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Childish Snow, Chapter One: How It All Begins

Jack snickered. He couldn't wait until Bunny got back to his Warren and discovered that everything was full of snow. In the meantime, he'd probably have to lay low and stay at North's for a few days, until Bunny forgot that snow was ever in his precious warren.

He pulled a snow globe he had borrowed from North out of his pocket and said. "Santoff Claussen."

A picture of Santa's Workshop appeared inside the snow globe, and he threw it. A portal opened up, and he hopped through. He looked around. No elves were around, even though the yetis were working. They were probably just getting in the way somewhere else.

"Jack!" shouted North, pulling him into a hug. "Why back so soon? Plenty of places to put snow. Have you seen the elves? They are not underboot."

That was strange. Really strange.

"Oh, don't worry. Trust me; every where that matters has snow. And if the elves aren't here, where are they?" Jack asked.

"That is what worries me." North said gravely.

They both wore solemn expressions. Jack had learned that the elves were very very dangerous, and that if they disappeared, it was best to start running. Last time they all disappeared, North had been picking burnt cupcake batter out of his beard and off his ceilings for weeks.

They had been sure the elves would turn up, only now, several hours later; they hadn't been seen by anyone. Jack and North were starting to worry, cause even though the little guys were annoying, they weren't exactly smart…

Jack saw that North was about to push the button to call the Guardians. He saw North push the lever, and then he saw the Northern Lights spread across the sky.

"North!" he exclaimed. "You don't call the Guardians because the elves are missing."

"Jack," North said seriously. "Elves can be more dangerous than Pitch."

Tooth rushed in spouting. "Is everything all right? Why did you call us North?" so fast it was barely comprehensible.

"Wait for Bunny and Sandy." North said.

Sandy flew in, dismantled his sand air plane, and started forming sand pictures over his head rapidly.

"Just wait for Bunny, Sandy." Tooth told him.

After half an hour, North finally got tired of waiting and decided to tell them.

He leaned in, whispering as if he was about to tell the world's biggest secret and said. "Elves are… missing."

"No!" Tooth gasped, hand flying to her mouth in horror.

"Yes." North replied.

Sandy silently groaned, and the yetis that heard, well, they fainted out of pure total, utter, absolute terror.

They all heard the sound of a portal opening. Jack winced.

"Look, North, I gotta go. Winter waits for no one!" He said 'cheerily.'

North clamped a hand down on his shoulder. "Until elves are found, Jack, you stay here."

Then they all turned toward the portal, gasping in shock. All the elves, every single one, were coming out of the portal, holding eggs in their hands, while they themselves were covered in paint. The shocking thing, though, was that they were lead by the 'Elf of Easter', the one who had fallen in the dye pools when they fought Pitch a few months ago.

"NORTH!" shouted an annoyed Easter Bunny. "How many times do I have to tell you to keep these stupid creatures out of my Warren?"

"Bunny!" chuckled North. "Glad you could make it! Now we are all here!"

"Ya know where Jack is, mate? I need ta have a talk with him about how snow and ma Warren don't mix."

"Was here a second ago. Must have left.' North said in a pensive tone.

"FROSTBITE!" Bunny shouted, furious.

Just then a yeti walked in and who did he have struggling in his paws but Jack?

"Let me GO!" He yelled. "Come on, what does a guy have to do to escape a boring meeting around here?"

"Frosty," Bunny stated in a dangerously calm voice. "Ah have to talk to ya.."

The yeti finally put him down.

"Oh, hey, Bunny." Jack said, scratching his neck nervously.

"You're a Guardian now," Bunny said. "Ya have ta be more responsible. Making it snow in the one place that represents spring ain't all that responsible. It's time to stop acting like a child, Jack."

"Oh yeah?" He asked. "Well, you, Kangaroo, need to learn to have some fun."

"Oh really, mate?" Bunny snickered. "At least Ah'm not the one who spreads things people hate. There's a reason people tell their kids not to let Jack Frost nip at their noses. Too bad no can tell ya that. Maybe then you'd learn how to be responsible, how to care about something other than yourself."

Jack's eyes widened slightly in hurt.

"You have no idea what I've done, what I've been through, what I HAVE to do," he hissed.

'You don't know how awful I feel every time I do it, how sad. Winter is the season of endings, not beginnings,' he said inside his head.

"Oh, Ah think Ah do. Ya were raised by your simpleton family, became immortal, and then joined us," Bunny retorted.

"That's not nice to say, Bunny," he replied.

"The truth is ugly, Snowflake."

"Did you just call me Snowflake? When I get my hands on you…."

"What, Frostbite?" He was cut off. "What are ya going ta do ta me?"

"Thou dareth attacketh myne family, myne home, myne worke, and myne pryde. Thou are a mangy rascal if I ever saw one. Thee are repulsive in thine own nature. Yowe knoweth not what has befallen me in myne three hundred years alone. I could count on myne hands the number of conversations I had," Jack screamed furiously.

He noticed everyone was staring at him. "And what be yowre problem?" He asked.

He thought carefully about what had just happened. He and Bunny had just been arguing, like usual. He got really mad because Bunny was insulting his family, his job, his pride, and his home… Oh shit. Did he lose control and speak with his accent? Jack's cheeks started to turn bright red, and he let out a nervous chuckle. Maybe the others wouldn't notice, he hoped futilely.

"Did Frostbite just…" He heard Bunny ask.

"Ja," North replied, and he saw Sandy give a thumbs up.

"Jack, are you okay?" Tooth inquired.

He gave a weak smile. "Yes. It's just that I've been trying to suppress that accent for years. It only comes out when I get really angry or upset.."

"You do a better job then most of us, Jack," said Tooth.

"Well, mate, that was interesting, but ya really need ta be more responsible."

The Man in the Moon had had enough. He loved his guardians, but sometimes they could be so naïve. Jack had died when he was fourteen. He was as responsible as he could get. He was still a child, and would always be a child. He was a child who had been forced to deal with a lot, but a child none the same. It wasn't fair that he had been forced to endure 300 years alone. He suddenly came up with a glaringly obvious solution.

He would show his Guardians Jack's memories.

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