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Title: A Kiss

Wakamatsu knew he had it bad.

He couldn't help himself though. Sakurai, while he was a first year, was a sweat, innocent teen who had no intention of hurting anyone. He found it all too enduring.

He only watched from afar not bold enough to make a move. He didn't want to scare the poor boy. Most of the time when ever he even went to talk to him he would apologize for no reason.

Wakamatsu learned to ignore it, or ruffle his hair and tell him he had nothing to apologize for.

A friendship was growing between the two. He would sit next to him when ever they were eating. It took a few months before Sakurai would seek him out instead of Wakamatsu always going to him.

At this point the team had started to notice how well he handled the young point guard. With a few kind words and a gentle look he could calm the teen down within a few seconds.

It wasn't long until they started hangout outside of school. They would go to get something to eat after game, or walk around town. Sakurai would always smile whenever Wakamatsu suggested to do something, just the two of them.

When Sakurai called him Kosuke he was surprised. He hadn't expected him to be so bold. His look must of said this because Sakurai went to apologize.

"It's okay," Wakamatsu reassured, "Ryo."

By now it was starting to hurt every time he was with him. All he wanted was to be able to hold his hand, pull him close and kiss him. There were times when he felt that Sakurai wanted the same thing.

It was getting hard to be able to control himself. He knew it would be better to push the boy away. Sadly, he couldn't bring himself to do so. The last thing Sakurai needed was for him to pull him in and then ignore him.

That was how he got to now. They were getting dressed at the end of practice. Sakurai had already finished and was waiting for him outside in the hall. Wakamatsu smiled when he saw the boy leaning against the wall further down.

Sakurai wore a sweater vest over the normal dress shirt that was required for their uniform. In his rush Wakamatsu hadn't redone the first few buttons to his shirt or his tie.

"Kosuke," Sakurai smiled back, "Are you ready to go?"

Wakamatsu breath was taken back when he looked at him. The way Sakurai was smiling was so inviting. He moved closer to be in Sakurai's personal space. He put one hand on the wall the other rested on the boys shoulder.

"K-Kosuke," Sakurai looked a little taken aback, until he realized what was going on. He allowed him closer as his eyes fluttered shut. He put his hand on the bigger teens arm the other hand gently tugged at the opening.

"Ryo…" Wakamatsu whispered out horsley. "Can I, kiss you." He didn't want to do something the other didn't want.

"Yes," Sakurai said.

Wakamatsu closed the gap between them in a gentle meeting of the lips. He wasn't sure which one of them whimpered. It might of been both. All he knew was that his heart was going into over drive as their lips moved together.

"I like you." Wakamatsu managed to say when they pulled apart briefly for air.

"I like you too," Ryo said meekly.