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Chapter 5 Part I: The Initiative and Their Plan

I didn't know at the time that I made a really bad move on my part by deciding to go patrolling. My stubborn pride and immature attitude made me more confident in my abilities. I should have known better but my impulsive nature got the better of me. I don't regret the decision, but I can tell you that Spike and I were surprised to find out what Maggie Walsh really wanted with us…


"Spike, why aren't there any demons or vampires out? Did these people you keep talking about get them all or just scare them away? This is ridiculous! These people are going down. Bringing down demons is my job! I'm the Slayer! I'm supposed to bring the gloom and doom to the vamps and ghouls." I whined as he snickered behind me. "Luv, I don't know where your usual baddies are." I listened to the sounds around me and everything was quiet. There were no new vampires coming out of their graves, no demons trying to terrorize little girls. "Why don't we go to Willy's place, he usually knows what's going on in the demon world." I nodded and followed him. Willy was a sniveling little snake but he was always good for information.

"So how are you feeling?" I wasn't sure why I cared so much, but I figured I could claim I needed him for backup if he tried to tease me about it. "Told you love, Slayer blood is the best kind to have. Heals us faster than normal human blood." I silently praised whoever gave my blood extra healing abilities. I doubt he would be up and moving right now if he had gone without my blood. He paused for a moment and I did the same, waiting for him to say whatever was on his mind. "Did you sense something?" I asked. He shook his head then his eyes found mine. The look in those cerulean eyes was intense, and I wondered what he was thinking. "I'm sorry I took so much from you earlier. They starved me Buffy, I was so hungry. I just wanted to say thank you for healing me. You could have staked me." I said the first thing that came to my mind, which wasn't always the smartest thing to do, "No, I couldn't have staked you."

There was a deeper meaning to my statement and I could tell by the recognition in his eyes that he understood the real significance of it. "Did I hurt you?" he asked, closing the small gap between us. I stood silent, unsure of how to answer. I remembered how incredible his bite had felt, how it was like he reached deep into my heart and touched my soul. Images ran through my mind, ones of his yellow eyes and deep passionate touch. I could still feel the way his body had pressed so intimately into mine. I felt the blush creep into my face and wondered if he could sense it. I remembered Angel telling me that vampires could smell and sense a human's emotions.

I cleared my throat and started walking again, needing a change of subject. "No you didn't hurt me. It was surprisingly…nice." I whispered the last word, surprised by my own admittance. What I didn't say was how erotic and addicting his bite had been. Even now I could remember the way his teeth felt buried in my neck and I wanted more of it. "Well the bite can be pleasurable if the recipient is open to the idea or has feelings for the vampire." I didn't look at his knowing eyes. I wanted to claim it was just me being open to the idea, but that was a lie. "That's probably why the bite from Angel hurt." The memory of Angel's bite was painful to just remember. It was the most terrible pain I'd ever experienced, completely different from Spike's bite.

"I covered his marks on your neck. Guess the demon wasn't too fond of Angel bear's marks even though he's not your boy toy anymore." I laughed. If only he knew how far off he was. "Angel was never my boy toy Spike. But I can't say I'm disappointed. At least next time I look in the mirror, I won't feel like Angel has some claim over me." He grabbed my arm and turned me around quickly. The look in his eyes was so feral, I felt actual fear rise in my stomach. "Angel claimed you? You mated with that brooding idiot?" His voice rose in volume and I wondered what his issue was. Was Spike…Jealous?

"No I didn't…mate…with him! We never went beyond kissing! What is your malfunction anyways? Why would you care if I did?" I wrenched my arm free of his hand but didn't step away. I held my head high and met his look with just as much intensity. Vampire or not, I was not afraid. "You don't know what that kind of bond means slayer and I hope you never find out." The look in his eyes was unreadable but I was sure of one thing, Spike obviously had no intention of turning me into a possible girlfriend. I looked away, surprised at how disappointing the notion was. I composed myself and started walking again. "Let's just keep moving okay? We're almost there." He nodded and followed right beside me, staying silent the rest of the way.

When we arrived at Willy's place, only two demons were sitting inside. It was unusual and now I knew why. "Hey Willy! I haven't been here in a while! You seriously need someone to clean this place, it's a dump!" I said walking up to the bar. He looked around nervously, eying the two demons. "Slayer, you're scaring away the few customers I have! You know you're bad for business." he responded, walking into the back. "HEY! Don't leave, I'm not here to mess with you, I need some information!" I heard him rummaging around in the back for a minute before reappearing with a cup of blood for Spike and a bottle of Sprite for me. "Please sit." He said, grabbing a glass and cleaning it. I nodded and complied, feeling a little uneasy with his carefree attitude. I was used to him cowering in fear and trying to run so he wouldn't get mixed up in what he counted as trouble when dealing with the slayer.

"There are some guys in army fatigues who are messing with my demons, who are they and what do you know about them?" I asked. He shrugged, acting nonchalant about the topic, but I could tell it was making him nervous. His eyes cut towards the two demons in the back and he cleared his throat, obvious nervous behavior. "What do you think Slayer?" I heard Spike ask. I shook my head, wishing things could be easy. I reached over and roughly pulled Willy from behind the bar by the front of his shirt, tired of the games. There were more important things to worry about than protecting his own ass. The selfish little pig was going to give me what I wanted no matter how I had to get it.

"Do you want to try that again? Tell me what the hell is going on!" He nodded, "Okay, okay Slayer! Calm down!" I released him and gave him the serious look, one where he would know I meant business. "It's some kind of secret army organization called the initiative. They take the demons, perform experiments on them and either kill them or let them go. But the few that have been let go are harmless from what I can tell." I couldn't understand the incentive behind their actions. "Why are they doing this? What's the purpose?" He looked from me to Spike, and then back to me. He knew something, but wasn't going to spill the news. I could see the fear in his eyes and it ran deeper than just what Spike and I were trying to do.

"Slayer…" I heard someone hiss from behind me. I turned to find a large demon standing behind Spike and I. He was a good six feet tall with skin as black as night. "Mike! Good to see you bloke! I thought you Colgera demons liked the cold weather?" The demon shrugged then turned his attention back on me. The most interesting part of him was the glowing red eyes and the two long horns on top of his head. The khaki pants and white button up shirt were a big contrast to his scary looks and stature. "Yes?" I asked. "I heard from my clan members that these soldiers are after you and Spike." I turned around, ready to ask Willy another question but found that he had run to the back again. "Why are they after us? What do they want?" He looked around, then walked closer to me, "I do not know, but beware slayer. I may not like you but those humans have far more ways to torture than you do. It was good to see you again William, I hope we'll see each other again." Mike nodded his head to us then walked back to the booth it was seated at previously. "Awe, I'm touched. The demons don't want me dead!" I said laughing nervously. It was getting serious when the demons I slayed didn't want me dead.

Having had enough, I turned to walk outside. I had a feeling that we needed to hide instead of be out in the open, especially if these people were after us specifically. "Spike, I think we need to get back to my house, tell Giles what we have so far. I don't have a good feeling about this anymore, we shouldn't do this alone." I said starting to panic. "I agree. Even the demons are scared of this luv, let's get out of here." He said as we walked out into the warm summer air. "What do you think they want with us? I mean, why us? What is so important?" I asked to no one in particular. "I don't know love, but we'll find out alright? Let's just get back to the house eh? I've got a bad feeling too." Suddenly, I felt what I call my spidey senses, going off. "Spike, I feel like we are being watched or followed…do you feel it?" I whispered, grabbing his hand. "Yea, someone, a lot of them…are following us." He said picking up the pace. We both started running as fast as we could, heading towards my house. But before we could get close enough, I felt a short pain in my neck and then everything went black…

(End Flashback)

The Initiative caught me and Spike. It was part of their plan all along. Later on, Spike and I found out that Willy was working with them the whole time. But now we were in their hands, and their actions forever changed our lives…


I woke up a while later in a strange room surrounded by four solid white walls. I felt like I was locked in a cage and I started to panic. I didn't know where I was or where Spike was and I didn't know if I would be able to escape. It was becoming harder to breathe and I could feel a panic attack start to take over. "SPIKE! WHERE ARE YOU?" I yelled, but no one answered. I kept screaming his name and banging on the door, trying to get through to him. He was the only one that could help me right now, and I was just as worried about him as I was myself. Then she came.

"Your vampire friend is safe and sound 3 cell blocks down from you." She was as tall as my mother with short blonde hair cropped around her face. Her white lab coat and light khaki pants gave her a professional look along with the white clipboard locked in her grasp. "Who are you?" I asked. She smiled and extended a hand. I did not take it. "My name is Maggie Walsh and I am over this particular lab." I looked into her cold, stone blue eyes seeing no emotions whatsoever inside. "Now Slayer, I have some tests to run, so if you behave and cooperate, then I won't have to take you by force. However, if you do not, as you can see I have my men here to handle the situation." I looked behind her, eying the two broad shouldered men dressed in army fatigues. On a regular day, I knew I could take them, but I felt weak and tired. I would be useless in a fight.

"What did you do to me? I have no strength." She motioned for her men to open the door. "That is just a precaution. The medication is not addictive or harmful, it's just a little sedative to keep you weak enough. I have heard your strength is powerful. I wouldn't want you escaping on my watch. Now, come with us." I nodded, walking in between her and the two army guys. "I won't harm you in any of the tests since it's not necessary. I just want to see how your DNA make-up is different from ours. We hold a great deal of curiosity about you Buffy." I decided to go along with her plan for now. I knew if I got her to trust me a little bit then maybe I could find her weakness and get out of this hellhole.

"Why are you curious about me?" She stopped for a moment and turned to look at me, "We want to know where your strength, agility, and healing powers come from. It's not natural." I wanted to laugh at her ignorance. "Of course it's not natural, it's called magic. A group of men decided to grant one girl in all the world the ability to take down those who threaten the innocent. When one girl dies, another one is awakened. It's not science or hard to understand. Its magic." She jotted down something on her clipboard before turning back around to continue down the hall. To say I was annoyed was an understatement. She didn't want to know my DNA make up or even why I was able to do what I did. She wanted something more, and that one thought frightened me. I'd seen the cruel things people could do, and in this state, I was powerless to stop her.

"I want to see Spike." I said, breaking the silence that had descended once more. "Oh, don't worry. You and the vampire will be doing the tests together." She said. I followed her down the hall until she stopped at what I assumed was Spike's room. When she opened his cell door, he looked into my eyes and then ran over, pulling me into his arms. "Luv, I thought she hurt you. I didn't know what was going on." I blushed slightly at our closeness. I could still remember the feel of his lips on mine the first time we kissed. And I'd never forgotten how he made my insides turn to jell-o with the slightest look of those clear blue eyes. "I'm kind of freaked out," I whispered into his ear. "I know, we'll find our way out of here." He said releasing me.

His hands covered my face and his eyes roamed over my body, searching for what I thought to be anything wrong. "Your pale." I nodded. "They gave me something, weakened me. Guess they know better than to let me be at full strength." He stroked my cheek lovingly and I cherished the moment. "Ok lovebirds, let's go. We have a lot to do today." She said as the guards shoved us forward. I didn't make a remark about her lovebirds comment. Instead I took in my surroundings, trying to make note of every exit sign, door, and cage with different types of demons and vampires inside. Each creature watched with curiosity, anger, some with fear, and others with what I knew to be sympathy. My body started to shake and for the first time since the fight with the Master, I was actually scared and worried for my life. I silently prayed that someone would notice our absence and soon. I could see no other way out.

(End Flashback)

The Initiative was a very established organization. Their facility had every type of medical equipment available as well as artillery. The guards were heavily armed. I was outmatched 20 to 1. I felt lost and completely harmless, two feelings I had not experienced since before my slayer powers came in. As a slayer, I had unbelievable strength but I was in unknown territory and neutered like a dog. I didn't know anything about the people I was up against, what they wanted or what they were going to do. I didn't know what to expect. Even with Spike by my side, I didn't feel safe.


"Ok, take the vampire into the room on the left and the slayer into the room on the right…you know what to do." She said as I was torn roughly away from Spike. He vamped out and growled furiously, I had never seen him so angry before. "If you hurt her…it'll be the last thing you do! DO YOU HEAR ME?" I stared into his raging blue eyes, seeing the fear and concern for my safety. He was struggling, fighting against them with a strength and determination that made my heart swell. I screamed when one of the guards brought his gun down over Spike's head, knocking him unconscious. I yelled his name over and over, but it was no use. He wasn't responding.

I became furious, "What the hell do you want with us?" I wanted answers and now, but I wouldn't get them. The woman just smiled and shook her head, "Don't worry Slayer, neither you nor your vampire are going to be harmed. These are just some tests remember?" she said trying to reassure me. I didn't believe her. She had her guards pull me into a room that resembled a hospital room. There was a small comfortable looking hospital bed with white sheets and a pillow, along with an IV stand that would most likely be the one where they ran the fluids into my veins. There were all kinds of medical tools and gadgets. I couldn't figure out what it was all for. I started shaking, scared by the situation. I wanted to escape, but I knew trying would be futile.

"So do you want to get on the bed nicely or am I going to have to ask my men to put you on there and strap you down?" she asked. I eyed the two men curiously, trying to find a weakness. But I found none. "Get on the bed slayer, we aren't going to hurt you." I shook my head and backed up a few steps, wanting to escape. I couldn't just lie down like a defeated animal. "Your choice." The man said before grabbing me and throwing me on the bed, strapping down my arms and legs. I fought as hard as I could, but it was useless. I let out a frustrated sigh, feeling the tears start to well up in my eyes. The last thing I saw before I was pulled into an unconscious sleep was her motioning for someone to come in. I felt my fear rise but knew I was powerless to do anything at this point.

(End Flashback)