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Knock! Knock!

"Come in" said Stinkboo.

"Is this Madams Stinkboo's loser supernatural therpy group?" asked Josh.

"Yes I am here and this is my therpy group" said Stinkboo.

Josh handed her a note.

"Take a seat" said Stinkboo.

Josh grabbed a seat placing it between Zita and Ron.

"Ok we shell begin by introducing ourselfs names then what you are" said Stinkboo.

"My (fart) name (fart) is (fart) Drakken (faaarrrt) and (fart) I (fart) am (fart) a (fart) Fartenstein" (faaaaarrrrt) said Drakken.

"Hi my name is Bonnie I'm a Gobes which means i haunt restrooms such as the mens truckstop on 57th" said Bonnie.

Everyone but Kim was grossed out.

"My name is Were door I'm a Kim" said Kim.

Josh was confused. Zita made the crazy person hand motion which he understood.

"I'm Shego I'm a rubberduckamancor currently the most powerful thing agaisnt the Teddy bear hordes" said Shego.

" 93 45 a goat went up the mountain and planted a flag of pineapples" said Kim.

"My name is Ron I am a hamsteir I currently serve Maldoo the destoryer of males every where" said Ron.

"What happened to Fluffy the anti ice cream man?" asked Kim.

"Diffrent...uh...owner?" said Ron.

"Was the owner of Maldoo a little boy or a women on period?" asked Shego.

"Nope Maldoo is owned by a femenist who shoots me in the head everyday with silver bullets" said Ron.

"Letsss move on" said Stinkboo.

"My name is Josh I am a Droll I have all the stranghts of a duck and all the weakness of a Troll" said Josh.

Drakken started laughing causing Farts. Zita began to giggle. Ron and Bonnie were confused.

"Purple make messy" said Kim.

"Your useless trolls can't touch water with out dying plus your way to big to use those tiny wings" said Shego.

"Yeah don't remind me" said Josh.

"She'll be coming around the foot stool when she comes, oh she'll be coming around the donkey butt when she comes" sang Kim.

"Tea I am Zita the Zombtea tea" said Zita.

Knock! Knock!

"Yes?" asked Stinkboo.

A cranberry pie or CB175, a turtle pie or T35, a cocanut pie or CN99 and a sheperds pie or S213 walked in. (S213= what number the pie was when it came out the life oven)

"Madam Stinkboo your presence is requested in the Grand Pie's sanctuary" said CN99.

"Teddy bears are breaking in through the west dorven portel so we need Shego" said T35.

"Tonight is the full moon so CB175 and I are to escourt Kim to the lockdown facilty until tomorrow morning" said S213.

"Ok loser's you heard the pie get the hell out" said Stinkboo.

"Still haven't found a way to lock her as a door?" asked Shego.

"No no we have not" said CN99.

"Flint Wartwood is going to be eaten by a space chicken named Gerturde the not a chicken" said Kim.