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It started off like any other day... Raven, like usual, was the first to wake up. Once she finished her morning routine, she headed down to the common room. Of course no one was there at 6:47 in the morning. She sighed pleased. She wasn't in the mood to socialize with anyone right now. She calmly prepared herself some green tea. When the tea was done, she took her mug and walked over to the couch. She picked up the book she left on the coffee table the day before. She opened it and scanned the page.

Meanwhile... Beast Boy grumbled some muffled words as he got up. He didn't sleep very well and after tossing and turning for the last fifteen minutes he fell off his bed. He hit the floor with a thud. He knew he wasn't going to fall asleep again so he figured he should go straight down to the common room and get some breakfast. It was too early for any of the others to be awake so he didn't bother to change. He quietly exited his room and walked towards the common room. 'I can't believe it happened again! That cursed nightmare keeps waking me up and completely ruined my sleep schedule. How am I supposed to look all hot whit out my beauty nap?' He chuckled at that thought.

The common room door slid open revealing the changeling behind it. Raven turned her head to look at him. She was surprised to see him. Not just because he woke up six hours early, but he was still wearing his pyjamas. Raven blushed and automatically put up her hood to hide it.

"Morning! How come you're up so early?" asked the empath. Her voice had a hint of curiosity in it. The boy let out a short, girly scream.
"Rae! Don't scare me like that!" he managed to say.
"Ra-ven!... So? What's this new 'passion for fashion', Beast Boy?"asked Raven. He looked at her a bit confused then remembered what he was wearing. His cheeks turned red, but it looked more like brown due to his green skin.
"I'll be back in a sec!" He sprinted back to his room and quickly changed then went straight to the bathroom and finished his morning routines.

As he continued to brush his teeth his mind trailed off...'Of course Raven was up so early! She's always up early! Arghh... Idiot! You'll never impress her if you keep acting like a fool around her! But then again, I don't think she'll ever feel anything for me... Not like I feel about her...'

While Beast Boy was gone, Raven returned to her book. She read the words but she didn't remember anything. Her mind remained on the
changeling. 'He looks kind of cute when he's blushing... Wait a sec! What am I thinking about? He's Beast Boy! The annoying, tofu obsessed, video game crazed Beast Boy! And besides... He's just my friend! My teammate! That's not going to change... And even if I liked him that way... He'd never feel the same about m-' Her thoughts were interrupted by the changeling.

"So Rae-" She gave him a death glare."-ven. Raven. You hungry? I thought that I'll make you breakfast too, since I'm here." She was surprised at his statement. But she didn't show it, her expression blank as ever. Beast Boy looked at her hopefully, but truthfully, he wasn't really expecting her to say yes.

"No, that's ok Beast Boy. You don't have to do that!"
"But I don't mind! I wasn't even planning on eating tofu this time! I was thinking about a veggie salad! I'm sure you'd like it! Something new besides your usual tea!" he said with a pleading, yet warm voice.

Raven thought for a moment. 'But he's Beast Boy!' she wanted to refuse again but instead she heard herself accept. "Ok... If you don't mind!" She was as shocked at Beast Boy, though she didn't let him see that. The shock on his face was replaced with a wide grin.

"One salad coming right up!" with that, he turned around and walked to the kitchen. 'Wow! I can't believe she actually said yes! This is the best day ever! I should wake up early more often!'

'I actually accepted? I ACCEPTED? I should check if I'm sick or something. But this silence is getting awkward... Ok, Raven, think of something
smart... Ask something-' "Beast Boy, you still didn't answer my question. How come you're up so early?" Raven asked as she made her way to the kitchen.

"I fell out of bed... Some wierd dream messed me up these days." he said while cutting some tomatoes into cubes. "It's a very wierd dream... I'm not even sure if it's a dream... More like a nightmare... It's all so real..." he trailed off. He stared at the fresh cut vegetables.
"Do you want to talk about it? Ease your mind, maybe?" she asked him with a surprisingly kind voice. " Well... If you don't mind listening..."
"I don't. Go on! I'm all ears!" she smiled a bit.
"Raven? Are you ok? You're acting very out of character today. Is the world ending again?" the moment those words left his mouth, he felt a huge amount of guilt. 'Good job, Beast Boy! That's one of her favorite memories!" Ravens eyes saddened. She asked herself why she was showing so much emotion all of the sudden...

"No, the world isn't coming to an end! I just... I'm trying to be nice for once! Weren't you the one who tried to make me open up?"
"I'm sorry, Raven! I didn't mean to bring back that memory. And yes! I still want you to open up! And I'm glad you are! At least to me!"
"Thanks... So anyway, about that dream of yours?"
"Yeah... Salad's done! Let's sit down and I'll explain it to you!"

They sat down and Beast Boy put the salad bowl between them, and handed a fork to Raven. He thought for a moment, trying to remember his dream. It was more of a memory; a memory about his childhood.

"Well... This dream's more like a memory... It's about my childhood. When I was little, I lived with my parents in Africa. They were both
scientists and studied genetics. That saved my life back then. When I got my powers. I was bitten by a monkey. It was carrying a lethal disease for humans. It's called Sakutia. My parents used a serum they were developing on me. It saved my life but I remained green."

Raven looked at him with sad eyes. She could feel the pain he felt talking about such memories. She didn't know what to do to make this easier for him. Comforting people wasn't exactly her strong point. Beast Boy took a deep breath and continued.

"A few days later I discovered my powers. Back the we put our camp up near a tribe. After I turned green the kids stood away from me. And the fact that I could morph didn't help my situation. I was feeling lonely... But I got trough."
"How old were you back then?"
"Six... Yeah... I was six. A year later... My parents died in a boating accident. I was with them... They told me they love me and then my mom told me to turn into a bird and fly away. She said everything was going to be okay. But... They died... I... I think that memory's haunting me..."
"Beast Boy, I'm so sorry!"
"Don't be! Thanks for listening to me! I feel better now." he gave her a smile.

She got up and hugged him. It wasn't something she would normally do, but he needed a hug. He needed support. And she gave it to him, just like he supported her when she was in need of it. He waited a moment, but then he wrapped his arms around her too.

Just then, Cyborg walked in, and the two broke apart quickly, before he could spot them. 'Great, Cyborg! He has a special talent at ruining my moments with Raven! He's going to get it this time.'
"Mornin' y'all!"
"Morning!" said Robin who just showed up, followed by Starfire."Good morning, friends! Isn't it the most glorious morning ever?"
"You say that every day, Starfire." said Raven.

Before the others could eat, the alarm went off. They ran to the master computer and turned on the screen. A look of shock covered all their faces. They never thought they'd see him again...

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