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Four years brought a lot of changes to the Morgan organization. Six months after her terrifying encounter with Tom Baker, Sonny died. Elizabeth planned the funereal and although the guys all attended not all of them really mourned. She worked on the guys nonstop until most of them let go of the anger they had toward Sonny. Their relenting most likely had more to do with no one wanting to upset her since she was pregnant. That was fine she would take whatever she could get.

Jax brought the boys because Carly couldn't fly due to her pregnancy. When she tried to come home after the birth of her daughter there was some sort of snafu with the no fly list. Elizabeth found it odd that not only was Jason not surprised but that he didn't do a thing to help Carly. With Sonny gone Jax had said they would be making Australia their permanent home. Elizabeth didn't give it too much thought. The less she saw of Carly the better.

The transition with the families went smoothly. Since Jason and Sonny had been partners no one objected to the blonde mob boss keeping his territory. Jason continued to run a tight ship and the guys in his employ really respected him for it. Only once had another family decided to test how strong he was. An organization out of Baltimore tried to move in on the territory. Jason sent a pregnant Elizabeth and Cam to the island while he took care of business. The swiftness and ferocity of Jason's response made other families think long and hard about crossing the mob boss.

Tom Baker was killed in a cafeteria brawl six weeks after his return to Pentonville. Jason wasn't satisfied but it was the only way to get to Baker short of waiting for him to be released. Mac kept his promise and the PCPD closed the case the same day it opened.

The biggest changes came within the organization. With overseas territories to run as well Jason needed to send some of his top guys out of New York. Francis married Alexis and they along with their two daughters Kristina and Molly moved to South America. Although they missed their friend he came home twice a year to report to Jason. The Morgans also went down once a year to visit

Cody was also in South America. He had gone along to act as Francis's enforcer. To help Nadine with her decision of whether to say or take the leap and go with her boyfriend Elizabeth talked Jason into funding a free clinic. With something to do Nadine happily followed her boyfriend. They had quietly married two years ago.

Johnny went to Puerto Rico to run the territory there. Leticia and their son Liam went with him. Elizabeth was still annoyed that Johnny hadn't asked Leticia to marry him. He insisted that they weren't at that stage of their relationship yet. However the Latina beauty was now sporting a very nice ring so things were improving.

Milo went to the Puerto Rico to be Johnny's enforcer. Once Milo had stepped out of Max's shadow the young man proved to be eminently capable of doing the job. Sabrina flew down every other weekend to visit him. However if the phone calls about rings that Elizabeth had been getting lately were any indication Sabrina would soon be moving as well.

The eldest Giambetti brother was Jason's second in command. He and Diane were still going strong. They had moved into Sonny's old place where the lawyer had converted an entire bedroom into a closet. Since Jason had more to lose and didn't want to go to prison Diane found herself spending less time in court. She did have to brush up on contract law as Jason's legal holdings now equaled his illegal ones. Max proved to be a lot more business savvy than most assumed. Jason never worried when he had to leave the territory with his trusted friend.

Marco stepped into the role of enforcer for the Port Charles territory. He had originally turned down the promotion because he still felt guilty about what had happened to Elizabeth. Jason wouldn't hear of it. He knew that Marco was the man for the job. The burly enforcer was killed when a drunk driver rammed into his car. Everyone flew home for the funereal. Now the enforcer was Shawn Butler. Elizabeth really liked him and within six months of his taking the job she determined he needed a girlfriend. He and Kelly Lee just had their first child a little girl.

Life was pretty good.

Jason was working from home and when his office door opened he looked up to see which member of his family was coming to visit him. Since he couldn't see anyone he knew it was his youngest son Jake. At two he was the spitting image of his dad. Blonde hair, blue eyes and that infamous glare. It still amazed Jason that not only did the little boy look like him, but he had his personality as well. Jake was quiet and very deliberate in any action he took. He was also stubborn a trait Jason swore his son got from his mother.

Before Jason could lean over to see what his boy was up to his other son came into the office. Like usual Cam was talking a mile a minute. He was definitely his mother's son. Although according to Elizabeth the daredevil streak that made Cam climb out onto the roof last month was all Zander. If he was this wild at four the teen years should be fun.

A soft knock came before the door was pushed wider. Elizabeth stood there looking at her boys. She smiled at the picture in front of her. Cam was on his dad's lap and Jake was trying to climb up. He'd be more successful if he put down his every present yellow motorcycle. She wanted to paint that. Although it wouldn't fit in with the series she was doing for her upcoming show. It would make a great gift for Edward who was wrapped around both his great grandson's fingers.

"Nana is here guys. Why don't you go give her a hug?" Both boys ran out of the office. Nana always had treats.

"Monica is here?" Jason said coming over to give his wife a kiss. His relationship with his family was better, but he still could only take them in small doses. "Did I forget she was coming?"

"You don't forget anything. I called her and asked her to come." Elizabeth said biting her lip. Taking a deep breath holding it and then letting it slowly out she looked up at her husband. "It's time."

Jason's eyes widened as he looked down at his wife's swollen stomach. "Now?"

Elizabeth nodded hoping to avoid a repeat of the last time she went into labor. Panic would not even come close to describing how Jason reacted. Max had to come out to Nowhere to drive them to the hospital because Jason was shaking so badly and he didn't trust anyone else.

"But you have another month." He said looking at his wife.

"Twins usually come early. Kelly told us that." Turning for the door she looked back at her husband. "I'd like to get there before my water breaks." Jake had com fifteen minutes after they got to the hospital this time she wanted to not have to rush. "Kelly is waiting."

As Elizabeth passed her mother in law the older woman gave her a smile. Her daughter in law was beautiful in her pregnancy. Monica had already called everyone and told them to head to the hospital. That included Emily and Lucky who were visiting to announce their engagement. "So do you have names picked out?"

"Two boys and two girls." Elizabeth responded after breathing through a contraction. "If the babies hadn't been so stubborn we would know what they are."

"I have a boy and a girl in the pool." Monica told the younger woman. "Alan has two girls."

"Two girls would be great then I'd have a power base equal to Jason's." As they laughed Jason came running up keys in hand.

"Okay. Let's go." He said to his wife. When they walked outside Max was standing on the porch.

"I called him." Elizabeth said waddling to the SUV idling in the drive. "Let's go."

The twins came just as fast as Jake had. Once again Elizabeth was a rock star leaving her husband in awe. After both babies had been cleaned and weighed and they'd both gotten a chance to hold the newest members of their family Jason made his way to the waiting room.

He saw the Quartermaine's including Lila who rarely left the mansion these days due to poor health. He saw his family from work and noticed that several of them were on the phone with their friends who couldn't be here, although everyone had plans to fly in once the babies came.

"Well." Edward said impatient to know the genders. He had two girls in the pool while Lila had two boys.

"Yeah. Jason, don't keep us in suspense." Diane said she was hoping to win the pool she had her eyes on a Kate Spade bag.

The now four time dad smiled to those gathered. "Two boys."Both he and his wife had cried over her new arrivals Elizabeth had lamented while laughing that she was severely out numbered. "Aiden Edward and Tyler Marco. Mom and babies are all doing well. Kelly will come out to let you know when you can come back. Cam and Jake come meet your brothers." He left a very happy crowd.

When he returned, Elizabeth was sitting up having been cleaned by the nurses. Both her babies were in her lap. When the door opened and her husband came in with their oldest children she just smiled. As Jason situated Cam and Jake so that they could sit on the bed and see the babies Elizabeth couldn't stop the tears that fell. "Look at them Jason, they're beautiful." All her boys together.

"They get that from their mom." Aiden had brown curly hair and his father's blue eyes while Tyler had blonde straight hair and his mother's eyes. Jason picked up Aiden and talked to him for a bit before handing him to his mother and picking up Tyler.

Four years ago he never would have imagined that this would be his life. Married to the only woman to ever truly hold his heart and the father to four wonderful sons. "So what do you think wanna try again in two years for a girl?"

"You did promise me a girl. It's the only promise you've ever made and never kept." She said giving him a mock frown. "It seems only fair since I am out-numbered now."

Jason leaned over and gave his wife a kiss. "I'm willing to try if you are." She'd just delivered two babies and she looked fresh and beautiful. "I love you." She was the heart of their family and his everything

"I love you." He was her strength and her world. She responded tilting her head up for another kiss. Looking at her husband, and their boys she sighed in happiness. She'd come along way and not all of it had been easy, but she was right where she wanted to be.

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