I swung my sword towards the head of the dictator of life, he smiled gently at me what made me hesistate for a moment. In that fatal moment I felt a sharp pain going through whole my body.

I heard Lolidragon cry my name with big scared eyes.

The dictator of life looked totally in shock at me and then at the person beind me, the one who stabed me. 'Weird, no pillar of light?' I thought while blood ran down from my mouth, finally everything went black.


"Prince!" I cried, not able to move my body because of the shock. This can't be happening. Prince can't be dying. Not like this.

I forsaw that he would use ND and blow up the dictator of life.

Everyone even the NPC froze in the moment that Prince fell on his knees, his body covered with his own blood this time. The person who killed Prince was wearing a long coat with a hoody that covered his face.

He placed his hand on Princes head. For a moment I didn't understood what was happening but when Prince started to disapear along with the person behind him.

"Prince!" I cried again, finally moving my legs.

But when I tried to grasp Prince, I felt my hands slipping through thin air. The place were he and his murderer stood was empty, without a trace of Prince.

"Give back Prince-gege!" Doll cried while Yu Lian, with tears running down on her face, tried to comfort her.

The others were looking hesestantly at me, no one was paying attention to the NPC's.

"Prince..." I whispered and felt tears coming up.

This is my first fanfic. I hope you liked the first chapter.

- Belelle