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Chapter Five-

Garion looked at the pulsating, glowing Orb. "Ok, the Prophecy said that I could use the Orb to find Milaya, but the question is, how?" Garion soon got his answer when he turned to face Boktor, the Orb nearly pulled him out of his saddle.

"Garion!" Lelldorin cried, as he saw his friend struggling to stay in his saddle. "What's the matter? And why is the Orb glowing like that?" He asked, pointing at the Orb which was glowing in the same pale pink that the Goddess Vina had.

"I guess this is how the Orb will lead us to Milaya." Garion said sarcastically. "I think we have to go to Arendia, Grandfather."

"Right." Belgarath answered. "Let's go." They lead their horses into a canter.

After a few weeks of riding, in which, Silk was barely seen, Barak noticed that Silk, who was riding with them for a change, wasn't his usual irritating self. "What's the matter Silk?"

"Nothing." Silk sighed, looking ahead of him.

"Come on Silk, tell me." Barak coaxed. Silk ignored him and kept riding.

"He's worried about Milaya." Relg said, riding forward. "He's afraid. He had the same look just before we went through the wall of the hole where Taur Urgas had kept him."

"That's a new one." Barak said softly. He stared at Silk, slowly realising that there was something between those two.

Silk stared ahead of him, his movements automatic. For some reason, during the past week, pictures of Milaya wearing gowns and dancing kept flickering through his mind. When he tried to concentrate on them though, they would vanish, leaving only a faint memory.

Everyone else had began to watch him worriedly, Silk this quiet was not normal.

Silk's head shot up as he heard a whisper-like sound. "What was that?" He wondered out loud.

Everyone bar Eriond looked at him strangely.

"What was what, Silk?" Polgara asked, though she had a faint suspicion. When two people who were meant for each other, met, she would hear a bell toll. When Silk and Liselle met, she heard no such bell, yet when Silk and Milaya met, there had been a beautiful melody of bells ringing.

"That whoosh sound." He explained.

Eriond looked at Silk, shocked. "That sound is associated with people when they use the will and the word."

"You mean sorcery?" Silk asked, confused.

"For lack of terms, sorcery shall do fine. Yes, that is what I mean." Eriond said.

Belgarath had a frown on his face. "He doesn't possess the ability to use the will and the word, so why should he be able to hear the sound that accompanies it? And how come I didn't hear it?"

Eriond smiled, a little mysteriously. "You didn't hear it because she wasn't using much of her ability, and I think, if she tried hard enough, she could mask it from all, including us Gods. I think, the reason why Silk heard it is because that he and Milaya are connected in some way."

Everyone nodded to show that they understood, even though some understood better than others.

Belgarath suddenly looked at Eriond, discontented. "Eriond, please explain to me why we have been riding to Arendia for the past few weeks, when you, as a God, can make it so the next step we take it into Vo Mimbre?"

Eriond blushed slightly. "I guess part of me forgot."

"And the other part?" Belgarath was going to pursue this topic relentlessly.

"And the other part didn't want to, because I missed you all and our adventures." Eriond's blush grew.

"This adventure won't be over soon, I can tell you that, but, don't you think that the sooner we find Milaya, the better?" Belgarath asked.

Eriond nodded. "I didn't think of it like that." He admitted. He grinned and watched as everyone's faces took on appearances of shock as they looked at the golden walls of Vo Mimbre. All of them turned in their saddles to look behind them and saw the Drasnian countryside from where they had been just instants before.

Durnik shuddered slightly. "That's more than slightly unnatural."

Hettar and Barak both nodded, while Relg looked at Eriond with awe, having forgotten that he was a God.

"Relg, remember I am still that little boy who you met on the way back from Rak Cthol." Eriond said gently.

Relg nodded slightly and tried to look away.

Eriond sighed to himself and shook his head slightly.

Garion was in a foul mood. Somehow, he had gotten talked into attending a ball that night. King Korodullin, the Arendish King couldn't seem to comprehend that they were not paying a social call. He scowled at his reflection in the mirror.

"Garion, dear, if you continue to scowl, you'll get wrinkles." Ce'Nedra called, her cream ball-gown swishing.

"Why doesn't he understand that we're not here to be social?" He asked, throwing his hands in the air.

"He's an Arend, Garion, and they can still only grasp the simplest things."

"But still. Even Mandorallen and Lelldorin, who are some of the most Arendish Arends I've ever met, aren't as bad. It's like he's going out of his way to be stupid and keep us here."

"So nice of you to finally reach the whole point." A dry voice echoed through Garion's mind.

Garion groaned. "What did I do now?"

"Did it ever occur to you that maybe Milaya is here?"

Garion was shocked. No he hadn't thought of that. About to ask another question, he noticed that the voice was gone. He growled. "Grandfather was right. He always leaves when it gets interesting."

Ce'Nedra raised an eyebrow.

Garion sighed. "Never mind."

Silk stared across the expanse of the ball room with a air of boredom. He wanted to get moving. They still needed to find Milaya. Suddenly a movement from his right caught his attention.

Standing to his right was a young lady of noble birth. She was wearing a dark amber ball gown and her raven black hair was swept up, held in place by a small gold tiara, a few curls left to frame her face. There was something about her that caught his attention, so, with Drasnian curiosity, as well as a man's, he strode off in her direction, bowing deeply to her.

"Why do you hide, my Lady?" He asked.

The lady looked up, and he was startled to find that she had deep sapphire eyes. The lady blushed prettily, shocking Silk even more.

"I dost not hide, my Lord. I merely am watching the beautiful dance before mine eyes." She said, her archaic speech showing that she was a Mimbre Arend.

"Why don't you participate in it?" Silk was curious. She was a beautiful woman and yet she wasn't dancing.

The lady laughed slightly, it tinkling like a bell. "My Lord, before thou, if thou wouldst face the dance, is a multitude of rare and precious gems, each more beautiful than the one before. I am merely a pebble compared to the beautiful diamonds and emeralds out there."

"Nonsense." Silk scoffed, then he realised what he said. Quickly checking to make sure that the lady did not take his remark as an offer. He sighed with relief when he saw that she was still watching the dancers. A sudden thought seized him and he couldn't stop himself from asking. "Would you like to dance?"

The lady blushed again and shyly nodded her head. "If it wouldst please thee, my Lord."

Silk held out a hand, and shyly, the lady took it. Making their way out onto the dance floor, Silk spun the young lady into his arms and they began to dance.

Silk sighed for the third time. He hadn't been dancing for the young lady for long, and already something seemed to tell him that there was something about her that he should recognise.

"Why such a great sigh, my Lord? Am I not dancing right?" The young woman asked, concerned.

Silk shook his head. "It's nothing like that. You just remind me of someone, that's all, and yet…."

"Mayhap the one I remind thee of is thou's betrothed?" The young lady suggested, not allowing him to finish what he was saying.

"I'm not betrothed to anyone." Silk said.

"Then mayhap she is thou's love and yet she is in a loveless marriage and canst be with thee?"

Again Silk denied this.

"The mayhap she hast passed away and thou still mourn for her?"

Silk sighed. He had really thought he had found one of the few Arends who were at least slightly intelligent.

Suddenly the young lady gasped. "His Majesty, King Belgarion is motioning to thee, my Lord." She said softly.

Silk looked back to see that Garion was indeed motioning to him, from his spot beside the Arendish King.

"Dost thou knowest the Godslayer?"

Silk nodded, and the young woman gasped again. He looked up to see that she had paled greatly.

"Oh. I am so sorry, Your Highness." She apologised, her eyes wide. "Why didst thou dance with me? Mine mother shalt be so sorely disappointed with me. Why didst thou allow me to make such a nuisance of myself? I shouldst not have asked thee such questions, Your Highness." The lady pulled away from him and curtsied with exquisite grace before running out of the room.

Silk looked at the closed doors with confusion, then he walked over to Garion.

"Yes Garion?" He asked.

"I wanted to know who you were dancing with." Garion said.

The Arendish King smiled gaily. "I see that thou hast met our other revered guest, Prince Kheldar."

Silk's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean, Your Majesty?"

Korodullin's smile grew. "That young woman that thou wast dancing with wast none other than Her Majesty, Queen Milaya of Garvina."

Garion's eyes widened, and Silk began to curse softly and fluently.

Garion's shocked look changed though, when he realised that Silk was so mad because he had no idea that who he had been dancing with. "We'd better go tell Grandfather." Garion suggested, knowing that most of their companions would enjoy knowing that the little thief had been outsmarted.