The Titans watched as Slade pulled out the lethal weapon. "The days of the Teen Titans end here!" he said as he aimed at the Titans. "Who should be the first to die?"

Terra walked behind Slade with an evil grin on her face. She looked at Raven and her grin widened. 'Now you're done for, witch!'
"Can I make a suggestion, master?" she asked.
"Why not? Choose!" Slade answered with a laugh. Terra looked at Raven.
"How about... Raven!" she said. Slade pointed the blaster at Raven and charged it.

Beast Boy tried to push Raven behind him. She put a hand on his shoulder stopping him. He looked at her and saw her narrowing her eyes at Slade and Terra. Right when Slade pulled the trigger Raven's eyes turned white and she created a powerful barrier around the Titans.
"Ok, any ideas?" she asked.
"Uh... Raven can you teleport us out of here?" asked Cyborg.
"I'd have to lower the shield for that. And as soon as it goes down, one of us will be shot!" she answered.
"Robin? Dude, what do we do?" asked Beast Boy.
"I don't know! Let me think!" he snapped.
"Well think fast! Raven's not going to be able to keep this up forever!" argued Beast Boy.

"I hate her powers!" said Terra.
"Break that shield Terra! Now!" Slade ordered.
"With pleasure!" she said. Terra raised a boulder and threw it towards the dark barrier. Nothing happened to the shield, but Raven could feel the power coming from that hit. Soon enough she'll have to lower that barrier.
"Robin!" she said as she struggled to keep the shield in place.
"Come on dude! She's running out of energy! Terra's hits are becoming too powerful!" said Beast Boy.
"Ok, it's risky, but it's all we've got. When Raven lowers the barrier, I'll throw some bombs around and before the smoke clears, we have to make a run for it. We'll have to hide behind debris or at least get out of Slade's range." Robin said.
"And what do we do after that? It's not like Terra's gonna' wait for us to come out." said Cyborg.
"Maybe we will have a few seconds to attack from our safety points." suggested Starfire.
"I can't hold it up anymore! RUN!" shouted Raven before her barrier vanished. She felt a little dizzy from the power drain. She stumbled backwards as Robin threw some explosive disks around.
"Raven!" screamed Beast Boy. He put an arm around her waist and moved her own around his neck to support her as they ran out of range.

Starfire lifted Robin and they flew towards a platform situated on a higher level than the one Slade was on. Cyborg crouched behind some debris caused by the explosion. One of Robin's bombs exploded close to a wall, creating a whole in it. Beast Boy and Raven hid behind it.
"You ok?" asked Beast Boy.
"Yeah... Just a little dizzy. I'll be fine. You?"
"I'm ok. I hope the others are all right too."
"Me too." she said as she looked out of the gap in the wall to see the smoke vanishing and Terra looking around for the Titans from the platform she was standing on.
"Listen, Rae... If we don't make it out of here..." started Beast Boy but Raven put a hand over his mouth.
"Don't even think about that! We're all going home and Terra and Slade are going to jail! That's how this is going to end!" she said a little above a whisper. She wasn't so sure about that, but she wanted to reassure Beast Boy as much as she could.

The Titans were not just a team of superheroes. They became a family. Each one of them had a sad and rought past. They found a home in their friendship, and they all knew that if one of them would be missing, life would never be the same again. In this situation all they could do was hope. Hope that they'll make it home safe and they'll all be ok.

"If we could just knock that blaster out of his hand, maybe I could destroy it with my powers..." said Raven.
"Can't you break it directly in his hands... Like you crushed that thermal blaster Robin had when he was Slade's apprentice?" asked Beast Boy.
"Maybe... But I'll have to move a little closer to him. And that's a problem because he's not going to attack us the second we're out of hiding."
"What if I'll make a distraction for you?"
"No! You could die!" she said shocked.
"I won't!"
"There's still Terra to deal with!"
"Wait! I'll call Cyborg! You call Robin and tell him that we need a distraction!" said Beast Boy as he took out his communicator. "Cy! Come in!"
"BB? What the-"
"We need a distraction Cy! You and me will keep Terra occupied and Star and Robin will distract Slade."
"And Raven?"
"She'll try to sneak up on Slade while he's dealing with the others and she'll destroy the blaster. The rest should be pretty simple!"
"Got it! Give the signal when you're ready! And make it quick 'cause Terra's on the move!"

While Beast Boy talked to Cyborg, Raven filled in Robin and Starfire. They closed their communicators and looked at each other.
"Ready?" asked Beast Boy.
"Yes!" said Raven. Just then, Beast Boy leaned in and kissed her quickly.
"Good luck!"
"You too! Be careful!"

Beast Boy nodded and turned in to a humming bird flying out of the whole. Cyborg saw the small bird and jumped out of hiding going straight for Terra, just like Beast Boy. Slade pointed the weapon at Cyborg, but Starfire launched a rain of star bolts at him. He turned around but he couldn't see the alien princess. Robin threw some birda-rangs at him from behind, distracting the villain even more. Slade was getting angry.
Terra flew up on a boulder, trying to escape, but she was stopped by a green pterodactyl.
As the others created the diversion, Raven turned in to her soulself and materialized behind an unexpecting Slade. His reflexes were sharp, but Raven already encased the blaster in her dark energy and before Slade could react, his gun was destroyed.

"TITANS GO!" they could hear Robin's battle cry.

The Titans regrouped in their usual fighting stance behind Robin. Terra looked at Slade. She could see the anger in his eye. She prepared herself for the upcoming battle. Starfire and Raven flew towards Terra and attacked at the same time. All she could see was a swirl of black and green energy before she was knocked off her boulder. She jumped up again and threw some rocks at the two heroines. They simply dodged her attack and Raven trapped her with a dark barrier. Starfire looked at Terra with mercy.
"Please, friend! We do not wish to fight you anymore! Surrender now!" she said with a kind voice.
"Never!" screamed Terra. "I'm not your friend! I hate you!"
"Suit yourself." said Raven. "But you don't really have a choice. You're going to jail."

In the meantime, Robin and Slade were fighting hand to hand like they used to in the past.
"You're going to jail Salde! This time we're locking you up for good!"
"We'll see about that!" said Slade as he tried to punch Robin. Robin jumped backwards dodging the attack. Cyborg tried to hit Slade with his sonic missed. Slade took out a remote and pressed a big yellow button on it detonating a few bombs. When the smoke cleared, Slade was gone.
"NOT AGAIN!" shouted Robin in frustration.
"Let it go man! We'll get him next time." said Cyborg.
"Dude! He should just give up! We always beat him in the end!" added Beast Boy. He walked up to Raven and Starfire. "But at least we caught Terra." he pointed out.
"Yes! Tough I am sorry for her, I am glad that we finally stopped her." said Starfire. Robin handcuffed the blonde girl. Raven released her from the dark energy. Beast Boy took her hand. She looked at him and smiled.
"I told you so!" she said with a chuckle.
"Don't you always?" he asked.
"Come on team! Let's go home!" said Robin.
"Yo man! We gotta' celebrate this! We stopped Slade again!" said Cyborg.
"Yes! We shall hold a party at the Tower!" cheered Starfire.
"Dude! Awesome!"
"Yeah... Great..." said Raven in her usual monotone with a little added boredom.
"Lighten up Rae! It's going to be fun!"
"Suuure!" she said.

The Titans East and the honorary members of the Teen Titans gathered for the party in the T-Tower. Cyborg was having a blast with Bumble Bee. Starfire and Robin were dancing together. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Beast Boy managed to get Raven out of her room, but he couldn't convince her to dance. They were sitting by the large window talking. Suddenly the music changed.
"Ok! Everyone get a partner! Time to soften the mood!"

Beast Boy looked at Raven. He held out his hand to her. She smiled and finally gave in. She took his hand and they walked over to the dance floor. Raven wrapped her hands around his neck and he moved his hands around her waist as they started dancing. Raven put her head on his shoulder.
"I love you!" she whispered.
"I love you too!" he said.

The End

Well... This is it! I hope you liked this story! The ending is a little rushed with the whole party thing, but I don't think it needs a whole chapter. It would be a little cliche... I think.

So... Tell me what you think about the story! :)