Notes:E/O Challenge – Corner. The extra challenge was to have this written and posted within 48 hours of Enkidu's e-mail communication, but unfortunately, life has gotten in the way this week. So, better late than never…another attempt at a Wee!Chester. Dean is 10 and Sammy is 7.

Disclaimer: I don't know Supernatural, and I'm not being paid for writing about it.

Sam fumed as he sat facing the corner on the far side of his classroom. He hadn't started the fight at recess – why should he have to sit there and miss science? They were making volcanoes out of soda bottles! He turned his head slightly, to see what the other kids were doing. That snake Johnny Maynard was the one who got to start the lava! He was the one who tried to pull Sam down from the monkey bars. Sam had just been defending himself when Mrs. Velasco walked by.

After school…

"Where's that punk, Sammy! I'll rip his lungs out!"