The people I met in the forest called themselves Wicked, Lolidragon, Kenshin and Doll. I discovered that Kenshin was someone like me, a self-aware NPC.

Someone who only existed in the game "Second Life" and not in "Real Life". Does that mean I don't really live?

When we reached Infinite City we hadn't enough time to explore the city, Lolidragon said that that had to wait.

In the castle I met a warrior, Nan Gong Zui and his sister, Ice Phoenix, there were Wicked his teammates of Dark Emperor and the members of Rose Team.

Doll told me there was also Ugly Wolf, a nice beastman and his wife, Yu Lian, a mage. They were part of Odd Squad together with Doll and Lolidragon.

Everyone excepted that I was a NPC and I heard of Sunshine, also someone like me.

He and Fairsky were a "couple". Love, also something I didn't understand. I could feel emotions, so could I feel love? Though I don't know what it is?

I also found out that their overlord just died in the war against the Dictator of Life, no idea who he is…

But you could see the people missed their lord, I wonder what kind of person he was.


Yang Ming stormed the room in. "Sorry, I'm late." He said, looking around.

"Don't mind it, she isn't here yet. How's your sister?" I asked.

"Her situation hasn't changed." He replied.

Lolidragon came in and closed the door behind her.

"Qu Wing, your late." She said.

"How do you know that? You're also late!"

"I saw you running through the corridor and I had a reason."

"Me too but I-" Yang Ming started.

"That's enough." I said annoyed, they both made a guilty face.

"Lolidragon, did you found out who stabbed my sis?" Yang Ming asked.

She shook her head and Yang Ming sighed.

"Lolidragon?" Goddess walked into the room.

Next to me Yang Ming froze and stared at Goddess. It surprised me Goddess stared back. "… Sis…?" Yang Ming asked dumbfounded.

"Yang Ming?" Goddess asked.

Shocked I stared at Goddess, Lolidragon too looked confused at the two.

"Xiao… Xiao Lan?" I asked.

Goddess took a step back, confused she laid a hand on her head and stared at him.

"… Zhuo-gege?" Suddenly her eyes turned away and she fell down.

"Xiao Lan!"

I want to say sorry for the many mistakes I made in the first two chapters but English isn't my best subject. Really sorry, I wish I was born in America or England that would've been easier. Doesn't matter, here's the next chapter, I hope it satisfying.