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Chapter Six: Learning of Their Plans

Have any of you ever lived your life day by day thinking that one thing or another couldn't be possible? Just think…Some of you want to be artists, but you don't possess the ability to draw or paint. Some of you want to dance, but you lack the necessary rhythm in your body. Some of you want to be lawyers, doctors, or even CEO's of major companies but you don't possess the knowledge or can't handle the extreme regiment it takes to do this kind of work. For me…it was a different dream. But being the slayer threw that dream out the window.

I never thought it could be…would be possible…


The next morning, I got sick again and ran into the bathroom. I didn't know what was wrong with me. What had the initiative jerks given me? I threw up again and again, and then dry heaved for a few minutes before finally calming down.

"Luv, are you ok?" I heard Spike say from the door. I felt embarrassed by my current state. I was sprawled out on the bathroom floor with my face on the cold tile as my body waited for the shaking to subside. It felt good against my heated skin. My hair was in tangles and my makeup ran down my cheeks from the tears still falling from my eyes. I was a mess. "I'm okay now, I think. But I don't know what's wrong with me Spike. I haven't been sick like this since I became the slayer, well unless you count that time they gave me that potion to make me helpless on my birthday." I watched as he looked through the cabinets, obviously searching for something. "Where is a wash cloth pet?" I groaned and lifted my hand, pointing to the farthest drawer on the right. He wet a white cloth and placed it on my neck, rubbing my back in the process as he tried to soothe me. It was strange to let Spike take care of me but I trusted him and his presence actually made me feel better. It was different than anything I'd ever felt. Just his body being so close to mine made the shaking fade faster.

Once I was better, he picked me up and put me back to bed. I thought I would fall back asleep, but before I knew what was happening a wave of the most uncontrollable lust hit. My senses were driving me crazy; all I could see or feel was Spike. My body felt alive and I was breathless, for the first time, with need. My sex was dripping wet and my legs throbbed with an ache I'd never experienced. Yielding to my body, I wrapped my arms around him and covered his lips with mine. He responded immediately and delved his tongue into my mouth, tasting me and fueling the raging fire in my body even more. I couldn't get enough of him. I wanted to feel him; I wanted Spike driving his long, hard…

"Wait a minute! Bloody Hell Slayer, What is the matter with you? Are you off your rocker?" Spike yelled throwing me off of him and out of my daydreams. Willow and Giles burst into my room after Spikes outburst. "Buffy, what is going on?" Giles started, taking in what I assumed was my disheveled state. "I don't know what's happening to me Giles. For some odd reason, I just…I want Spike…" My voice was raspy from the lust that was tearing me apart. I got off the bed and scrambled over to the farthest wall, crumbling into a ball on the floor. I didn't know what was going on, Spike's body was calling to mine…I could feel its pull.

"Spike, don't you feel it?" I asked, as he shook his head no. "It's been like this since they put us back into the room together, after the tests. I can feel you, everything that you feel. When you touch me, my body aches for your touch. This time, its controlling me. I actually need you. It hurts! Spike, what did they do to me?" I looked at Spike as another wave of lust consumed me. "Bloody Hell! I swear to it Watcher that I didn't do a soddin thing!" Spike confessed, throwing his hands in the air as Giles came at him with a stake. "No! He's telling the truth Giles!" I yelled before he went too far. "Spike, I swear if you harmed her in any way, you'll meet my Ripper side." I saw Spike cringe in response. "Look, it must have something to do with the initiative. They must have done something to her or given her something to take." Willow said, coming over to sit beside me.

"She's sweating Giles and her body is shaking. Her skin feels fevered and her eyes are dialated. There is something wrong." Giles came over to stand beside me as well and carefully looked at my arms and felt my head. A puzzled look shot through his eyes, and I knew he found something. "Buffy, what is that on your neck? Spike, did you feed from her?" He asked touching the bite marks on the right side of my neck. "It was just once, before we got captured." I responded. "Watcher, those bite marks aren't fresh. They shouldn't even be there anymore. It's been weeks. I don't know what's going on with…" he left off as he came closer to me.

Spike reached down and pulled me up to stand in front of him. He smelled so good, like peaches and cream. I closed my eyes savoring the closeness of him. "I'm not going to hurt you ok?" he said reassuring me as he traced the bite marks with the tips of his fingers. I shivered in delight, feeling chills run throughout my body. "Spike…please." I moaned, closing my eyes as he backed away. I could tell he was thinking about something, but I was so consumed by this feeling that I couldn't fully comprehend much. I reached out and pulled him close once more, needing to feel his body next to mine. He gasped in surprise but didn't fight my hold. "Watcher, didn't you bring one of their lackeys back here with you?" Spike asked, seeing Giles nod. "Ok, well, he has to know what is going on. Red…stay here with the Slayer, I'm going to go and force some information from that soddin' wanker!"

I suddenly felt distraught when Spike left the room. My heart was racing and I was close to having a panic attack. I heard Willow yell his name before he strolled back into the room and over to me, rubbing my arms soothingly. "Calm down love, we're just going down to the basement okay?" He said, trying to reassure me. I nodded, but the feelings didn't go away. I couldn't help but need to feel him next to me. He took a deep breath and his eyes widened, "Bollocks! Slayer, come on! Red, keep an eye on her while we're down there yea?" He said as Willow nodded and held my hand. I saw the weird glances that Willow and Giles were exchanging and felt ridiculous. I had no idea what was happening to me, and I felt embarrassed by the way I was acting. I cared about Spike and admitted to wanting him, but this was ridiculous. This shouldn't be happening.

When we reached the basement, I noticed the guy they had brought back was Riley Finn, the one who I'd been getting along with the entire time. He looked so fragile all tied up, but I didn't care at this point. I was furious. I felt strange and my body hurt, which would've never happened, had the initiative not picked me up. "Buffy?" He whispered as I glared. How dare he be nice to me and then let her do this to me! I immediately charged at him and punched him. No one stopped my assault on him in fear of getting hit. "HOW. DARE. YOU!" I yelled as I continued to beat him. I had been violated and no one would tell me what was going on! How dare they kidnap me! I was the slayer! No one kidnapped the slayer and got away with it!

"Talk you bastard! Why did they take Spike and I? What did they do to us?" I yelled as I once again punched him in the face making it known that if he talked, I would stop. "OKAY! I'll tell you! Just stop hitting me!" he fussed. I backed away and felt Spike envelope me in his arms, soothing the rage within me. "Professor Walsh got involved with the Watcher's Council. She got hold of some of the watcher diaries and ended up reading about a slayer named Jessie that got pregnant by a vampire…" He started. I suddenly felt dizzy and leaned further against Spike.

(End Flashback)

When he mentioned a baby between a vampire and a slayer, I knew what they had done. However I couldn't think of how they made it happen.

Then I suddenly realized where all this sickness was coming from…

I was pregnant…

My period was late. My boobs were hurting. I was having morning sickness.

All signs of being pregnant.


"Professor Walsh decided that she wanted to create a baby between a vampire and slayer. She became obsessed with it. She knew the baby would be strong and undefeatable and an asset to our organization. The strength of a slayer and a vampire, especially a master vampire, would make the baby invincible. After she found out that Buffy was the slayer, she began watching her. She also knew that Buffy could possibly produce a child, regardless of what the Watcher's Council said, so she started looking around for a male vampire that would prove to be strong enough to also create a child. When Buffy met Angelus, we thought about using him to make the baby, but that didn't work out to well, especially when he went on his rampage, but we didn't give up."

"She saw that you and William the Bloody created an alliance with one another and knew that you two would be the perfect match." He kept on. Spike and I looked at one another, both remembering that night. "When Spike left town, we contacted our allies around the world to be on the lookout for he and Drusilla. We were going to take him right away but Walsh decided on waiting to see if he would come back to Sunnydale. She figured he'd come back to you Buffy, Drusilla said that all she could see was you…the sun…all around him. Drusilla knew even before he did that he loved you." he continued, the information not really registering in my mind.

"She was right, and when he did make his comeback for the first time, we didn't have enough time to get to him before he left. She decided to wait again and Buffy, we continued to study you. We watched the way you ate, the way you slept, everything about you. We had to determine whether or not you would be able to withstand the child of a vampire. We even did some experiments on other women and vampires to make sure the procedure would work. It did once…and the child was destroyed as soon as it was born." His eyes turned dark and he chuckled in what I thought was amusement. I felt sick to my stomach. "We couldn't believe it worked, even on a regular human woman. It was a stroke of genius."

(End Flashback)

The thought of having a baby, especially a vampire's baby made me sick to my stomach. I don't know how I ever got through that little speech of his…


"Well, this last time when Spike came back, we were informed of his arrival and got him the second he came into town. We performed the procedure on him to get him ready and then we set him loose, hoping he would go right to you. You made it easy on us Summers, you practically found him and nursed him back to help. When you fed him your blood, it made the procedure even closer to working than we thought." I cringed, feeling my head spin with wave after wave of dizziness. This was all a part of their plan. I was nothing but a pawn.

"When he fed from you, it only strengthened your bond. The night after we let him go, Willy informed Maggie that you and Spike were there, so we rounded up the guys and set off to capture you. You two actually made it easier for us…being together and all. And when we brought you back, we had some special pheromones put into your body." I heard Spike curse silently and start pacing. "Then we had you two sleep with one another, we had to make sure the procedure went exactly as planned. Next, with the help of a friendly witch, we erased the memory of it all. Buffy, that was why your body was so sore the next day…you two apparently got a little out of hand with it." He laughed and put on a knowing smirk. I felt the bile rise in my throat. They had watched us.

"That's not funny! Why would you erase it out of our minds?" I asked getting angrier by the second. "Because, if you two actually knew what we were planning, you might have tried to kill the chances of our baby," He responded. I walked over and punched him in the face once more, "You mean OUR baby!" I yelled. "Yes, I suppose it's your baby. But still, Buffy, have you had your period? Wasn't it due last Wednesday?" He asked eying me curiously. How did he know my cycle? "I don't remember exactly when it's due. I have bigger things to worry about" I said sarcastically. Yes I knew when it was due, which was unfortunately last Wednesday…I was a week late.

"Oh, I think you do know, and I think I just got my answer. I can't believe it worked! Buffy, congratulations…you are having a baby!" he burst into laughter, giddy that their little ploy had worked. Unfortunately, my world suddenly went black with my last thoughts on my baby.

(End Flashback)

I couldn't believe I was even considering the possibility of having a baby, even with Spike. He and I both were supposed to infertile…or at least that's what I thought. Still there I was…in a situation I never thought possible for me. My dream was coming true, I was going to be a mother.