This is mainly friendship, but I suppose you could see it as implied LiamxMaddy. Even though LiamxBecks is my OTP, I still couldn't resist doing this little drabbly thing.

Disclaimer: I don't own TimeRiders. Which I guess is a good thing, because no one else would be able to write them as well as Alex Scarrow.

"Maddy," asked Liam. They were sitting in front of their TV, watching an episode of The Simpsons they'd watched a thousand times, but still found enjoyable. Liam had recently discovered he recited the line sin his head, so he said something to stop this.

"Uh?" said Maddy, her eyes opening. Liam cringed; he hadn't realised she was drowsing.

"If I told you I loved you, what would you do?" he said, then realised what he'd said and mentally slapped himself. What type of question was that?

Maddy say straight up, wide awake now. They were all alone, she had no escape.

"Well, I would probably, uh … I would probably … Laugh." she blushed.

"Ah, right." Liam wasn't sure how to respond. Sure, he wasn't in love with her, but the situation was awkward.

"You're not in love with me, though … Right?" she asked tentatively, The Simpsons forgotten temporarily.

"What? No, no, don't be bleedin' ridiculous, Maddy." he grinned crookedly.

"Right, right. Good." she smiled back, and their attention was reserved for the cartoon once again.

Okay, I hope you liked this oneshot that I threw together. R+R!