petitioned to have tankery banned." Miho looked stunned at what Daisuke was telling her.

"I…never thought of it that way." She said slowly. She then looked back at his oak colored eyes, knowing something was bothering her. "But I don't understand something, Daisuke-kun. I paid attention to the dogfighting matches last year, and I don't recall ever hearing a Nishizawa participating in them."

Daisuke sighed sadly and turned to pick up his book bag. "I don't suppose you would have. I never joined a dogfighting class."

"Huh? Then how do you know so much about dogfighting?" Miho asked him, not understanding what he was talking about.

Daisuke closed his eyes tightly before reopening them and looking up at the twilight sky. "It all stems from my great-grandfather…Hiroyoshi Nishizawa."

"Hiroyoshi…" Miho murmured the name but then her face turned to shock, finally putting the name together. "You mean…"

"That's right," He nodded, looking at her sadly. "My grandfather was Japan's greatest ace in World War 2." He then looked back down the road. "My grandfather joined the JSDAF as a fighter pilot, and my dad was a professional dogfighter." His smile turned reminiscent as he remembered his dad. "He taught me everything there is to know about flying, even dogfighting."

"So then," Miho started beginning to put the pieces together. "Your family has all been pilots?"

"Only the men in my family," Daisuke clarified before looking sad again. "But being fighter pilots isn't the only thing my family had in common; they all died as a result of flying."

"What do you mean?"

Daisuke closed his eyes again, trying to clear the tears that were forming in his eyes. "My great-grandfather was killed over the Philippines in 1945, my grandfather died in a plane crash in 1974, and my dad died in a dogfighting accident 4 years ago."

Miho gasped, now understanding what Daisuke was saying to her. Not only did flying and dogfighting run in his family, but so did dying in an airplane. If what he said was true, then if he took up dogfighting he would follow in that tradition.

"Now do you see why I don't want to dogfight?" He said, his voice quivering, "I saw my dad's plane go down, that's partly why my mom and I left for Hiroshima. Their schools have no dogfighting classes, but they were all boys' schools and I knew that eventually one of them would reopen their dogfighting class eventually. So when I heard that Oorai had neither a tankery class nor a dogfighting class and was coed, I decided to transfer there." He explained, his voice cracking with each sentence. He closed his eyes as a lone tear began to roll down his cheek. "But now the student council wants to bring it back and wants me in it. I just…" He gritted his teeth, not saying anymore.

He then felt a soft hand on his cheek, wiping his tears away. He opened his eyes and saw Miho in front of him offering a comforting smile.

"It's alright Daisuke-kun," She assured him softly, before wrapping her arms around him and laid her head on his chest in a hug, surprising him greatly. "I completely understand."

Daisuke said nothing and smiled, wrapping his arms around her and returning the hug.

The next morning, Daisuke surprised Toshiro and Junichi by showing that he wanted his mandatory class to be archery instead of dogfighting.

"I'm sorry guys," He said quietly, not bothering to look at their faces. "I just can't do it. I came here to not have anything to do with dogfighting in the first place. I'm sure Miho-chan's telling Hana-chan and Saori-chan the same thing about her not wanting to take tankery either."

Toshiro and Junichi shared a look before looking back at Daisuke with easy smiles.

"It's okay, man." Toshiro said. "We understand."

"We apologize for making you and Miho-san upset." Junichi added as he and Toshiro suddenly crossed out their decision forms that said that they'd take up dogfighting and replaced it with archery as well, surprising Daisuke. "We will take the same as you."

"Now wait a second you guys," Daisuke protested. "Just because I don't want to take it doesn't mean you two don't have to."

"So?" Toshiro said dismissively. "It wouldn't be as fun without you there."


"And besides," Junichi added, adjusting his glasses. "If we took dogfighting it would only remind us of what you didn't want to do."

"Yeah but…"

"And didn't we say it yesterday?" Toshiro finalized, putting Daisuke in another headlock. "We're your friends, we'll follow whatever decision you and Nishizumi-chan make! So who needs tankery and dogfighting anyway?" He then let Daisuke go and gave him a wide toothy grin while Junichi gave him a friendly smile.

Daisuke just gaped at the two of them, stunned that they were willing to join the same classes as him just because they wanted to be his friends. He finally smiled and laughed. "Thanks you guys."

Later the three boys met up with the girls in the cafeteria. As Daisuke suspected, Miho told both Hana and Saori her decision to take incense instead of tankery to them; but to his surprise they did the same thing that Toshiro and Junichi did and decided to join the same class with her because they didn't want to upset her by not being there with her. They even expressed how they also supported his decision not to take up dogfighting making Daisuke feel even better as the six of them sat down to eat. But the students around them, however, were all talking about joining either the tankery or dogfighting classes. Their conversations were starting to make both Miho and Daisuke uncomfortable because they were probably among the few students who decided not to take up either class. The others seemed to notice this as well.

"Umm, do you guys wanna get some sweet potato ice cream on the way home?" Saori said quickly, hoping to draw their attention away from the subject of tankery and dogfighting.

"Sweet potato ice cream?" Daisuke inquired, a little uneasy about that idea.

"Sure," Toshiro nodded. "Oorai is famous for its sweet potatoes!"

"I've heard of that!" Miho said excitedly. "String sweet potatoes are famous here too right?"

"That's right." Junichi confirmed, taking a mouthful of rice.

"They sometimes call them dried potatoes too." Saori said, her voice perking up knowing that she managed to bring the conversation away from the subject that made her friends uncomfortable.

But before their conversation could go any further, the P.A. sounded and Momo's voice interrupted all conversations. "Attention, will Miho Nishizumi and Daisuke Nishizawa please report to the student council room immediately? I repeat, will Miho Nishizumi and Daisuke Nishizawa please report to the student council room immediately?"

Miho suddenly looked at Daisuke nervously. "What should we do, Daisuke-kun?"

"We'll go with you two!" Saori said, leaning towards them.

"Yeah, we'll support you guys!" Toshiro said as he, Junichi, Saori, and Hana all gripped Daisuke and Miho's hands.

Later the six of them were in front of Anzu and Yoshi's desks. Anzu had her feet up in her chair while Yoshi was leaning back in his and had his feet folded on his desk. Behind them were the school's flag and a window looking out towards the ocean. In front of them were Momo, Yuzu, Takeo, and Hayao all looking at them with unhappy looks on their faces.

"Would you two care to explain these?" Momo pressed them, showing both Miho and Daisuke's mandatory forms.

"Why did you two pick those classes?" Anzu asked them, looking rather bored.

"There is almost no one with experience in either tankery or dogfighting in this school." Takeo said to them, readjusting his glasses so that the light reflecting off of them seemed to glare right at them.

"We're finished…" Yuzu said worriedly, her body trembling. "Our school is finished for sure."

"That won't happen, Yuzu-chan." Hayao said, trying to reassure her.

But Daisuke wasn't fazed. "I think it's very obvious why Miho and I chose those classes, ma'am." Daisuke answered her in a low tone, holding Miho's hand in his.

"Then would you care to enlighten us Nishizawa-kun?" Yoshi asked, also looking as bored as Anzu.

"Gladly," Daisuke answered in an even tone. "Neither Miho or I wanted to take tankery nor dogfighting. That was the main reason the two of us came to this school in the first place. But now here you guys are saying that you want to reopen both classes; and to make things worse you want us to join them too just because of our heritage." He narrowed his eyes at them. "Well I got news for both of you, neither I nor Miho-chan will take those classes, and we have made that decision final."

"I would suggest you reconsider that decision then, Nishizawa-san." Anzu warned him, her tone not changing.

"Why should we?" Daisuke shot back.

"Don't be so selfish!" Saori nearly yelled.

"They both said that they won't do it!" Hana added in an upset tone of her own.

"Just because you guys are the student council doesn't mean that you have the right to tell them what they can or can't do for a class." Toshiro added in pointing his finger at them.

"That's right," Junichi continued, narrowing his eyes at them. "They both said that they won't join tankery and dogfighting and now you want to force them into it?"

"We won't do it, so that is that." Daisuke said as though the conversation was over.

"Well then, I guess we'll make it so that you both won't be able to stay at this school any longer?" Anzu said with a leer.

"What?!" Toshiro shouted in shock.

"You can't threaten us like that." Hana protested.

"It's not a threat." Momo said, unfazed by their protests. "The presidents are always serious."

"Could've fooled me." Toshiro grumbled under his breath.

"Please reconsider your decision before it's too late." Yuzu pleaded, stepping towards the six friends. "Please think about it?"

"That's not fair!" Saori yelled.

"You're starting to abuse your authority." Hana said, narrowing her eyes in a frown.

"As the student council, we were given that authority." Takeo said again. "So there is no problem with it."

"You have no right to force them into doing either tankery or dogfighting!" Junichi argued.

While all this was going on, Miho was looking down at the floor, gripping Daisuke's hand even tighter. Thinking about what was going on. Daisuke stayed silent, but was gritting his teeth in frustration. She just continued to think about it and at last, she finally spoke up.

"I'll do it!"

Daisuke didn't bother to look at her, but he did grip her hand a little tighter.

"I'll do tankery." Miho said again, shocking Hana, Toshiro, Junichi, and Saori.


Her decision seemed to please the girls' student council, but Daisuke had stayed silent, prompting the boys' student council to look at him.

"And what about you, Nishizawa-kun?" Yoshi pressed on, awaiting his answer.

Everyone then turned to Daisuke, his hair shadowing his eyes while his lips were pursed. Miho looked the most worried; she hoped that she made the right decision but at the same time she hoped Daisuke wouldn't say anything that he would later regret. She also worried about what he told her the previous day about his family's heritage.

Finally, he grounded out, "Fine, you win."

His friends all looked at him in shock while the boys' student council looked just as pleased as the girls' student council.

"I'll do dogfighting," He said clearly but glared at the student council. "But don't think that this conversation between us is over. I'll be getting answers out of you for doing this to us."

"In due time, Nishizawa-kun." Yoshi said jovially, not caring for Daisuke's tone or look.

Later, the six friends were at an ice cream shop that Saori was talking about sitting down and trying out the different flavors. After what happened in the student council room, Daisuke had opted to stay behind to get answers from them as to why they wanted him and Miho in the tankery and dogfighting classes. The only answer he got was the fact that both he and Miho had experience with tanks and airplanes. He tried getting more, but they dismissed him before he could get any further. But it only confirmed Daisuke's suspicions that they were hiding something and he wanted to know what.

"Are you guys sure that was okay?" Toshiro asked the two of them, after he had a spoonful of his banana flavored ice cream.

"It's fine, Toshiro-kun." Miho reassured him.

"You guys shouldn't have to force yourselves." Saori said in concern.

"We'll be fine, Saori." Daisuke said.

"But…" Hana said slowly but Miho stopped her.

"I was…happy," She said, causing the five of them to look at her. "The five of you were willing to go so far for me." She then turned to Daisuke with a smile, who was seated next to her. "Especially you, Daisuke-kun, it was the first time anyone has ever done that for me." Her statement caused him to blush and look away shyly. "No one ever thought about how I felt. My mom and my sister always thought of tankery as something we did." She explained, feeling a little better. "But those two always had talent, so it was fine. But…I was always…" She trailed off and nobody said anything further.

Then Saori decided to cheer her up and gave her a taste of her ice cream, and Hana did the same with hers. This made Daisuke smile, knowing that Miho was feeling better but still a little upset that she was forced into doing tankery. He still wondered why the student council seemed so dead set on having the two of them in tankery and dogfighting. Maybe it had something to do with the girls' vice-president had said back then. His musings stopped short as a spoonful of ice cream was presented in front of him.

"Daisuke-kun," Miho said, catching his attention. "Say 'ahh'."

Daisuke blinked but did as he was told before closing his mouth around the spoon and tasting her pudding flavored ice cream with a smile. "Tastes good."

"Can I have some of yours?" She asked shyly, but Daisuke nodded and took a spoonful of his chocolate flavored ice cream and fed it to her. She laughed and smiled brightly at him. "So good."

"I'm glad you like it." He said with a smile.

"Oho...You two just shared an indirect kiss!" Toshiro suddenly said with a cat-like grin, cupping his chin.

"Eh?!" Daisuke and Miho looked mortified and were blushing heavily at that statement.

"So, when's the wedding you two?" Saori decided to join in, making them both blush even further.

"It's not like that!" They protested again.

"And here they go again…" Junichi said, taking a small spoonful of his ice cream.

"Teasing them in such a manner." Hana said, eating her ice cream at the same time.

Saori and Toshiro continued to tease the implied couple for a while before they all went home. The next day, the six of them and several other students from both divisions found themselves outside of a multi-door hangar just a mile north of the main building of the school. Daisuke took note of all those who came here. Out of the girls' division, only 21 girls came to the tankery class including Miho, Saori, Hana, and the girls' student council. Of the boys, including himself, Toshiro, Junichi, and the boys' student council, only 15 boys were present there. The student councils themselves were in front of the main door of the hangar as a few of the students were conversing with one another.

Finally, the student councils approached the others and Momo said, "As of today, we will be starting the tankery and dogfighting classes."

"What were the tanks again?" An enthusiastic brown-haired girl asked excitedly. "Tigers or..?"

"And the planes too?" A boy with darker brown hair asked in the same tone. "Are they Spitfires? Mustangs?"

"We forgot…" Anzu answered nervously. But they opened the hangar door and everyone walked inside to see what they saw.

Needless to say, most of them were a little disappointed in what they saw. Inside the hangar was only one tank and one fighter plane. Both had large patches of rust on them and parts missing. The tank itself was a Panzer IV Ausf. D and the plane was a Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa. Each one had a long history in the militaries they served, and they were fantastic machines. But the machines the students were all looking at seemed like they had seen better days.

It was Toshiro who voiced everyone's thoughts. "What a couple of pieces of junk!"

But Miho and Daisuke ignored him and both stepped towards the machines. Miho inspected the tank and Daisuke gave the plane a good look over and took note of what their kinks were.

"Wings are still intact, canopy needs replacing, needs a new prop, and the tail and rudders need to be fixed…" Daisuke said as he walked around, touching the Hayabusa and noting what needs to be done. "But overall, it looks like it's still in good shape to fly."

Miho noted that the armor and the treads of the tank were good too. The two of them backed up to get a good look at the two machines and nodded to each other.

"I think we can work with these." She said.

"I agree." He said, causing all the students to gasp in admiration. They then turned towards them all. "We can do this."

A/N: Now before anyone says anything, yes I realize I practically mirrored Miho's day with Daisuke's but added a few original stuff and that was intentional. Plus, I know Miho and Daisuke's relationship seems kind of rushed, but I will make sure that it doesn't get too rushed. Anyway, that took me a while to finish, so what do you guys think of it? I will be introducing more characters and I will also post some WWII trivia based on what I did here. So, don't forget to review please!