It was complicated, trying to find out first where the Men in Black headquarters was located, and second, trying find out how go gain entrance.

After due consideration, he just knocked.

A lumbering, dark skinned older man came to the door, eyebrows raised.

"May I help you?" he asked, looking a bit surprised to see somebody who wasn't in a black suit, or being led by somebody in a black suit.

"My name is Nick Fury, I'm with SHIELD. Is Agent Kay in?"

The other man looked over Fury, from his eye patch down to his combat boots.

"Kay is away with his partner at the moment, Agent Fury," he finally replied. "How did you find this building.

"SHIELD has worked with the MiB in past events."

"I'm aware. You're welcome to wait here for Kay to return, he shouldn't be long."

The left side of Fury's mouth curled into a smile.

"That'll be just fine."

The guard, whose name was simply 'Man', pulled Fury a chair beside his own, and they sat in silence.

It was an hour before the door opened, and an older gentleman, followed by a dark skinned, younger man walked in. They were both dressed in black suits, and were just taking identical pairs of sunglasses off.

"Who's this man?" the older gentleman asked, eyes flitting over to Fury, though his expression of extreme boredom didn't shift.

"I'm Nick Fury, with SHIELD. Agent Kay, I presume?" Fury stood, and held out his hand.

"Kay... this is my partner, Jay." Kay shook his hand, as did Jay. "SHIELD... that sounds familiar."

"Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division," Jay supplied.

"Yes... yes, you're the people that my son went to work for." Kay looked at Fury. "What can we do for you, son?"

"Sir, I'm sorry to report that in the recent attacks on New York and my helicraft carrier, that your son, Agent Phil Coulson was killed in action by the hostile force..." Fury let the words flow from his mouth, because he knew that if he didn't get it over with, he would walk out and not mention it.

To his surprise, Kay's expression didn't falter.

This didn't seem to surprise Agent Jay, nor Man.

"Kay...?" Jay asked gently when Kay didn't make any response. The older man kept quiet. "...Kay?" He reached out a hand.

"Don't touch me, Slick. Thank you for your report, Director Fury." Kay turned away and started towards the door that led down into the Men in Black headquarters.

"I'm... I'm sorry, excuse me... Have a nice day..." Jay followed Kay quickly. "Hey, man... dude... I'm so sorry."

Kay didn't reply, or make any motion that he had heard Jay as the elevator door closed.

When they started descending, however, Kay bowed his head, and Jay's chest clenched as shiny tears started down the older man's face. Slowly, Kay's hands came up to his head, and he held his head as though it would split apart. The crying was silent. Jay was silent.

"My b-boy..." Kay whispered. "M-my b-boy..."