Artemisia calls her family to tell them of her return...

"Hello, this is Leonardo."

"Woah, you sound so grown up!"

"Uh, who is this?"

"Oh, can I just speak with your father?"



"Father? Is that really you?"

"Artemisia! My daughter, what is the reason you called?"

"Father, I am coming home..."

"When will you be returning, my daughter?"

"I should be at New York in a week from tomorrow, father... Um..."

"What is it, Artemisia?"

"Are... My brothers going to be okay with my return? I know Leonardo should be use to being the eldest, will he accept me being older than him, Father?"

"Leonardo is a reasonable boy, my daughter, do not worry about your siblings."

"Will you please tell them about me? I don't want to be attacked by my little brothers..."

"Very well, Artemisia, I shall tell your brothers about your return..."

"Thank you, Master. I have to go now. I love you!"

"Good bye my daughter."

Note: Should I continue this?