Author's Note: This story is Alternate History I have changed a lot of things to fit my story. I'm going to ask that you go with it. Below are some characters histories that I think will help.

Elizabeth Webber is 26 in this story. She left Port Charles at 20 after she and Jason couldn't get on the same page. She moved to California after getting a job as a nurse also Emily attends school out there so she wouldn't be alone. While on the West Coast she got married and divorced. After her divorce she met Zander they dated briefly before he was killed in a robbery. Elizabeth found out she was pregnant shortly after that. She returned to PC four months pregnant and rekindled her friendship with Jason which leads to her old feeling resurfacing.

Jason Morgan is 33 in this story. He is an enforcer/mob boss. He was married to Brenda because she was thought she was sick. They divorced when she learned she wasn't. He then married Courtney, with Sonny's approval. After his divorce and Courtney leaving town he avoided any serious relationships. When Elizabeth returns they start out as friends even though he wants more. After Cam is born they become more than friends once again.

Sonny Corinthos is a mob boss. He was married to Lily, had multiple affairs. Married Carly and adopted Michael. They divorced he had more affairs. They remarried and had Morgan then divorced again. He is currently single and hiding something from Jason. He is a pro Jason and Elizabeth.

Carly Jacks is the ex-wife of Sonny, AJ and Alcazar. She is currently married to Jasper Jacks. They moved to Australia after Jax decided his wife was too focused on her ex-husband and best friend. Sonny objected at first but then supported the move. She hates Elizabeth.

Alexis was never married to Ric. She never slept with Sonny.

Ric Lansing is not Sonny's brother.

Anthony Zacharra – Frenemy of the Corinthos Morgan organization.

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