Chapter Five Part II: Shocked

When they tore me from Spike' hold, I feared they were going to kill one of us. What surprised me about this whole situation was how focused they were on just Spike and I. There were so many other demons surrounding us yet they were being so thorough with everything. They watched us like hawks, constantly checking on us. It was like they were waiting for something, which now I know what. But, then, I didn't know. If I had known about the initiative's plan at the time, I would've seriously fought harder than anyone had ever seen. Now, I look at it-kind of-like a blessing.


Hours later, I awoke to the sounds of a heart monitor steadily beating and knew it was my own. My mind was hazy but it registered the extreme pain shooting through every muscle and bone in my body. I tried to remember something, anything that would explain my current state but nothing came. I could move around, but barely. Everything hurt; my legs, my hips, my back. I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings, trying to fight through the pain. The room looked no worse for wear. I was alone for the moment and still hooked up to the IV stand. All the medical tools had been removed and on the table next to the bed sat a tall, pink water bottle with a straw coming out of the top.

A doctor entered and smiled softly at me. I knew he was trying to put me at ease, and for once it worked. "How are you feeling Miss Summers?" he asked, checking my stats and writing them down. I wanted to tell him to kiss my ass but I settled for a less brutal approach. "I feel like I've been hit by a bus. What did you do to me?" I groaned when he moved my arm in order to take my blood pressure. "We did some tests. It was not anything specific, just routine stuff. Don't worry, we're going to take good care of you. You and your vampire friend will be sleeping in the same room in no time Miss Summers. We want to see you react together. You and this vampire, Spike, have formed a strange bond. It is very unusual."

What did he mean by Spike and I sleeping in the same room? Was he nuts? "I'm going to give you some medication to help ease the pain. It's going to put you to sleep so your body can heal." I rolled over onto my side, and like he said, fell back asleep quickly. I was just hoping that I'd be able to escape soon. I doubted I could take another round of these tests.

When I woke up again, I felt much better. I didn't know what time or what day it was, and I really didn't care. My first thoughts were all centered on Spike. He was all I cared about at this point in time. I wondered where he was and if he was okay. The need to see him was overwhelming and for some reason I didn't find that odd; the need to see him felt normal, natural.

"Good morning Buffy, it's nice to see you up finally. We thought you were going to sleep the whole day away." I sat up, chuckling at her ignorance; I knew she didn't really care either way. "Well, whatever it was that you gave me knocked me out for a while. By the way, where is Spike? What have you done with him?" I asked. She laughed softly, almost like she enjoyed my inquiry. "He is fine and in the bed which we are about to take you to. Are you feeling any better?" she asked, avoiding my gaze. "Yea, peachy keen." I responded sarcastically, getting more irritated by the second. "Perfect. Your healing capabilities are endless. I'm impressed." Her eyes widened with excitement and it sickened me. She was treating me like an experiment. "We are about to move you to the room you are to stay in. Please don't struggle or fight this time, your body is in no condition to deal with any physical strain." She said as they began to unhook the restraints on me. I nodded and accepted the help of one of her soldiers. He wrapped an arm around his neck and helped me walk down the hall.

The strangest thing happened while they were walking me back to my cage as I called it now. I noticed a few of the demons coming up to the glass doors that kept them locked inside their cages. They looked on with wide eyes, some of the looks were of curiosity, others were looks of astonishment, and others were looks of happiness. I wondered what exactly had happened. The last time I'd seen them, they didn't react this way. I wondered wildly why they were staring at me as if I'd grown another head.

"You don't know what you've done! This is not how it was supposed to happen! You may have just ruined our chances!" I heard one of the demons yell as he pounded his large fists on the glass. She only laughed in response. "Be quiet demon. We will deal with you later!" It growled before narrowing it's eyes on me, "Take care of yourself and the vampire, slayer. Do not try to fight them. You have no idea what is at stake right now!" I nodded, seeing the genuine concern in his eyes. "What is he talking about?" I asked, confused. "Let's keep moving, we don't want our slayer to wear herself out just on the walk back." As we walked away, he bowed his head and every other demon followed suit. I could only watch in bewilderment. Their behavior was starting to freak me out.

"What did you do to me? Tell me now!" I demanded. I started struggling to get away from the soldier as the fear started to consume me. "Buffy stop! You'll hurt yourself!" She yelled, dropping her clipboard. My head started spinning, and I heard her gasp as I started falling to the floor. The guard I'd been struggling with caught me before I made contact. "Mrs. Walsh, I think it would be best if I carried her from here on out. She has exhausted herself." With her eyes wide in fear, she nodded. "What the hell is going on? Why is everyone acting so weird?" I asked. My question went unanswered. I laid my head on the man's shoulder and watched as the demons continued to look on with wonder. It was a look I was sure I'd never see again.

"You'll have to forgive her. She can be rude sometimes. Would you mind if I carry you? Nothing funny, I promise." He asked. I held onto to him, trying to nod my head. The room was spinning slightly and my body was sore. "My name is Riley Finn." He said as I softly spoke back, "Buffy Summers. Please tell me what is happening. Why did that demon say what he did? Why did they bow to me? I'm so confused." His smile faltered and he looked up at Maggie, "I'm not sure Buffy, but what I can say is that you are safe. You have nothing to fear. We are going to take good care of you and the vampire." Not satisfied by his answer, I kept on. "But why? Why are you taking such good care of us? I don't understand." He sighed, "All will be revealed in due time Buffy. Just rest and relax."

"Now, Miss Summers, in case you are wondering, you have been here for a week. I know we have kept you on hold with everything but there are certain things we have to learn about you before letting you go. Spike is ok and unharmed. We are taking you to him right now. He is asleep at the moment. Unfortunately he had to be contained again after he woke up. He was ranting on and on about you and wouldn't cooperate." She explained. I rolled my eyes, feeling unusually happy about Spike wanting so desperately to see me. The feeling was mutual. "Well, Spike was never one to follow the rules." I smiled to myself, remembering the time he'd gone against Angel and Drusilla to help me. "You weren't either Miss Summers." Devil lady said looking back. I nodded and laid my head on Riley's shoulder again, trying to relax as we followed her to the destination. What was taking so long and where was Spike? And what was with the certain need for Spike? I was craving him.

(End Flashback)

I should've noticed that something was wrong. In the span of a few days, everything had changed in my world. The demons were bowing to me, which was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever seen. One of the demons told me to take care of "my vampire" like Spike was my boyfriend or something. And I was craving the attention and closeness of a master vampire. I never craved Spike the way that I did at that moment. But my mind never registered any of it. All I could think about was him…and how much I desired to be near him.


"Here we are Miss Summers. I'm sure you will like these accommodations much better than the last. This is sort of like a hotel room so enjoy your stay okay? We made sure you had your own clothes and the essentials. You have your standard room with a TV, which has cable. You even have a shower and Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. We wanted your stay to be as nice as possible. And I promise, we only have cameras here in the living room part. If you need anything, let us know." She said opening the door to a room, which looked like something out of a magazine.

The room was set in a black and white color scheme. The crème colored walls were bare except for the old-fashioned lanterns set around the top in a pattern of two to each wall. The kitchen, which was attached to the living room, had top of the line equipment and I knew that they had stocked the cabinets full of food for us. I looked to the right to see a hallway leading back into what I assumed would be the bedroom and bathroom.

"Why are you being so nice? Why the good accommodations? What's the deal?" I asked, trying to understand what was going on. "We will be back to check on you and William, or Spike as you call him, in a while. Riley, put her on the bed next to Spike. I suggest you rest Buffy. Your body will need the time to heal and you won't be going anywhere, anytime soon." She said closing the door. I huffed as she exited the room. Riley chuckled and took me into the bedroom where Spike was passed out on the bed. I looked him over and noticed the bruises that adorned his body.

"What did you do to him?" I asked. "I was in your room the whole time, I don't know what was done to him. I do know they had to hold him down and restrain him. He was yelling your name and trying to get to you from what my friend told me." I giggled and smiled, nodding my head. "Rest Buffy." He said. I looked him over for a second before he walked over. Riley was tall, dark and handsome with his tan, muscled chest. His brown hair and green eyes went well with down home southern attitude and made him look like the All-American boy, but unfortunately he was far from it.

I lay next to Spike, and curled my body around his. My uneasiness was soothed a bit whenever he turned slightly and wrapped me up in his arms. "Turn around." he murmured in his sleep and I did as he asked. I repositioned my body to where my back was to his stomach and sighed, feeling happy to feel somewhat safe again. His cool embrace felt good next to my warm body; which I could tell was fevered somewhat. I didn't know what was going on but I felt better with Spike next to me. My last thoughts before falling asleep were how good it felt to be next to him.

I awoke a while later, embraced in Spike's arms, the room still dark. I turned and snuggled deeper into his chest, inhaling the sweet yet spicy scent that was Spike. My body instantly responded to his and I felt the need to run my hands along every inch of his body, learning about every freckle, birth mark, or scar that he had. I started caressing his chest and heard his gasp slightly in response. I shouldn't have touched him that way considering our vampire-slayer relationship, but I couldn't help it. The temptation was too much. I needed to feel his skin underneath my hands, feel his muscles move under my touch.

"Awake finally luv?" he asked. I smiled, a little embarrassed by my actions, and looked into his eyes, noticing they were yellow. "Is everything okay?" I asked. He nodded in response. "Yea love, I'm sorry for the bumpies. I was just getting a hold of my surroundings. I was trying to listen for something, but I can't hear anything hardly beyond this room. It's like we are in a torture cell, except with much more comfort." I lifted my hand and softly touched the ridges on his face. I had no idea what I was doing or why I was doing it, but I couldn't help myself. He backed away slightly and sat up on his elbow, "What did they do to you? Are you okay?" he asked. I wondered why he was talking so much instead of kissing me. I wasn't in the mood to talk, which set off an immediate alarm in my head. I was officially losing my mind.

"I don't know, they put me to sleep as soon as I hit the hospital bed and then I woke up a couple of hours ago feeling as if I had been hit by a bus!" I said struggling to find the words. "I can't remember anything." I leaned closer to him, wanting to feel his cool lips against mine. I needed him to kiss me. For a moment, I could see him contemplating the same action. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. I groaned inwardly before backing away. I wondered silently why I wanted to kiss Spike so badly. I contributed it to the fact that I was just scared and lonely. That was it. I couldn't actually want Spike.

"Same here luv, I don't remember a thing. All I could think about was you anyway," he said pulling me close once more. At first, I wanted to fight his hold but I didn't. It was comforting and safe, even though he was a vampire. I felt butterflies in my stomach and chills running up then down my spine. It was a rush of feelings all at once. Just the sound of his voice was an aphrodisiac. I wanted him to kiss me, taste me, and be inside of me. Needing to change the subject immediately before I did something, I cleared my throat and thought about our escape plan. Distraction was a good thing.

"Spike, do you think Giles and the others are trying to find us?" I asked trying to calm myself. I knew Spike could hear my heart racing, but I didn't want him to know that he was the one causing it. "Yes luv, I'm sure they are looking for you. They'll eventually come…they have to because I see no other way out of here. I'm so sorry luv; I couldn't protect you from this. I should never have let you go patrolling that night." He said, his voice breaking. I could see the sincerity in his eyes and knew he felt guilty for not protecting me, but it wasn't his fault. I doubt we could have escaped this even if we stayed locked in my basement. The Initiative was bound and determined to mess with our lives. "It's ok Spike. It's not your fault. We will get out of this." I cuddled closer to him, needing the strength it provided. The words I spoke were lies, I wasn't sure whether we would get out of this or not, but I did hope and pray for help.


"Mrs. Walsh, are you sure we will be able to tell within the next couple of days?" Riley asked hesitantly. "Yes, I have kept up with her cycle and the next one is due two weeks from now. If she doesn't start, then we know our plan worked…if she does, we will try again and again until it works. We will be successful and then the world will be ours to take!"

(End Flashback)

Every day for the next few weeks, I prayed to God that Willow would try and get me out of that place. Spike and I had become closer since we only had each other. We talked about his life before becoming a vampire, what his life was like and dreams he had. Who would've guessed he was a poet at heart. I learned that's where he got his nickname "William The Bloody"…he was a bloody awful poet. I teased him relentlessly about it at first, but I respected him for telling me even though it was embarrassing.

During those few weeks though, I had also grown quite attached to Spike. I was unsure of what was happening. Every time he was close, I felt on fire. My skin tingled and I lusted heavily for him. The intensity of the desire made me breathless at times and I ached all over. It was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. I knew he could sense it, smell my desire. Every time my desire flared, he would clear his throat and go into the bathroom or the kitchen to distract himself. I knew he wanted to say something, but dared not to in fear of embarrassing me.

One night in particular, we both almost lost control. Spike had fallen asleep but my body was wide awake. All I could think about, feel, and smell was Spike. I remember turning over and burying my face in his neck as I inched my body close to his. I just wanted to feel his naked skin against mine. Apparently that was not the smartest idea. Spike smelled my desire and the demon in him responded in his sleepy state. He captured my lips as his hands roamed my body. I instantly returned his heated kisses and my body came alive with need.

But as soon as things heated up, they quickly died back down when Spike realized what he was really doing. He apologized and moved hastily to the couch that night. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I knew only he could satisfy the burning desire. Only Spike could sate this intense need. I wondered wildly why he wouldn't, but later on he told me why. He respected me and didn't want to push me for anything I wasn't ready for.


Three Weeks Later…

"GRR! I don't understand! Why are they keeping us in this room? And why aren't they telling us anything?" Spike and I had been in this room for a long time, neither of us really knowing the exact length of time. We had both estimated about 2 or 3 weeks. The woman, also known as Maggie Walsh had given us a clock so we would know when it was time to sleep or when it was time to eat. Spike had put his body on my schedule for my own benefit. We were both unsure of how much longer we would be here.

I had been feeling weird all morning. I was nauseous and weak. I kept feeling dizzy, and each time I thought I was going to throw up at any second. On top of that, I felt on edge and nervous. I was growing tired of feeling like a caged animal. I had to get out. "Oi' Slayer, what's wrong with you? Why are you so anxious? Calm down!" He said coming over to me, feeling my uneasiness. Little did he know that he was the cause of it. "I cannot calm down! And how did you know I was so anxious? I'm just sitting here!" He was quiet for a moment and shook his head, "I don't know. I can just feel it."

Suddenly, we heard an alarm going off outside the room, "Luv…I think the calvary is here!" he said vamping out. "Spike, I don't feel so good. I don't know if I can do this…I mean, I feel like I'm going to faint anytime now. I can't fight." I said sitting down. I had felt like that the past couple of days, along with being nauseated, and I wasn't sure why. I just knew that this Walsh woman had done something to me. "Are you sick? She hasn't been drugging you. You should be back to your full strength." I shook my head, unsure of how to answer. "I don't know Spike. I just, I feel sick." He came over and pulled me close, "I'll protect you love, and this time I won't let them keep you here. Just stay close and run when I tell you too." I nodded without questioning him.

Then, the door was forced open and in stepped Willow, "Ok you guys…enough of the prison cell, lets GO!" Spike lifted me up bridal style and carried me out of the room and down the hall. "So, sorry it took us so long Buff. We've attempted this at least 2 times already but finally I got it right thanks to Anya. By the way, she is an ex-vengeance demon who is dating Xander. Long story, kinda crazy! Giles and Xander are right in front of us with a magic orb that is going to teleport us back to your house." Willow said as I nodded slightly. I suddenly felt really sick and so I snuggled closer to Spike, hoping his strength would make it go away. "Luv this is not the time to be getting cozy with me." he said moving his neck a little. "I can't help it. I…I feel awful. I think I'm gonna be sick." I whispered hazily. Why was this happening to me, and now of all times?

"Red, something is wrong with Buffy, we need to hurry this up. Like now!" Spike said as I continued to try and calm myself down. My head spun and my stomach turned. "Spike, are we almost there?" He kissed my forehead and held me a little tighter. "We're almost there. Just hold on a little longer." Before I could respond, I heard Giles and Xander yelling for us and noticed that we had finally reached them. He put me down and glided me towards the Orb, "Luv, hold onto it ok?" I nodded and reached out, feeling the warmth radiating from the small orange globe. It glowed brightly and before I knew what was going on, we were back in my house and in the middle of my living room floor. But peace did not come, I felt sick again and rushed to the bathroom, spilling my lunch into the toilet. Spike came in about 10 seconds later and held my hair for me. He rubbed my back while I sat on the floor in the bathroom crying, I'd always hated throwing up. My throat burned and my stomach ached. It was never a good feeling. I walked back into the living room when I felt better and noticed that Giles kidnapped one of the commando men and brought him back here. "Where did he come from?" I asked sitting on the couch. "Xander and I thought he'd be useful so we knocked him out and decided to bring him back. He might hold the answers we need." Giles said as he took him to the basement to lock him up.

"Love, why don't we get you into bed? You look really pale and your skin is fevered." I nodded and let him carry me bridal style into my room. My mom, Dawnie, and Spike got me into the bed and covered up. "We're so glad your home." The feel of my mother's kiss on my forehead brought peace to my exhausted soul. "I'm glad too mommy." I heard Spike chuckle but didn't open my eyes to look at his face. I still needed my mom even at the age of 25.

When they got ready to leave, I grabbed Spike's arm and begged him to stay. When he agreed, I looked to Dawn and my mom and said we would discuss the issue tomorrow. All I could think about was falling asleep in Spikes arm, which was the only place I felt truly safe at this moment.

(End Flashback)

I knew something was wrong, my body was acting weird. I felt weak, tired, nauseous, all things that I hadn't felt since becoming the slayer. I couldn't place it, but I knew something was different…and it wasn't because of any medication they'd given me while in the initiative.