It was a gloomy day in New Pork City, the Pigmask were in their day Inteso warming, the commander shouted to his bodyguards, that day was on a bad commander, is unaware that one of the pigmask will still be asked whether to life by then, the commander could not because I was so angry but was beginning to affect his character and that he worried and annoyed him, the doctor investigated but did not know what was wrong, but suggested that the commander of his duties rest time so she could relax, the commander tube to accept the offer that you need.
After a while the commander was angry still, the doctor suggested to porky andonuts that while this may be the resting serviscio Mrs. marshmallow, porky Sedio with indifference, the commander knew I needed to run to fulfill his nefarious plan.
was given the order to take care of Miss Marshmallow mieentras commander was on his break. Mrs. marshmallow approached the commander's room was still upset, he did not want to see anyone now, only he turned to his side, she was ordered to serve help she insisted on something but he refused.
after a while the commander was more tense and refused to heed the lady still insisted marshmallow help, I reach a point where tube to help hold it.
then hold it with arms, suddenly felt something strange commander to hold, took the arms of Mrs. marshmallow around him, he felt weird, but I also felt relaxed, good and something that "never" to respect, tenderness .
felt pretty good, maybe that was what I needed, some affection, this affection "never" had resibido, this is called ... Hug