Selfridge concentrated hard. He knew he would have to keep his focus if he wanted to succeed. So he blocked out the sound around him, swung the putter and hit the golf ball. Time seemed to slow down as Selfridge watched the ball rolling towards the tea cup, apprehension and anticipation etched on his face. Would the ball enter the cup, or would it roll agonisingly by.

'Yes!' Said Selfridge to himself as the white ball nestled in the cup. Selfridge enjoyed so much playing mini-golf in the control room while everyone else was working.

"Did you see that Ronnie?" Asked Selfridge, admiring his handy work.

"Yes, sir." Replied Ronnie, dutifully.

"No, you didn't." Laughed Selfridge. "You were too busy looking at the monitor."

"Yes, sir. But I saw it on the monitor via the security camera." Said Ronnie still looking at his computer screen.

"I love this putter, Ronnie. I love it."

A couple of hours later, Selfridge was sitting alone in his office playing with the unobtanium. He was feeling a bit bored. Being the director of an off-world installation was well paid, but it could be so dull. So Selfridge made his biggest decision of the day. He took out a sheet of paper, folded it a couple of times and made a paper aeroplane.

Pleased with his creation, Selfridge held the plane in his right hand, aimed it carefully and launched it in the air. With anxious anticipation, Selfridge watched it glide majestically through the air as it flew inexorably towards its ultimate destination. Would the plane land where he intended? Or would it miss the target? To Selfriidge's delight, it landed in the bin. Just where he was aiming.

"Did you see that Ronnie?" Called out Selfridge, knowing that Ronnie was watching on his monitor through the security camera. "Did you see it?"

"Yes, sir. I saw it." Crackled Ronnie's voice through the intercom.

"I love this hand, Ronnie." Said Selfridge rubbing the hand that threw the paper aeroplane. "I love this hand.

Later that evening, Selfridge was sitting on the toilet in his bathroom after doing a big shit.

"Did you see that Ronnie?" Called Selfridge eagerly "Did you see it?"

"Yes, sir." Sighed Ronnie over the loud speaker. "Unfortunately for me, I was able to see the whole thing."

"I love this asshole, Ronnie." Said Selfridge. "I just love This asshole.