Chapter 15

We walked for two more days; taking breaks every couple of hours. I had never walked so far in my life, and my legs were soar and killing me by the time the skyline of base camp could be seen. It was larger than I thought it would be, and I could tell Maxon was surprised by the size of it too. I must have stopped to look at it, because the rebel shoved me forward "Keep moving." We make our way up a hill towards a gate. Defense towers stood on either side of the entrance, and you could see other ones surrounding the base camp. I guess base camp wasn't really the best word to describe it, it looked more like a small city one would say; a city of rebels.

The guards hold there guns up at us, "Calm down Will, it's just us." The guard put his gun down "Looks like you picked up some extra cargo" he said as he waved us through, "Ya, she was there in his room. Who would have guessed the prince would have been a law-breaker?" All of the rebels starting whistling "Ya well at least he has a girl." Said America, her voice filled with sass. The rebels all said "OHHH" In unison. "She's a live one isn't she Ryan?" Will said to the leader rebel. So that was his name, I thought to myself. "Ya, and she's sexy as hell, I hope the prisoner clothes will be tight-fitting." That was it, I ran over and pushed Ryan to the ground, kicking him in his side. "Don't EVER! talk about her like that in front of me." I walk over to America. "So the prince can fight, we'll have to test his ability later." Someone walked towards us, someone I haven't seen before. "President, the Prince, as requested. "Yes, I can see that. My question is why you brought her." The president responded to Ryan. The president was an older man, in his mid 40's, compared to the 20 year old rebels we were used to seeing. That they had a government system here surprised me. "Are you going to tell us who betrayed us?" I said looking the president straight in the eyes. He smiled, "Ryan told you about did he? Well how about we just let you see with your own eyes, you two will be sharing a cell with her soon enough."

We had to walk through a large chunk of the city to reach the city hall, and I have to admit the rebel's town impressed me. It must have been the ruins of some older city that they restored, because there was no way they had all the materials to build this much city. Then again I hadn't even known the rebels had a city, or a government, so what do I know of what they're capable of? We walk down the stairwell of city hall into the cells, the curiosity of who betrayed us burning like the flames of a candle. We round a corner, and that's when I see her. Marlee, her head is down and she's hugging her knees No! It couldn't be Marlee, she was my best friend, she was so innocent and sweet. It couldn't be her! "Marlee! How could you," my voice coming out as barely a whisper. Tears started to form in the corners of my eyes. She looks up at us, her eyes are red and puffy and I can tell she's been crying. Part of me wants to comfort her, but the rest of me wants to slap her across the face. "America! Maxon! I'm so sorry they took-" we're ushered past her into a changing room of sorts, before she could finish. "Maxon," I say as a reach for his hand. "I know." He says as he takes mine.

I stroke the back of her hand trying to comfort her, but I'm screaming inside. It was Marlee! Marlee, of all people! I trusted her, WE trusted her. "Here you go." They throw a grey jumpsuit , "Now we didn't know you would be here so this probably won't fit." A girl walked in, she must have been the rebel, surprising, I thought rebels were only men. She handed America a set of grey clothes that must have been hers. She wasn't quite the same size as America, but it would be decent enough. We change quickly then are ushered back out to the cell room. We are placed in the cell across from Marlee. "Marlee, why would you betray us?" America said hugging her knees. Marlee's voice was shaky as she replied, "I didn't want to. I really didn't want to do it, but they kidnapped my brother. They told me they would kill him if they didn't do as they said. I am so sorry, there is nothing I can do to show you how sorry I am." Marlee put her head back into her knees, "I know you could never forgive me, but I just wanted you to know why I did it." I was still mad at her, I mean she did betray us, but I understand it was her brother. What else was she going to do? She still should have told us though; we could have helped her find her brother.

We sat like that in silence for a while; I rested my head on Maxon's shoulder. He put his arm around me, which was much easier now that the handcuffs were off of us. I liked when he put his arm around me, I felt safe, and warm; a feeling I doubt I would fully feel for a while. I know we needed to talk to Marlee eventually, and I know she did it for her brother, and I know if I was in her situation that I would do the same, but at the moment I couldn't even stand to look at her. So we all just sat like that, in silence, for what seemed like forever.