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"You think your all that but your not Kim Possible" said Drakken as he was placed in a police car.

A cop walked over to the hero's but tripped on a banana peel falling down. Ron went over to help him but his pants fell down causing him to fall into a pile of whiped cream.

"Did ya get a cherry to?" asked the cop.

Ron held up his facehis eyes were cherrys his nose a banana sliceand his mouth raisans.

"Uh thanks Ms. Possible now lets leave and call it a day" said the cop.

"Ok hey Ron I have to get my bag wait here key" said Kim.

Ron gave a thumbs up. Kim walked back into the old victorion mansion to grab her bag. Once she had it she started to walk out the door when she noticed some pretty flowers. She bent down to sniff one but she was sprayed in the face by water. Kim lost her balance as she tried to regain her balance she cut her self on the door. Kim looked at the cut it was not bleeding and it was not in pain.

"Kim you ok?" asked Ron.

"I'm fine it's just a scratch" said Kim.

The two teens got into the sloth driving home from their latest misson.

3 days later.

"Olee I don't feel so good" said Kim.

"Hey for laughs lets ask Madem Stinkboo if she could tell us what's wrong" said Ron.

"You want me to go to a crazy old witch lady toget a cure instead of a docotor?" asked Kim.

"Yeah pretty much" said Ron.

"Ok lets do it" said Kim.

"Hey what's this button do?" asked Ron.

Ron pressed the button and was hit in the face by a pie.

"Uh key lime" said Ron.

Madem Stinkboo's

"Madam my girlfriend needs your help" said Ron.

"Do a home pregnancy test first" said Madem Stinkboo.

"My girlfriends not pregnant" said Ron.

"Is the child yours?" asked Stinkboo.

"There's no child" said Ron.

"So you are not the father correct?" asked Stinkboo.

"We're here for a palm reading!" shouted Ron.

"Oh wrong customer my bad ladys frist then" said Stinkboo.

Kim gave the women her hand to read it but something else caught her attenton.

"Where did you get those scratchs?" asked Stinkboo.

"Oh I scratched my self on a door" said Kim.

"Was it a old victorin house?" asked Stinkboo.

"Um yes" said Kim.

"Oh dear, oh my, you my dear girl have been cursed" said Stinkboo.

"Just tell me with what and by who" said Kim.

"Whay no denial no your crazy lady nothing?" asked Stinkboo.

"I've been out smarted by a rat, beat up by a stone monkey, and watched a baby crawl on the ceiling" said Kim.

"Well then you have been cursed by a were door, on the night of the full moon you will change into the were door" said Stinkboo.

"A were door don't you mean a were wolf?" asked Kim.

"Were wolfs no longer exist you are a were door" said Stinkboo.

"You mean like what we enter and exit through?" asked Kim.

"That is a door young lady" said Stinkboo.

"Is there a cure?" asked Kim.

"Unless you want to be a door for the rest of your life then yes" said Stinkboo.

3 days later.

"So pumpkin are you ready for your but whoopen" said Shego.

"Bring it saggy tits" said Kim.

"Hey buffon taste my limp ray" said Drakken.

"Nothing happened" said Ron.

"Check your pants" said Drakken.

"Dude I had to take viagra to get that" said Ron.

Drakken just laughed.

Ron adtempted to punch Drakken but fell face first into a pie.

"Uh pumpkin" mumbled Ron.

Aaaah" screamed Kim.

"oh come on I didn't pinch you that hard" said Shego.

"Hey is tonight a full moon?" asked Ron.

"Yes why?" asked Drakken.

"Kim's a were door" said Ron.

Shego started laughing.

"Is that short for dobermen?" asked Drakken.

"Nope just a door" said Ron.

5 mintues later Kim turned into a door. It was a bright red with a green trim. Ron called Madem Stinkboo who arived 10 minutes later.

"Why did you come from the bathroom?" asked Drakken.

"Tolit portation is safer and faster then teleportation" said Stinkboo.

Shego was laughing harder.

"Why is Kim door still standing shouldn't the door hae fallen down?" asked Ron.

"Normaly yes" said Stinkboo.

"I'm going to open her up" said Drakken.

Shego was on the ground.

"Dude that's my girlfriend!" shouted Ron.

"Well then you open her up" said Drakken.

Ron walked over to the door tripped and fell into a pile of sweaty rags.

"Ugh fat ass man sweat" yelled Ron.

Shego was laughing so hard he was crying. Ron got up then opened the door. A hand emerged and threw a cake at his face then shut the door.

"Marbel" said Ron.

"Mmh I was expecting the world of evil when you called but Binky the clown is good" said Stinkboo.

Ron opened and was hit with a wave of tomato's.

"I'm going to close the door" said Drakken.

Drakken slamed the door shut. While Shego begged them not to do anything else funny. Binkey opened the door and threw a cookie at Drakken.