Sakurai decided to be bold. He wouldn't be able to achieve anything if he wasn't. As he made this resolve he could all but picture the new him, being able to declare what he wanted, and stop apologizing for everything.

Those were his expectations.

In reality, it was much different.

First of all, his confidence left him the moment he saw the other boy. Second, he wasn't able to stride across the room. He walked, trying to cause as little noise as possible. Third, being able to declare what he wanted. He sat next to Wakamatsu and twiddled his thumbs nervously.

He spent a good amount of time thinking about what to say. It didn't help that Wakamatsu was completely oblivious to his presence. He was flipping through a sports equipment magazine, probably looking for new thinks for next year.

Sakurai sucked in a breath. He was going to do this!

He tentatively placed a hand on Wakamatsu's arm.

"Yes?" Wakamatsu turned to face him giving full eye contact and his undivided attention. That was a bit too much for the shy boy to handle.

"I um sorry… I just…." He wasn't able to say anything.

Wakamatsu being used to the stuttering boy, waited patiently. He knew that Sakurai would eventually say what he wanted.

Sakurai found himself continually sputtering and tripping over his tongue. The more he did it, the more he panicked, the worst it got. Eventually he stopped talking, took a deep breath and tried again.

"Sorry! Do you want to hang out after practice? Sorry!" Sakurai finally managed to say.

Wakamatsu smiled at the young boy. This only made Sakurai more nervous. Wakamatsu was taking longer to answer than he expected.

"Sorry, I shouldn't of asked. Sorry!" Ryo went to dart away. He was too embarrassed to stay any longer.

"Ryo." Wakamatsu grasped the others boys arm gently , causing him to look back. "I would love to."